Numbers and Facts



Austria themed area                 

Re-opening of beloved family attractions:


·         Alpenexpress Enzian

·         ’Tyrol Log Flume’

New Highlights:

·         ‘Magic Valley of Diamonds’

·         ‘Yomi Adventure Trail’ with rocks up to 12 metres high and suspension bridges, climbing elements and two slides

·         ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality: Fina & the Yomis – Magical World of Diamonds VR’

New 17th European themed area Croatia


·         Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac

o   Innovative Stryker Coaster from MACK Rides

o   Length: 1,385m

o   Maximum speed: 90 km/h

o   Height/Age: 130cm, 8 years old

o   People per train: 16

o   Theoretical capacity: 1,600 people per hour

·         'Voltron chARge'

o   Interactive augmented reality (AR) experience within the Europa-Park & Rulantica app

·         Croatian Inspiration

▪     Interactive exhibition about Croatia

·         Nikola Tesla Animatronic

o   In collaboration with MACK One, MACK Rides and Weta Workshop

o   More than 40 individual movements, 28 of which are on the face alone

o   Storytelling about Nikola Tesla

·         New ice cream parlour Sunce i Lavanda (‘Sun & Lavender’)

o   Ice cream bowls, spaghetti ice cream, ice cream burgers, coffee, cakes and drinks

o   48 seats inside, 70 seats outside terrace + balcony

·         New shop Suveniri Nikola


Europa-Park Teatro               Misterio - The Illusion-Show with Vincent Vignaud

Globe Theatre                        Funny Library Two

Spanish Arena                       The Return of the Sultan

Ice Stadium                            SURPR’ICE PRESENTS ENERG’ICE

Italian open-air theatre           Movie Hits

Parade                                    Ed’s Adventure Parade

Flamenco stage                      Ritmo Flamenco

Marionette show                     Baila, Carmen, baila!

JUNIOR CLUB Studios          JUNIOR CLUB Studios – Live!

Limerick Castle Stage            Limerick Bubbles bubble show

Portugal Atlantica Stage        High Diving Show - Retorno dos Piratas (18.5.- 1.9.)

Rulantica Water World          

Rulantica (VIP) Svits

o   Six exclusive day suites in the ‘Nordiskturn’ area with sauna, loggia or balcony, wellness bathtub, lounge area, Smart TV, WiFi and much more.

o   Additional amenities include personal catering service, VIP access to the ‘Vikingløp’ racing slide, ‘Sølterrass’ sun terrace exclusively for guests of the day suites and much more.

o   Four Rulantica Svits 'Nørd', 'Øst', 'Sør' und 'Vest' on the 3rd floor

▪     Capacity: up to 4 people

▪     Size: 27 – 39 m²

o   Two Rulantica VIP Svits 'Sørvind' and 'Vestavind' in the 4th/5th. Upper floor

▪     Capacity: up to 4 people

▪     Size: 74 – 81 m² over two floors

New energy centre                      

·         2nd energy centre to support the heat and energy supply

·         480 m² in the 1st expansion stage of combined heat and power plant (CHP)

·         Fed with natural gas and produces an electrical output of 420 kW and a thermal output of 605 kW at 100% full load

·         3 buffer tanks with a capacity of 38,000 litres each



·         YULLBE        

o   YULLBE GO 'Dr. G – Victory on Venus'

▪     Shooter game

▪     IP from Greg Broadmore and Sir Richard Taylor

▪     in the blue fire dome and in the YULLBE experience centre

▪     from May

▪     from 16 years old


·         New content 'Eurosat Coastiality: The Phantom of the Opera' (opening later in the season)

·         New picture book 'Fina & the Yomis – The Secret Magical Stones'

·         Coffee table book by Miriam Mack: 'Croatia - My recipes and stories from the Adriatic coast'


·         New menu

·         Late Night Special (Cocktail Experience)


·         Renovation of the main entrance

·         Reinterpreted Scandinavian dishes in the Fjord Restaurant in collaboration with the Danish chef Brian Bojsen:
'Fjord Restaurant - Scandinavian Family Time by Brian Bojsen'

·         Completely vegan menu at restaurant 'Spices - Kitchens of the World’ from 1st May to mid-July

·         New Puma store in the Mercedes Benz Hall

·         Extensive renovation of the Hansgrohe children's water world 'Lítill Island'

·         New concept 'dm – family & friends'

·         New innovative laser projector in cinema 2 of the 'Voletarium'

·         Renovation of the ‘FoodLoop' restaurant

·         Construction of the new fire station begins

·         New restaurant 'Amitié - La Cuisine du Château' in Ollwiller from 1st May

·         Construction begins on the 20-hectare photovoltaic system in collaboration with automotive logistics company MOSOLF

·         Construction begins on new employee campus in Ringsheim

·         Construction begins on Camp Resort expansion

·         New Europa-Park infrastructure (bypass)

New 'Welcome Centre 75' for employees

o   Café as a central meeting point for employees and Rust citizens

o   Pragmatic immigration and successful integration of skilled workers

o   Employee onboarding

o   320 sqm café, 118 sqm office

Europa-Park Hotels

·         Reconstruction of the inner courtyard of the 4* hotel 'El Andaluz'

·         New ice cream parlour Bodega



  • The Alpenexpress 'Enzian'

  • The new european themed area Croatia