A new season at Germany’s largest theme park

Spring begins at the Europa-Park Resort

With over 100 attractions and shows, Europa-Park promises a range of highlights. From 26 April, visitors to Germany's largest theme park will be able to discover the Croatia themed area for the first time. The new multi launch coaster ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’ offers an extraordinary and unique rollercoaster experience. The popular family attractions Alpine Express ‘Enzian’ and ‘Tirol Log Flume’ will make their return on 14 May.


With spectacular and family-friendly attractions, impressive shows and varied cuisine, everyone will find what they're after at Europa-Park. Furthermore, the Rulantica water world and the YULLBE virtual reality experience offer fun for the whole family. Guests experience an extraordinary sensory journey at the world-first restaurant Eatrenalin. A visit can turn into an unforgettable short break with a stay at the six park-owned 4* superior themed hotels and the Camp Resort.


‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’ in the new Croatian themed area.

With Croatia, the 17th themed area at Europa-Park will be open from 26th April. A brand new, action-packed rollercoaster will await visitors between the attractions Poseidon and Euro-Mir, and is part of the first construction phase of the new themed area: 'Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac'! The innovative Stryker Coaster offers incomparable thrills, atmosphere and technology, as well as setting new standards: The innovative multi launch coaster offers an incomparable combination of thrills, atmosphere and technology and sets new standards: with seven inversions, four launches, 2.2 seconds of weightlessness and the world record with the steepest launch of 105 degrees, the new rollercoaster creates an intense experience and incomparable riding experience that is unique worldwide. Riders sit in trains equipped with numerous lighting elements, with seats reminiscent of old, quilted leather armchairs. The 1,385-metre-long coaster winds through an authentic Croatian landscape, while a cosy village square invites you to stay for a while.

Running through the themed area as a common thread is the story of scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, who was born in what is now Croatia, and who was able to realise his dream of wireless long-distance transmission of electrical energy. There is also the new ice cream parlour ‘Sunce i Lavanda’, which invites visitors to enjoy some refreshment with a range of ice cream varieties. Nikola Tesla himself comes to life as a deceptively real animatronic, taking guests through the story of his electrifying invention. In the ‘Suveniri Nikola’ shop, fans of Voltron Nevera and Croatia in general are sure to find suitable souvenirs to bring back to everyone who stayed at home. At the new exhibition ‘Croatian Inspiration’, discover all about Croatia's most important inventions, achievements and many other exhibits in a playful way.

Experience the classics in a new way: Alpine Express ‘Enzian’ and ‘Tirol Log Flume’

With the Alpine Express ‘Enzian' and the 'Tirol Log Flume', two traditional classics return to the Austrian themed area with a brand new splendour. The charming family rollercoaster and the refreshing log boat ride wind through the impressive Magical Valley of Diamonds and bring fun for all ages. With the Alpine Express ‘Enzian' and the 'Tirol Log Flume', two traditional classics return to the Austrian themed area with a brand new look.

A new virtual reality adventure awaits at ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’ with ‘Fina & the Yomis - Magical World of Diamonds VR’, in which guests rush through a magical cave landscape, reminiscent of the former ‘Yomi’s Magical World of Diamonds’. In the adjacent Spanish themed area, a new terrace in front of the Bodega restaurant is the perfect place for a break, while the nearby Bodega ice cream parlor offers an even more varieties of ice cream specialties.

Numerous other innovations

The redesigned main entrance will make it even quicker and more comfortable for visitors from all over the world to get into Germany's largest theme park. In the France themed area, guests can experience a new virtual reality adventure at ‘Eurosat Coastiality’ during the season: ‘The Phantom of the Opera Coastiality’. The story of love, intrigue and a mysterious, masked figure unfolds at every turn of the immersive VR rollercoaster ride. The new story uses completely new technology and improved graphics. From summer 2024, the ‘Ghost Castle’ also invites visitors to be spooked once again with a refreshed ride, but has not lost any of its classic charm. The iconic hand showers and huge fittings will soon await all little water lovers in the newly designed ‘Lítill Island - Hansgrohe Water Playground’. The redesigned ‘dm – Family & Friends’ shop offers an expanded product range and a wide range of services for the whole family. The Fjord Restaurant will soon be offering unique dishes under the motto ‘Scandinavian Family-Time by Brian Bojsen’, which have been reinterpreted in a Scandinavian style by the renowned Danish TV chef. In the new ‘PUMA STORE X Silver Star’, the fastest sports brand in the world meets one of the largest and highest steel rollercoasters in Europe.

Over 100 attractions for the whole family

All 17 European themed areas invite visitors on an unmistakable tour of discovery with traditional-style architecture, cuisine and a great attention to detail. The water attractions 'Fjord Rafting', 'Poseidon' and 'Atlantica SuperSplash' offer a way to cool off on warmer days. For those looking for something a little faster, the rollercoasters 'blue fire Megacoaster', 'WODAN – Timburcoaster' and 'Silver Star' provide a breath of fresh air. Visitors join courageous pirates on a boat ride with 'Pirates in Batavia’, while ‘Josefina's Imperial Magic Journey’ takes them on a leisurely journey across the idyllic lake. While in the 'Voletarium' the dream of flying comes true!

