Experience the magic of the cold season

The winter season at Europa-Park is celebrating its 20th anniversary

The scent of roasted almonds and hot punch is in the air, 3,000 snow-decked fir trees and sparkling fairy lights line the paths while thick snowflakes fly through the air. From 27.11.21 to 09.01.22 (excl. 24/25th December) Germany's largest theme park will be transformed into a magical winter wonderland for the 20th time. The 15 European themed areas enchant visitors of all ages with their glittering Christmas baubles and facades decorated for winter. The top-class show program and breathtaking attractions are also still running in the winter season. Visitors will be delighted by the new 3D video mapping show, with very special lighting effects, on the facade of the ‘Eurosat - CanCan Coaster’. In addition to Europa-Park, the Rulantica water world, which is open all year round, welcomes visitors with the new, unique underwater experience ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’. Winter fans can spend the night in one of the park's six themed hotels or in the cosy Camp Resort to round off their short break with sweet dreams.

Fast-paced winter magic

The anniversary year of the winter season at Europa-Park promises a magical time full of unforgettable moments, whether it’s a stroll through the 15 lovingly decorated European themed areas or on the grand Ferris wheel ‘Bellevue’ high above the sea of ​​lights. Immediately after stepping into Germany's largest amusement park, guests will find the 12-meter-high Christmas tree decorated with 200 pendants and dozens of twinkling lights in the Deutsche Allee. The fir tree has been donated by the municipality of Sélestat, near the Christmas capital Strasbourg, for many years. The Luxembourg Square is adorned with a 15-metre-high fir tree, which shines brightly every evening after the parade.

For rollercoaster fans, the thrill of speed is guaranteed with a rapid ride on the catapult rollercoaster ‘blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2’ through the rugged rocky landscapes of Iceland, or a soaring ride on the steel roller coaster ‘Silver Star’. * Since this summer, in the Austrian themed area, visitors of all ages can now embark on a new VR experience in the ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’ with the Alsatian grandma of dinosaurs Madame Freudenreich. Alongside the lovable dinosaurs, they head out on a turbulent soap box race over hill and dale in ‘Madame Freudenreich Dino Race VR’. Pirate lovers can experience an adventurous boat ride through the Indonesian jungle in the family attraction ‘Pirates in Batavia’, which was reopened last year. During a trip in the ‘Voletarium’, guests immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes of Europe.

Winter fun for the youngest visitors

With icy winter highlights such as the ‘FIS Snowkidz - Children's Ski School’ and the snow tubes, the stay will also be a unique experience for children. On the meadow next to the ‘Tyrol Log Flume’ in the Austrian themed area, with the support of professional ski instructors, children can make their first attempts on skis. Just as fun are the snow tubes, which the children can use to slide down the hill at a rapid pace.

In the Scandinavian themed area, Europa-Park is once again offering the ‘Skitty World Nordic’, a cross-country skiing world for children and young people, in cooperation with the German Ski Association. In this course, they are taught technical and coordinative elements of the forms of movement ‘driving - running - jumping’ with plenty of fun. Instruction is provided by professional ski instructors from the Thoma ski school. On the large ice rink next to ‘Fjord Rafting’, visitors of all ages can let off steam or take their laps comfortably. Children can climb in the indoor play world ‘Winter World of Wonder’ in the Spanish Arena. After a breathtaking themed trip with ‘ARTHUR’ through the kingdom of the Minimoys, visitors to the ‘Tattoo Atelier Arthur’ can get themselves decorated with little works of art, which will remind them of the wonderful hours in Germany's largest amusement park even a few days after their visit.

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet after all the action, until 28th December, you can still think about your wishes for this or next year in the Russian themed area, and then say them out loud in the Santa Claus office.

Romantic Christmas village

Around the ‘Europe Fountain’ in the entrance area and in the historic Balthasar Palace Park, there is a cosy Christmas village this year with a colourful mix of well-known and new winter delicacies from the region, but also from the entire European continent. During the ‘Magic of Lights in the Castle Park’, 45 giant figures of light create a very special winter atmosphere. In addition to the Three Kings, a nativity scene, snowmen and polar bears, visitors can also marvel at fairy-tale characters such as Hansel and Gretel or Mother Hulda.

