More interactive than ever before

New VR animation with Paddington coming to Europa-Park

Starting during the 2017 winter season, visitors to Germany’s largest theme park will get the unique opportunity to experience a brand new interactive animation. Paddington, the beloved cartoon bear, will be on-hand to greet guests on the Alpenexpress Coastiality ride. Visitors can immerse themselves fully in the animation and even influence the ride through movements of their head. With this addition, Europa-Park expands its Coastiality offering on the popular ride to four experiences, all produced by MackMedia. Paddington, first made famous in the well-known children’s book, can also be found in many variations opposite of the Globe Theatre in the English themed area from the beginning of the winter season. From the 2018 summer season, Europa-Park will also present a brand new ice show with Paddington once again taking centre stage to entertain the whole family.

Look to the left, look to the right: the adorable little bear is all around! Starting during the winter season, visitors to the Alpenexpress Coastiality have the unique opportunity to meet the famous bear and assist him on his hunt for his recognisable red hat! Through head movements, guests can steer Paddington’s hat through gusts of wind on a trip all around London! With the help of Samsung Gear VR glasses, visitors find themselves on a red double decker bus. For the first time, guests can interactively engage in the action of a MackMedia VR animation and assist the bear by the catch without colliding with uncomfortable obstacles - will Paddington soon wear his beloved hat again?

Digital offerings from Mack Media growing further

As well as video productions, PC games, mobile games, and social media concepts and apps, virtual reality animations are an additional product in the area of digital entertainment catered to by MackMedia. An innovative roller coaster ride with VR technology, first opened in the Austrian themed area in September 2015, can be experienced by visitors to Europa-Park in the form of the Alpenexpress Coastiality rollercoaster. With the addition of the Paddington animation, 4 different 360° sequences from MackMedia can be experienced from the 2017 Winter season onwards. Guests still have the opportunity either to embark on a wild ride in a mine cart with Ed Euromaus and his friends, to become a pilot in the Sky Explorers animation, floating at lofty heights over breathtaking landscapes and villages, or to slide over snow covered paths and mountain peaks on a big bell with Schellen Ursli in a lovingly designed Winter scenery. The mine cart ride, the gliding flight, the slide, and Paddington's hat hunt are presented in outstanding quality on Samsung Gear VR glasses and perfectly synchronized to the track layout.

Paddington to be found all throughout Europa-Park

From the beginning of the winter season, visitors can visit the lovable bear in an additional home in front of the venerable Globe Theatre in the English themed area where they can enjoy a lot of lovely Paddington articles

Additionally, from the beginning of the 2018 summer season on 24th March 2018, Paddington will also be on hand to greet guests of Europa-Park as the star of a new ice show. The 30-minute interactive show in the Greek themed area focuses on many aspects of the beloved children’s book, especially Paddington’s favourite food – marmalade sandwiches. Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

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