The winter may come: a festive blaze of lights, impressive shows and especially a lot of fun - enchanting winter fun at Europa-Park


Whether some fast rides down a snow ramp or a trip on the roller coaster Euro-Mir, a leisurely stroll over the festive Christmas fair or a meeting with Santa Claus - this winter will be a special experience in Germany's biggest leisure park: with thousands of sparkling lights, hundreds of colourfully decorated fir trees, fast attractions and a fascinating show programme, Europa-Park opens its doors again in winter and takes the visitors into a fascinating winter wonderland. This year's winter season was opened on November 29th 2003 with the second Santa Claus Gathering, which was themed "Santa Claus rides roller coasters?. All visitors, who came to Europa-Park as a Santa Claus (with red coat, cap and a big white bushy beard) on this day, got free entrance to Europa-Park. Until January 6th (except December 24th/25th), visitors can then discover a lot of winter-specials: a big snow ramp with snow tubes, a "snow dome?, the biggest Christmas pyramid of the world and a "Winterworld? for the little visitors. And those who need a little break, can enjoy the new shows, such as the big "Circus Revue? or a nativity play in the Globe Theatre. An absolute novelty this season is the evening-ticket during the first three weeks of the season, which enables guests to visit Europa-Park for a shorter time during the afternoon at a cheaper admission price.

A fascinating world full of dance, artistry, acrobatics and magic is awaiting the visitors in the big "Circus Revue? in Europa-Park's Pavilion of Stars, which is situated on the "Magical Snow Action Square? in the Spanish themed area. Next to the circus, children can race down an almost 40 metre long snow ramp in fun snow tubes. And those, who have never been on skies, can gain a little experience on Fischer-skies under the supervision of skiing instructors of the ski school Thoma.

One of the highlights of the upcoming winter season, during which almost all of the parks themed areas are open to the public, is the big "Winterworld?, which will thrill the children's hearts. In the heated interior of the Silver Star Dome, the kids can rollick about on an area of 2.500 m2. With exciting and adventurous games, such as for example a ski jump simulator and an air cushion slide, fun and action are guaranteed.

Also in the Lila Chocoland, visitors can have a lot of fun: inside a big snow dome - a transparent ball-shaped building with lots of snow inside - families can take great pictures of themselves, when playing around in a snow flurry. In addition, little visitors can romp about with the kids' skibobs on the action square.

But not only the children can live up their impulse to move completely, the extended ice-skating area in the French themed area offers the possibility to ice-skate for everyone. Afterwards, visitors can - surrounded by happily dancing snowflakes - stroll around the beautifully illuminated European themed areas, passing colourfully decorated and nice-smelling fir trees. In addition, they can dare to take a wonderful trip to the "Pirats in Batavia? or enjoy the colourful show programme, such as for example the Ice-Show "Wonderland on Ice?, featuring the world-famous ice-skater Denise Biellmann from December 26th on.

Many indoor-rides, as well as some of the outdoor-attractions such as the roller coasters "Matterhorn-Blitz? and "Euro-Mir? (depending on weather conditions), will be opened.

On the beautiful Christmas Fair in the German Alley, visitors can enjoy drinking hot chocolate and mulled wine. Here, Germany's biggest leisure park offers a large range of products for everybody: in numerous Christmas booths, visitors can find everything they need to go on Christmas shopping tour. For example, they can get handcrafted goods such as elaborate wood carvings, beeswax candles, leather articles, ceramic goods and much more. In addition, Europa-Park offers various wintry delicacies, in order to guarantee the physical well-being of the guests.

A great new attraction is the biggest Christmas pyramid of the world in the Italian themed area, which has a height of 15,5 metres and a cross section dimension of 6 metres. True to the original from the Erz Mountains, 33 wooden Christmas statues with a height of 1,1 metres are situated inside. A Christmas tree made of little sparkling lights is put on top of the pyramid in order to round off the picture.

In the heated Globe-Theatre, which is situated in the English themed area, visitors can enjoy watching a nativity play by Georg A. Weth, staged by the "Deutsche Kammerschauspiele?.

Apart from that, the guests can experience special winter events at Europa-Park: for example, all fans of the daily soap GZSZ could meet the actor Ismail Sahin on December 7th, when he was giving autographs during his stay at Europa-Park. Musical highlights are presented by the winner of the "Grand Prix der Volksmusik 2001? Marianne Cathommen from Switzerland on December 10th and 17th at 5 pm. In addition, the Moscow National Ensemble will perform at Europa-Park on December 22nd and the singer Deborah Sasson will give a concert on December 28th. A foretaste of the upcoming Shrovetide is the 2nd German "Guggenmusik? championships on January 3rd and 4th, 2004.

The beautifully decorated park tempts with a less expensive admission price of 18,- ? for adults and 15,50 ? for children during the winter season. And for all those, who would like to spend the night at Europa-Park, the two Spanish adventure hotels "El Andaluz? and "Castillo

Alcazar? offer fantastic overnight-stays in a festive atmosphere. Europa-Park's little guests can even look forward to a sweet surprise in the Winter Christmas Room after dancing in the childrens' discotheque.

For the first time, Europa-Park offers an evening-ticket in the winter season, which invites all visitors to stroll through the wintry park. The evening-ticket is valid from November 29th until December 19th from 4 pm on and costs 6,- ?. During the winter season, Europa-Park is opened from 11 am until 7 pm.