After the apocalypse

New, Exciting, Eerie - Horror Nights ‒ Traumatica

In a post-apocalyptic world, evil runs free. Zombies no longer exist. New, unknown creatures reign and spread fear and fright at at the new horror nights ‒ Traumatica at Europa-Park. From 20th September to 4th November 2017, five competing groups struggle for total power – and the visitors are caught in the middle of it all. Which group will you choose? Who will get out of the danger zone unscathed? Everyone has to make a decision they must live or die with. The Fallen, The Pack, The Ghouls, The Resistance, and The Shadows are ready for the ultimate showdown.

Since the extinction of mankind, The Fallen serve only evil. They are amongst the few survivors of the apocalypse, though they haven’t remained unscathed. Their minds have suffered. They exist only in the dark, living on bugs and rats. They hunt for victims for their bloodthirsty rulers in the hope of being rewarded with eternal life. Those who can’t escape quickly enough are given over to the oppressors or threatened to perish in idiocy in the House of the Familiars.

The wildest creatures you have ever seen rule the Silverbullet Saloon. The ruthless bike gang, The Pack, ply their dreadful trade. The bickering, noisy, brutal, and smelly bikers with their infernal bikes generate a threatening reception with their enormous stature and their hairy bodies. Riots and vandalism are on the agenda for these crude characters. Once they find a trail, they don’t let their victims escape. The martial troops were equipped with destructive force by their commanders. You should be fast to escape the gigantic claws of these werewolf-like creatures.

The world is under the control of some truly frightening creatures. But the commander deemed some of them unworthy. These poor beings transformed into hideous, hunched creatures that live deep below the surface of the earth and languish in their Journey into Darkness. The Ghouls lurk in pitch-black caves and pits waiting for innocent prey. They starve in the dark, but are still thirsty for human blood. Now they smell food for the first time in years and want to savour the fresh lifeblood to the very last drop.

Resistance is its own power. The weapons of destroyed cities are stored in the Operation Rage bunker of the terrifying monsters as they prepare for battle. They hold members of other groups captive and torture them mercilessly. They increase their power by extracting the adrenaline from the green blood of the Shadows and injecting it. When the alarm sounds, the killers hunt the invaders through a maze of steel and iron. Armed with guns, chainsaws and knives, the Resistance chase every form of life that dares cross them. The highspeed chase begins. Only those who are fast can escape. Only then do you realize - the worst monster of all is the human being.

They’re the true rulers of the world! They have many names in legend – for example demons or bloodsuckers. Human tongues can’t say their names; they know them only as the Shadows, because they emerge from the shadows unexpected before they strike. If you conquer their fortress, Shadowborn Manor, a majestic palace of the Legion of Blood, you will disturb their feast in the honour of the lifeblood of mankind. The evil landlords seduce the innocent and wait for the night to come to draw fresh blood.

At horror nights ‒ Traumatica you have the choice: Do you fall for insanity in the House of the Familiars? Do you hunt the innocent together with The Pack? Lose all human features as a Ghoul in the darkness? Fight for power with the Resistance? Or will you defer to the authority of the Shadows? You must decide quickly before the world is doomed. The time of horror nights ‒ Traumatica has started!

The following attractions are open along side the horror houses: Cassandra’s Curse, Matterhornblitz, Pegasus, Dome of Dreams, and the ultimate VR experience, Atlantis Adventure – Traumatica Coastiality with Samsung VR glasses.

Horror nights ‒ Traumatica takes place from 20th September to 4th November 2017 on Fridays and Saturdays (including October 1st, 2nd, 15th and 22nd) and from 25th October to 4th November 2017 daily (excluding 2nd November). The preview will take place on 20th September. Tickets for Saturdays as well as the period from 25th October – 4th November are only available through advance booking. All ticket prices available at www.traumatica.com. Admission from 6.45pm, start at 7.30pm. At 9pm and 10.30pm the new show Rise of the Shadows – Traumatica on Ice takes place in the Ice Arena.

The club is always open on Fridays and Saturdays as well as on October 1st, 2nd, and 31st from 11pm. The entrance fee is €5. Entry to the club is only possible in combination with a horror nights ‒ Traumatica ticket. 

More information available at www.traumatica.com.

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