What´s new in 2011:

Figures & Facts


Enchanted Forest

New themed area next to Europa-Park´s big lake, consisting of five new buildings.

Theming: enchanted forest featuring fairy-tales by the Grimm Brothers

Sleeping Beauty Castle:

theming “Sleeping Beauty”

total area: 160 m2, two floors, two stair towers

several fairy-tale sceneries with animatronics

Panorama Train passage

Witch´s Cottage:

theming "Hansel and Gretel"

total area: 60 m2

witch´s parlour with animatronics

Grimm Library:

pre- and interactive main show with 3D effects and further special effects

total area: 120 m2

seats: 40

duration: 6 minutes

Fairy-Tale Gallery:

House of Euromaus

Interactive fairy-tale gallery with exhibits from the tales of the Grimm Brothers

Land of Cockaigne (candy-shop)

total area: 120 m2

Mother Hulda:

Fairy-Tale Shop

face painting

total area: 180 m2

Outdoor design:

old trees have been preserved completely

new trees and ferns have been planted

buildings are arranged around a village square with fountain

Dwarf City is presented in new Seven Dwarfs design and now features onride video system

Total area:

approx. 5,000 m2

Piccolo Mondo


family attraction in the Italian themed area: adventurous journey through Italy especially for the youngest visitors


10 new sceneries, journey through Italy

new vehicle design: Venetian gondolas, parrot Enzo as gondolier

Age restrictions:  none

Number of gondoloas: 8

Capacity: 4 persons/gondola

Duration of ride: 3 minutes

Track length: 100 metres

Total area: 580 m2 on 2 floors

Capacity/hour: 550 persons/hour

Special features: magic mirror, 10 new animatronics

Manufacturer: MACK Rides GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkirch/Germany

Design, construction: Europa-Park GmbH & Co. – Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG

Volo da Vinci (opening Whitsun 2011)


interactive suspended ride in the Italian themed area


Leonardo da Vinci´s flight machines


Leonardo da Vinci´s workshop

Special features:

interactive ride with vertically adjustable pedals

ride velocity can be influenced by pedalling

vehicles are equipped with sound system

Number of vehicles: 10

Capacity: 4 persons/vehicle

Duration of ride: approx. 200 seconds

Track length: 300 metres

Number of stilts: 28

Height of track: 7 metres

Capacity/hour: 600 persons/hour



first loop-restaurant in the world at Europa-Park Historama

food and beverages are transported from the kitchen to the guests on a steel track system


presentation of Mack Rides´ and Europa-Park´s history, combination of tradition and modern times,

showman wagon as coffee bar


215 seats on 2 floors


10 tables for 13 persons, 5 tables for 10 persons

3 touchscreens per table to place orders

spectacular track layout including two loops

track length: 450 metres


max. 8 minutes from order to delivery

20 – 45 seconds from kitchen to table


large variety of culinary offers, including meat and fish dishes, vegetarian meals and snacks

Manufacturer: HeineMack GmbH, Nürnberg/Germany

Mercedes-Benz Hall – new exhibition


Faster! Better! Further!

125! years of innovation


altogether 3 vehicles as well as numerous exhibits from Formula 1, DTM and Group C

3 GT 5 stations

bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration for interactivity

newly designed area “Cedies World” and children´s race track outdoors

photo point

World of Trolls




5 new shacks, water tower, bucket ropeway, water wheel with a diameter of 4 metres

Special features:

haze/fire effects and projections in the tunnel

4-star superior hotel Colosseo

Suite “Cesare e Cleopatra”:

new roof terrace, total area: 28 m2

sauna (90 degrees), area: 4 m2

whirlpool for 4 persons

2 sunbeds and seating area for 4 persons


Main entrance:

ticket booths with new facades

10 new info displays with daily updated information

Europa-Park Free Hotspots:

mobile Wi-Fi entertainment at Europa-Park

information on show times, location, etc.

park pictures and videos can be uploaded for free on Facebook and YouTube



New show programmes

Europa-Park Parade: daily with more than 70 artists

Teatro dell´Arte: “Luminocity”

Spanish Arena: “The Devil and the Queen”

Ice-Show: “Surpr´Ice”

Globe Theater: “An English Love” (starting 30 April)

Children´s Theater: “Dorothy and the Wizard”

Open-air stage Italy: “Euromaus in Fairyland”

Bamboe Baai: “Shiva´s Dream” (starting 30 April)

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