At eye level with ladybugs:

In the Kingdom of the Invisibles

Ants take on mammoth proportions, a blade of grass is as tall as a skyscraper and bees give jet planes a run for their money – in the Kingdom of the Invisibles, nature becomes a huge adventure. Starting in 2014 Europa-Park will be sweeping visitors away into a microcosm like no other. The huge-scale adaptation of the lovingly detailed scenes from star director Luc Besson’s smash hit movie trilogy Arthur and the Invisibles shows the peaceful, secret world of the tiny beings known as Minimoys. Oversized ladybugs, gigantic frogs and imposing caterpillars fly, hop, and crawl over huge branches and gigantic rocks. The real world and the animated film merge into an extraordinary experience for the whole family.

The most intricate indoor attraction in the entire history of Europa-Park is hidden under a gigantic, 15-meter dome on a magical island surrounded by two streams and Grimm’s enchanted forest. Teeny-tiny, and yet larger than life – the dream of experiencing vast natural settings up close becomes a reality on this this theme attraction! An extraordinary gem is being constructed at Germany’s largest amusement park in cooperation with French film business titan Luc Besson. Visitors experience seven fantastic kingdoms with all five senses on a 550-meter-long flight through the underground universe. Deep underground, the Minimoys seek out their treasure. Adults and children ages 4 and above can accompany them on their daring expedition.

“Arthur” is a world premiere attraction from Mack Rides, the in-house manufacturer in Waldkirch. The attraction fascinates visitors with a unique dark ride and numerous high-tech special effects. Passengers fly through the dream world in rotating cars suspended below a track. Occupying 3,500 m² of space and with volume of 45,000 m³, the Kingdom of the Minimoys, scheduled to open at the start of the 2014 season, will be the largest indoor attraction since Europa-Park opened in 1975. It offers breathtaking indoor and outdoor segments for a dynamic flight from the microcosmic world into the real natural world and back as visitors pass through key locations from the spellbinding movies, finally encountering the evil Maltazard, who has stolen the Minimoys’ treasure. Alongside “Arthur,” a ten-meter-tall children’s free-fall tower shaped like a magnificent red poppy, a large slide area and a “mul-mul” carousel with adorable round, fluffy white creatures await fans of the courageous fantasy creatures of all ages.

Luc Besson’s fantasy saga Arthur and the Invisibles is an action-packed fairytale adventure trilogy that includes the most expensive European animated film of all time. The French filmmaker has made more than 15 films, including The Big Blue (1988), Léon: The Professional (1994), The Fifth Element (1997), The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999), and The Lady (2011). He has also been a producer for films including The Transporter (2002), Bandidas (2006), and Love and other Disasters (2006). Besson has also produced advertising spots for L’Oréal (1987), Chanel No. 5 (1998), and Estée Lauder (2003), as well as a music video for Madonna (2003).

  • Designer Hugues Tissandier, Roland, Michael, Jürgen und Thomas Mack and Fabrice Denizot, Marketing Director EuropaCorp, are looking forward to „Arthur and the Invisibles“.

  • The Mack Familiy and the Euromaus welcome the Minimoys at Europa-Park.

  • Idyllic – construction area of „Arthur and the Invisibles“

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