‘Europa-Park Stadium’

Germany's largest theme park gives its name to the new home of SC Freiburg football club

Going forward, SC Freiburg will be playing its home games in the ‘Europa-Park Stadium’. Germany's largest theme park will be giving the new SC stadium its name for the long term and is therefore the only theme park in the world with a stadium naming right for the highest class of football.

Friendly, Badisch, down-to-earth, entertainment for the whole family, emotions, quality - these values are what connect SC Freiburg and Europa-Park. After almost 30 years of partnership, the name sponsorship for the SC stadium is another milestone in the cooperation between the Sport-Club and Europa-Park. The family business and the association both act with passion, placing importance on promoting young talent, and while the fans in the stadium can certainly experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions, in Europa-Park they can race through the high-speed loops of the real thing.   

The cooperation between the Bundesliga club and the theme park in Rust, 40 kilometres north of Freiburg, has existed since the early 1990s. Since 2009, Europa-Park, which has won multiple awards as the best theme park worldwide (‘Golden Ticket Award’), has been a premium partner. SC Freiburg is firmly established among the best of German football, and Europa-Park plays in the Champions League of amusement parks.

Oliver Leki, CEO of SC Freiburg, says: “With Europa-Park, we are delighted to have won a great company for the naming rights for the new stadium. Europa-Park and Sport-Club are firmly rooted in the region and stand for emotionality, humbleness and sustainability. Above all, we are united by a partnership that has lasted for decades, which we have now expanded again and which we want to continue to live on successfully.”

As the new namesake, Europa-Park is given the official naming rights for the new SC stadium. The long-term contract demonstrates the appreciation and trust that both partners have for each other.

In October, the lettering will hang on the new stadium for the first time, as the professionals at SC will play a Bundesliga home game for the first time on the weekend of 15th to 17th October (the exact date is still pending), where the stadium will provide a new home for thousands of fans. Goosebumps, tears of joy, hugs, stadium sausages, La Ola and the Badnerlied - in the Europa-Park Stadium, everyone celebrates and cheers.

Jürgen Mack, owner of Europa-Park: "I have been a season ticket holder since 1993 and try to be there for every SC Freiburg game. For me, it is a matter of the heart to be supporting the club with this sponsorship." The entire Mack family has a close relationship with football.

The Europa-Park Stadium is in the immediate vicinity of the Freiburg trade fair, which fits in perfectly with the history of the family company. Mack Rides, based in Waldkirch near Freiburg, used to manufacture wagons and attractions for fairs. Today, the manufacturer is one of the top 5 international companies for the construction of rides and rollercoasters. Football has now become an event with a wide range of options, a destination for the whole family. What really matters here are the shared experiences, the social encounters and shared emotions - just like at Europa-Park.

Roland Mack, Europa-Park owner: “SC Freiburg and Europa-Park - they just fit together! The club is a lighthouse of sporting in the region and is well-known beyond the national borders due to its sustainable and successful work with young talents. As my brother and I were growing up in Waldkirch, I am fascinated that you can see our local mountain, the Kandel, from both Europa-Park and the stadium. For me, it means a piece of home. The Europa-Park Stadium, with its outstanding filigree architecture, is an absolute success. It harmoniously blends with its surroundings and will soon become a figurehead for the city of Freiburg and the region. We look forward to many exciting games with happy fans in this new gem! "

  • Ann-Kathrin Mack, Michael Mack, Roland Mack and Oliver Leki at the Europa-Park Stadium

  • Oliver Leki and Roland Mack at the new Europa-Park Stadium

  • Visualization of the Europa-Park Stadium