Spectacular range of shows

In Europa-Park, visitors can experience spectacular, first-class shows with a varied program that is sure to amaze all, with extraordinary costumes, choreographies and tricks! There is astounding magic and plenty of amazement to be experienced at the new magic show ‘Misterio’ with Vincent Vignaud at the Europa-Park Teatro. In the new ice show ‘Surpr’Ice presents Energ’Ice’, the athleticism of internationally award-winning figure skaters meets pure energy and electricity. Beautiful costumes and thrilling choreographies literally melt the ice here. The new show ‘Funny Library 2’ in the Globe Theatre combines high-class acrobatics, award-winning artists and top-class comedy with the hilarious choreographies of the Europa-Park Show Ballet. 'Ed's Adventure Parade’, with its elaborately designed floats and costumes, is one of the daily highlights at Europa-Park.

Fun and relaxation in the water for the whole family

Rulantica, the water world of the Europa-Park Resort, is a paradise for water lovers and sun worshippers. In the new 'Nordiskturn' area, fun is guaranteed as visitors engage in some competitive sliding. The highlight of the 30-metre-high tower is the 'Vikingløp' racing slide, built on a sparkling gemstone mine. Every second counts on Europe's largest speed slide, as only those who come out ahead at the finish line will get the loudest cheers from the spectators in the stands. A range of slides, a huge wave pool, a wild river and much more ensure limitless water fun. The interactive water carousel 'Tønnevirvel' offers a new way for some refreshing fun for the whole family. The outdoor slide area 'Svalgurok' as well as the Nordic sandy beach 'Dynstrønd' and the children’s area 'Snorri Strand' provide a real holiday feeling under the Baden sun.

Visitors looking something a little quieter will find an oasis of relaxation in the exclusive 'Hyggedal' relaxation area with a breathtaking view over the water landscape. Comfortable lounging options, three nude wooden saunas, a steam bath and a large outdoor terrace await guests on 1,000 square metres. 

Action-packed VR fun

Fans of interactive virtual reality experiences can go on adventures at the YULLBE PRO and YULLBE GO Experiences in the flagship location in Rust. From May, players can look forward to ‘Dr. G – Victory on Venus’, where they will be catapulted to the distant planet as intrepid heroes. But there are many dangers that lurk there... The retro science fiction spectacle surrounds the character of Dr. Grordbort, written by Greg Boardmore and was brought to virtual life by five-time Oscar winner Sir Richard Taylor (‘Lord of the Rings’) and Michael Mack. ‘Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly’ is based on the ‘Amber Blake’ comic series from Belgian supermodel Jade Lagardère and thrills visitors with a nerve-wracking adventure across Singapore’s skyline.

Guests can also experience YULLBE at Europa-Park: There are numerous YULLBE GO experiences available in the blue fire Dome in the Icelandic themed area. Put on your VR glasses and let the virtual adventure begin!

New highlights in the TALENT ACADEMY

At the TALENT ACADEMY, dreams come true: In eight modern studios, over thirty international, certified coaches offer over 100 courses every week. Visitors can choose from Dance, Acrobatics, Music, Art and Mindset. Other new highlights include our own aerial acrobatics studio and the 250-square-metre event and workshop room, with rooms also available. Whether children, young people or even adults – the TALENT ACADEMY is a place full of creativity and inspiration for all age groups.

Confertainment: Event location and entertainment program with a wow factor

The Europa-Park Confertainment, now equipped with a fresh brand identity, brings a spark of magic to every business event, turning it into an unforgettable experience. An all-round feel-good program is on offer, with excellent event locations and breathtaking entertainment.

On a sensory journey with the world-first restaurant Eatrenalin

An absolute highlight can be found at ‘Eatrenalin’, the futuristic gastronomic experience for all senses. As soon as the experience on the patented ‘Floating Chair’ begins, visitors are immersed in different worlds, and not just through multi-faceted aromas, but also haptics, acoustics and visuals. Guests are treated to an 8-course menu. The kitchen combines modern and international influences with the respective ambience of the scenery in each of the various worlds of enjoyment. In 2024, the world-first restaurant awaits, with a redesigned menu and the premiere of the late night special. The new format focuses on exceptional cocktails, as guests also experience live entertainment and music.

Fantastic overnight stays in the Europa-Park hotels

After a day at Europa-Park or the Rulantica water world, visitors can escape from everyday life and unwind on one of the approximately 5,800 beds across the six 4* superior hotels of the Europa-Park Resort, as well as the Camp Resort and Camping. Among detailed ambience, guests follow in the footsteps of the Pilgrim Fathers in the hotel 'Bell Rock' or go on an exploration tour in the museum hotel 'Krønasår'. The 'Colosseo' hotel, built in the style of historic Rome, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The hotel ‘El Andaluz’ offers pure Mediterranean flair with a newly-designed and even more magnificent courtyard centred around the idyllic fountain. Guests of the ‘Don Quichotte’ restaurant can now enjoy their meals in the open air. Spacious wellness and spa areas perfectly round off your stay in the hotel resort.



  • Germany's largest theme park opens its gates again on Saturday, 23 March