New sensation at Europa-Park: a roller coaster ride through the biggest pumpkin in the world


Rust, October 15th. As of today, a 29 metre wide mouth is grinning at the visitors of Europa-Park: the "Europa-Park Halloween sensation 2003? has been presented to the public. A giant pumpkin with a height of 42 metres and a circumference of 132 metres, which has been realized in cooperation with Kühne, is the absolute highlight of this years Halloween-season. The orange pumpkin can already be seen from far away and announces the nice and eerie Halloween Weeks at Europa-Park. And the best: the pumpkin can not only be admired from the outside, but the guests of the park can go on a ride with the speedy Horror Roller Coaster through a creepy Halloween landscape inside the pumpkin until November 9th.

Many a farmer would go green with envy, if he could see the giant orange marvel. While his most diligent colleague has after all managed to grow a pumpkin with a diameter of 1,1 metres, a giant pumpkin with a volume of 38.792 m2 can now be admired at Europa-Park. 1,1 million "normal? pumpkins would fit inside a pumpkin of this size. With this amount, each German could enjoy more than two plates of pumpkin-soup.

For the transformation of the Eurosat-bowl, approximately 4500 m2 of canvas have been used. The mouth is 29 metres wide. Inside, the Eurosat presents itself in a nice and eerie atmosphere, accompanied by Halloween-sound and a fascinating lightshow.

And of course, a lot of additional attractions can be seen and experienced during the nice and eerie Halloween Weeks. Each day, a big Happy-Halloween-Parade with over 60 artists is walking through the park. Inside the Halloween-Horror-Catacombs, all fans of horror can learn to know fear and in the big labyrinth, visitors can "get lost? easily. On October 31st, the biggest Halloween-Party of all times will take place again: the legendary SWR3 Halloween-Party! This party is the beginning of the Halloween festival week at Europa-Park: until November 9th, visitors can admire a giant spectacle with lightshow, laser and fireworks every evening.