In the Irish themed area, traditional professions such as goldsmith or bookbinder are presented in numerous tents. Old craftsmanship, happy hustle and bustle in the bathhouse, a wooden carousel for children and an Alpine nativity scene take visitors back in time. When it gets dark, torches and fire pits give the area an atmospheric setting. Visitors can also see the the nativity scene exhibition in the Stave Church, which will certainly make Christmas Eve even more anticipated.

Extraordinary winter highlights and festive show formats

Outstanding artists take visitors away from the stress of everyday life and into a magical world. Wonderful costumes, an elaborate stage design and professional productions both on the ground and in the air ensure the best entertainment in the Circus Revue on the festival site of Europa-Park. The cold season is also the time when wishes come true - this is definitely the case with the ice show ‘Surpr'Ice presents a Christmas Dream’. International figure skaters delight the audience with their acrobatics choreography. The preparations for a long-awaited Christmas are always associated with things such as shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts and decorating the Christmas tree. This is what the ‘Snow Angels’ are all about. In this show, music fans can be enchanted by Christmas live singing with Ornella de Santis and Maisie Humphreys. In addition, the Europa-Park Show Ballet offers acrobatics, and one artist offers a very special juggling performance.

For the youngest visitors, in the English themed area, there is the ‘Three Piglets’ in the Sherlock Holmes room, from 12th to 23rd December daily at 2.30pm, while at 4pm, they can see the table theatre show ‘Schama, the little donkey’. The theatre is narrated from the picture book by Andrea Friedrich and presented by members of the church in Europa-Park. The story is about the little donkey ‘Schama', who dreams of being something special all his life, but is only laughed at by everyone. In the Globe Theatre, the 30-minute winter musical ‘When Christmas Was Forbidden’ takes you to a mysterious land, where an evil queen has ordered that Christmas shall never be celebrated again. While in the Globe Theatre, ‘Oguz‘ & Ed’s Magic World’ offers a magic variety show that makes for plenty of laughs and amazement, and not just amongst the young ones in the audience.

From 5pm, Ed Euromaus invites you to his new 3D video mapping show on the facade of the ‘Eurosat - CanCan Coaster’. Every half hour the ‘Miraculeux - Mapping Show’ enchants visitors with a play of light and colours. On the lake in the Adventure Land, guests can also look forward to a fascinating Christmas spectacle and a magical winter world of water and light every evening at ‘Ed & Eddas Winter Magic’. Of course, a meeting with Ed and his friends can also be part of a perfect day. The ‘Winter Starlight Parade’ at 6:30pm, with its elaborately designed floats and bright, luminous costumes, is one of the daily highlights in Germany's largest amusement park.

Since 19th November 2021, Germany's largest amusement park once again presents the popular Dinner Show in the Europa-Park Arena. The audience can look forward to a unique mixture of dance, music and artistry. The 2-star chef Peter Hagen-Wiest from ‘Ammolite - The Lighthouse Restaurant’ pampers visitors with culinary delicacies. He has created an exquisite 4-course menu with extraordinary highlights especially for the show.

Winter treats in a cosy atmosphere

Europa-Park also offers a very special culinary experience during the winter. In the numerous restaurants, guests can enjoy venison goulash with spätzle or wild mushroom ragout with dumplings. Between the snow and fir trees, you can also warm up with a fruit punch or indulge yourself in the ‘Backstüble’ with freshly baked Baumstriezel and Dacha cakes. At Christmas market in the historic Castle Park, visitors can eat popular snacks such as ‘Home Style’ French fries in the ‘Grillhaus’. In the German themed area there are winter specialties from grill and pan such as Merguez and Nuremberg sausages, meat skewers, and a hearty sauerkraut and Schupfnudel pan for guests in the ‘Schwarzwaldstüble’. With a view of the snowy Nordic winter landscape, guests in the ‘Fiske Huset’ in the Scandinavian themed area can enjoy the original Finnish mulled berry wine ‘Glögg’. Anyone who associates winter with popular cheese specialties can enjoy a delicious soup and the finest raclette in the ‘Walliser Stüble’ in the Swiss themed area.

