Fact sheet: ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’




•      Steepest launch in the world (105°)

•      Among the launch coasters with the most overhead elements in the world (seven)

•      Longest launch coaster in Europe (1385m)

•      Longest overhead rollercoaster in Europe (sixth longest overhead rollercoaster in the world)

•      Holds the record in Europe with three acceleration sections

•      Holds the record in Germany with four accelerations

Dates & Numbers:

•      Beginning of construction: January 2022 (Construction time: over two years)

•      Type: Stryker Coaster (Further development of the Big Dipper)

•      Manufacturer:  MACK Rides

•      Drive: LSM-Launch drive (drive with 'Linear Synchronous Motor')

•      Number of trains: 7 (3 to 4 on the route at the same time)

•      People per train: 16

•      Theoretical capacity: 1,600 people per hour

•      Highest point: 32.5m

•      Length: 1,385m

•      Travel time: 3 min

•      Maximum speed: 100 km/h

•      Height/Age: Target: 130 cm, 8 years

•      Construction: 142 rail parts, almost 300 stators (magnetic acceleration), 406 column foundations

•      Total weight of supports: almost 500t

•      Support colour: brown

•      Ride elements: 30 different elements, a total of 4 launches (one backwards), 7 overhead elements (inversions)

•      Track: Beyond-Vertical Launch (Vertical launch with 105° inclination), 4 rows of stators, Inverted Top Hat, Airtime Dip and Airtime Hill, Immelmann, with a particular element: At a height of 32m, passengers are weightless (Inverted Stall), S-curve with Transition to Dive Loop (cars rotate 180°), reverse drive with Launch in Top Hat, Banked Stall with side Airtime, Ejection Drifter (new development unique worldwide: Banked Stall inclined 90° to the left with side airtime), Double Up (final height: 20m), Falling Roll, Cutback, final element: Corkscrew (car rotates on its own axis and crosses two other rails)

•      Darkride section (after the train station), a rollercoaster curve close to the water

•      a train consists of 24,893 components, is equipped with lighting elements, a special feature: the elaborate design of the seats in the style of old, quilted leather armchairs (most elaborate seat that MACK Rides has ever produced) 


•      Size: 20,000m² (construction phase 1)

•      Rollercoaster is integrated into the 17th European themed area Croatia, inspired by the city of Hvar/Croatia

•      Two Voltron towers (each 28m total height), Croatian bell tower (34m, highest decorative element), other traditional Croatian elements: light limestone as a basic element, arches, old ruins, pieces of wall

•      Flora: Croatian plant selection (Pinos, vineyard field), special feature: 800 year old olive tree


•      by MACK Magic, is about Nikola Tesla, as he was born in what is now Croatia

•      Rollercoaster starts in a hydroelectric power station provided by the Adventure Club of Europe and repurposed by Tesla

•      Tesla's groundbreaking discovery: People can be transformed into cosmic energy and transported from tower to tower as lightning

Station building:

•       L-shaped building (Total area: 1.600 m²)

•       Main waiting area, Virtual Line, Single Rider

Gastronomy and merchandising in Croatia themed area:

•       Ice cream parlour ‘Sunce i Lavanda’

•       Imbiss Ćevapčići Snack

•       Shop ‘Suveniri Nikola’


•       Augmented reality feature in the Europa-Park & Rulantica app: Users can accompany Nikola Tesla on a mission and solve puzzles. The goal: to successfully start up the virtual rollercoaster!