Facts & Figures

Rulantica – the new Water World at Europa-Par


Importance: Important milestone in the history of Europa-Park and by far the biggest project in the company´s history

Costs: €180 million investment (incl. infrastructure)

Responsibility: Project managed by the younger generation (Michael, Thomas and Ann-Kathrin Mack)

Realisation: Realisation by Rendler Bau GmbH and Wilhelm Füssler Bau GmbH

Building window: 14th September 2017 – Foundation stone ceremony; 11th December 2018 – Topping-out ceremony; 28th November 2019 – Planned opening

Total surface area: 450,000m2 (incl. expansion area)

Maximum capacity: 3,500 people (at the same time); up to 5,000 people (per day)

Booking: In most cases, admission into the water world can only take place after a prior online ticket purchase for a specific visiting day on rulantica.tickets.de. Day guests can buy tickets online about three months in advance of the desired visit. Guests of the Europa-Park hotels can already purchase tickets when booking a room between 29th November 2019 and 27th March 2020.

Opening times: daily from 11am until 10pm (admission for hotel guests from 10am)

Prices: Infants (under 4): free; Children (aged 4 – 11): €35.50; Adults (aged 12+) €38.50; Visitors with Disabilities €35.50

Evening ticket: Infants (under 4): free; Children (aged 4 – 11): €32.50; Adults (aged 12+) €35.50; Visitors with Disabilities: €32.50

Additional services: Locker (Per day): €1.00

Bus shuttle: For hotel guests a free bus shuttle between hotel Krønasår and the other Europa-Park hotels will be offered.

Theming: Elaborate Nordic adventure world with nine themed areas

Attractions:  A variety of water attractions for the whole family; among them 17 water slides

Indoor area: 32,600m2 large, shell-shaped hall; 300,000m3 building volume; 4,000m2 water surface area

Outdoor area: 8.000m2; 500m2 outdoor pool

Changing room area: 8.000 m2; 3,500 lockers; 200 changing rooms in different sizes; among them 40 family changing cubicles

Deckchairs: 1,700 deckchairs inside, 500 deckchairs outside

Additional offerEight ‘Komfort Hyddas’, comfortable cabins for four people in exclusive locations; eight ‘Comfort sofas’ for 2 people

Total roof area: 11,000m2 (of which glazed: 2,000m2); five timber roof trusses, each 87 meters long and weighing 85 tons

Catering:  Self-service restaurant ‘Lumålunda’, lobby café and snack restaurant ‘Snekkjas’; ‘Skål Bar’ near the ‘Komfort Hyddas’ as well as two swim-up bars in the outdoor area and in the ‘Skog Lagoon’

Shopping: Three shops: ‘Snorri's Grotta’ in the water world, two more shops on the ground floor and first floor of the lobby

Parking facilities: Over 800 car parking spaces, 413 of them are covered (8.260m²) with more than 2,950 photovoltaic-modules; parking fee per day and car: €7.00

Employees: 300 new employees

Ecology: Use of innovative technologies; economical use of resources; numerous conservation projects to balance impact, such as bee pavilions, game corridors and amphibious biotopes. Planting of 2,500 trees and shrubs before opening

Rulantica Story: Two-part series on the history of Rulantica; cooperation with Coppenrath Verlag; Presentation of the first novel in October at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Contact: Website: rulantica.de; E-Mail: info@rulantica.de ; Phone: 07822 77-6655; Interactive Website: explore-rulantica.de



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