Mack Next


Finding ways to experience stories: That's the vision from MackNeXT.

The team develops unique ideas for Europa-Park, the water world Rulantica and other customers excited by innovation all over the world, and implements them.

Michael Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park, founded the innovation factory which is part of the Mack group. His goal is to explore the limits of digital entertainment and overcome them.

  • The Story&Brands department does not only take the popular characters of Ed Euromaus and Snorri to Germany's largest theme park, but also into your own living room in the form of books, audio plays and movies.
  • 2112 Pictures, the film label of MackNeXT LAB, realises audio-visual products and multiplatform story worlds with state-of-the-art digital technology.
  • New and innovative attractions, such as the family attraction 'Pirates in Batavia' which was re-opened in the Dutch themed area in summer 2020, are being developed by the talents of the Planning&Design department at MackNeXT. The team was also intensively involved in the development of the twelve themed settings of the water world at Europa-Park and gave Rulantica its distinctive mystical look.

In autumn 2020, MackNeXT and VR Coaster, together with leading international designers and technology companies, create a milestone in the VR entertainment industry, a whole new level of entertainment. During the unique 'full body tracking free roaming VR experience', for the first time worldwide up to eight people together and 32 users simultaneously can experience a fascinating adventure and face exciting challenges together or alone.

Mack Next – Mods ArtworkMack Next – Snorri Joy PoseMack Next – Sketch Troll TunnelMack Next – Watermania EntranceMack Next – YULLBE VR Experience