Facts and figures

New Attractions 2018


Michael Ende's Jim Button – Journey through Morrowland

·         Extension of the German themed area

·         Former attraction Old 99 with circus parade given new theming based on Michael Ende's novel Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

·         Extensive structural changes to the family attraction

·         Two big mountains, 6 and 8 metres high

·         9 scenes from the movie

·         7 animatronics

·         5 buildings: Railway station, Royal Castle, Mrs. Waas's shop, Mr. Sleeve's house, engine shed

·         Travel time: 3 minutes

·         7 Mack Rides trains with 4 people each

·         Capacity: 500 people per hour

·         Film Music ‘An island with two mountains’

·         In memory of Michael Ende, a bust and plaques will be integrated in the station of the attraction

·         Cooperation with Warner Bros., Rat Pack, Malao and the Michael Ende inheritance estate

·         Unaccompanied riders from aged 6+, accompaniment riders without age restriction

Eurosat – CanCan Coaster (from Summer 2018)

·         45-metre-high dark rollercoaster Eurosat completely reworked: new carriages, rails, technical aspects and theming

·         Track layout close to the original

·         Length 900 meters

·         Manufacturer: Mack Rides

·         New virtual reality experience from MackMedia: Eurosat Coastiality with separate station and track switches

·         Entrance hall adorned with traditional Parisian architecture with an original replica of the variety theatre Moulin Rouge

·         In the waiting area: 8 rooms, also based on the Moulin Rouge and the world exhibition in Paris

Madame Freudenreich's Curiosités

·         Former attraction Universe of Energy will be replaced

·         Traditional half-timbered look

·         In the waiting area, four different scenarios in the House of the Great Dinosaur Fans

·         All six scenes in the ride have been redesigned

·         Capacity: 1,500 people per hour

French theme area

·         Extensive structural changes

·         New tarte flambeé stand

·         Jeanne d'Arc platform

·         New, 12-metre bistro boat Liberté on the lake with 70 seats

·         New water fountain show Fraternité

  • 16 normal fountains and 5 special fountains
  • Fountain height up to 10 metres
  • Lighting with the latest LED technology
  • Show every half hour from 9.30am

Alpenexpress Coastiality

·         New VR experience with Alpha Mods P.D.

·         New cooperation between MackMedia and the toy manufacturer Simba-Dickie

·         In addition, new Fastlane by the exit of the attraction

·         Tickets can be purchased through the Coastiality App

Ice Show Paddington on Ice – The Marmalade Mission

·         Newly-staged ice show based on the popular Paddington Bear in the Greek theme area

Rulantica – The Musical

·         New musical from 28th April 2018 at the Europa-Park Teatro in the Italian themed area

·         Exciting, moving story about the discovery of Rulantica and the power of true love

·         Second own musical production of Europa-Park after SpookMe!

·         Music by Freiburg composer Hendrik Schwarzer, recorded by a 60-member symphony orchestra

·         New look for the Teatro with a themed stage design and a new LED wall

·         Producer: Thomas Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park


·         Conversion of Euro-Mir Burger into CMAK Russian Food & Burger, with new dishes such as Pelmeni (Russian dumplings) and borsch according to the recipe from Katja Mack; Expansion of kitchen and warehouse; new seating on the terrace

·         New Flammkuchen stand ‘Tarte Flambée’ in the French theme area

·         New boat Liberté in the French themed area with 70 seats on 2 decks (coffee, cake, drinks)

·         New pasta-to-go snack ‘Pastaria di Enzo’ in the Italian themed area (from Pentecost)

Europa-Park Hotels

·         New hotel app with special features for overnight guests such as direct room reservations, access to the current hotel program, table reservations (from spring)

New Cooperations Partners

·         Lindt; three new shops at Europa-Park (Lindt Maître World, Lindt Magazin, Lindt Stübli)

·         Badenova; Integration in the Journey to Rulantica

·         Dallmayr

·         Moulin Rouge

·         Toy manufacturer Simba-Dickie


·         Reconstruction of the Teatro dell'Arte; new name: Europa-Park Teatro; traditional, Italian exterior

·         Former Historama in the Luxembourg themed area becomes the exhibition Journey to Rulantica with first glimpses of the new water world

·         Formula 1 theme world MONACO in the Mercedes-Benz Hall, dedicated to the victorious Silver Arrows, their drivers and their team

·         New shop in the Russian area for Alpha Mods P.D.

·         Separate Paddington shop in English themed area


Parade: Ed’s Party Parade ‘Let‘s Dance!’ from spring

Spanish Arena: The Dark Prince

Carnival in Venice: Dazzling Illusions

Puppet Theatre: One Million Years ago

Children's Theatre: The Twisted Storybook

Italian Open-air stage: Cabaret Italiano; Welcome Show + Goodbye Show

Limerick Castle: Ed and the Pirates, a hands-on show

Bamboe Baai: The House of Chinese National Circus – The never ending performance’ 

Flamenco: El Rincon

High Dive Show: Piratas da Atlantica (21st July – 9th September 2018 daily)

New Shows

Globe Theatre: Times – A spectacular journey through time

Kid’s Theatre: Magic with Oguz

Europa-Park Teatro: Rulantica – The Musical (from 28th April 2018)

Ice show: Paddington on Ice – The Marmalde Mission

  • The small bear called Paddington from Peru visits Europa-Park carrying a recipe for his favourite marmalade in his luggage. Along with the skaters, he tells a gripping and humorous story about his marmalade mission.
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