Swimming fun and relaxation in mystical Scandinavia

Guests in Rulantica can splash around in water at over 30°c and explore the 32,600 m² indoor area. In the 10 themed areas, 17 slides, a huge wave pool, an exciting water playground and the underwater experience ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’ ensure unlimited fun for all ages. Fans of swimming can breathe in the cool winter air and enjoy a cocktail in the heated outdoor pool ‘Frigg Tempel’. Also in the open air, the ‘Vildstrøm’ rapids are fascinating. If you want to relax after the adventurous slide, you can lean back in the exclusive relaxation and sauna area ‘Hyggedal’. The wellness oasis in a Nordic ambience offers an impressive view of the entire water world. Across an area of 1,000m², there are comfortable loungers and two nude wooden saunas that can be used from 18 years of age with a large outdoor terrace, as well as ‘panoraama - the Rulantica Bar’ with delicious food and drinks waiting for the visitors.

From winter wonderland to new worlds

This winter season, something very special awaits visitors in the Arena of Football. The new YULLBE GO Experience ‘Alpha Mods’ is a guest in the English themed area, offering plenty of virtual action in a 5-minute preview. In this unique VR adventure by MackNeXT, participants become members of an extraordinary police unit that fights criminals in ultra-modern cars and maintains law and order in the city of Ultraville. The ‘YULLBE GO Arena’ preview is included in the Europa-Park ticket; a time slot must be booked using the VirtualLine in the Europa-Park & ​​Rulantica app on the day of the visit. For €6, visitors can also experience other Experiences such as "Valerian" and "Ed and Edda" in the Arena of Football from 1 December.

Visitors can experience other VR adventures right next to the ‘Krønasår’ hotel. At YULLBE PRO, they say goodbye to the laws of nature as they take on the body of an avatar and acquire supernatural abilities. In the 30-minute VR adventure "Mission: Rulantica", up to eight recruits work together at the same time to fight the dreaded god Loki and the sea snake Svalgur. While YULLBE PRO is experienced in a group, YULLBE GO focuses on each individual guest. During the 10-minute VR experiences, visitors can face adventurous challenges on their own.

Fantastic retreats

After an eventful day, the six park-owned, winter-decorated hotels and the rustic Camp Resort offer the perfect opportunity to end the day with a unique charm. From an expedition in the far north to the deep south and to young America, in the 4* and 4* superior themed hotels, guests can immerse themselves in their very own lovingly themed world. Generous wellness and spa areas also offer perfect rest and relaxation. In winter, hotel guests can choose between five saunas, three pool areas and two fitness rooms. Fans of westerns can relive their experiences of Europa-Park and in Rulantica in their dreams as they rest in heated log cabins or covered wagons at the Camp Resort. This year the Camp Resort is open continuously for the first time and offers its visitors even more opportunities to enjoy exciting outdoor adventures. Overnight stays at Europa-Park Camping are also possible throughout the winter and offer a very special experience. To get the morning off to a good start, Europa-Park offers very special breakfast and brunch variations. In the ‘Bell Rock’ hotel, for example, guests can enjoy the ‘New York Sunday Brunch’. Scones, croissants, smoked salmon, lobster soup, poached eggs and the famous New York Cheese Cake leave nothing to be desired. The delicious offer is also available to guests from outside.

*Extreme weather conditions and temperatures can lead to restricted operation of certain attractions. The attractions 'Fjord Rafting', Tyrol Log Flume', 'Atlantica SuperSplash', 'African Queen, 'Lítill Island' and 'Quipse Paddle Boats' are closed during the winter season.



  • The Mack family

  • From left to right : Roland Mack, Jürgen Mack, Michael Mack

  • Roland Mack in the indoor games world Winter World of Wonder

  • The ice show Surpr’Ice presents a Christmas Dream

  • The winter season promises magical hours

  • A highlight is the video mapping show ‘Miraculeux’