Facts & Figures:

WODAN - Timburcoaster



Type: Wooden Coaster

Hight: 40 meters

Track length: 1.050 meters

Top Speed: over100 km/h

Duration of run: approx. 3 minutes and 25 seconds

Acceleration Force: 3,5 G

Max. downhill gradient: 52°

Max. transverse gradient: 65°

Amount of trains: 3

Passengers per train: 24

Weight per train (including passengers): ca. 7,7 metric tonnes

Lenght of train: 12,80 meters

Total capacity: 1.250 passengers/hour

Minimum height of passengers: 1,20 meters

Minimum age: 6 years



Ground: 1,6 hectares (220 x 72 meters)

Cement works on base and building: 3000 m³

Steel in cement: 315 Tonnen    

Wood: ca. 1000 m³ (u.a. rund 21.000 Balken)

Nails: 2.000.000

Bolted-fastenings: 100.000

Construction periods: 9 months

Manufacturer: Great Coasters International, Inc. (Pennsylvania)



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