China visits Europa-Park

Festival of Lights in the Historical Balthasar Castle Park

During winter season, from 25th November 2017, guests at Germany’s largest theme park can look forward to a very special exhibit. Alongside the thousands of lights and glittering Christmas baubles, large sparkling figures of animals and plants will enchant the Balthasar Castle Park from dusk onwards. These fabric-laden figures, which stand up to 3.5 metres high, are illuminated with LED lights, and create a fantastical atmosphere for all visitors. The Festival of Lights originally dates back to the Chinese Lantern Festival. It’s considered a traditional holiday in China, and concludes the multi-day New Years celebrations.

The Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated in China fourteen days after the Chinese New Year. For thousands of years, many lanterns have been lit to pray for a good harvest and for the grace of Taiyi, a deity of China. To this day, this festival is held in the big cities around China. In some cases, these massive exhibits display colorful varieties of zodiac signs, symbolic animals, plants, and mythical creatures. Materials used include varnished wood, mother-of-pearl, parchment, paper, and horn. This Winter China is, for the first time, a guest in Germany's largest amusement park. The great Festival of Lights in the historic Balthasar Castle Park commemorates the Chinese tradition. Alongside the wintery scenes of snowmen and reindeer sleighs, visitors will have the opportunity to admire beautiful ‘animal’ figures. The models were produced in China for the event, by special artisans. After the theme has been determined, the artists drew the forms to the desired size in chalk on the floor of the production facility. Following this, a custom metal frame was built, based on the drawing, then welded together in the next phase to a form three-dimensional figure. Finally, after attaching the lamps, the designers covered the model with colorful, tailor-made silk. For the exhibition at Europa-Park, two shipping containers were needed to ship the artworks from China to Germany. The large exhibition, with more than 120 figures, offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a fabulously lit fantasy world, especially once it gets dark.

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