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First German president

Roland Mack is the first German to be president of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. In the almost one hundred years old history of IAAPA he has also been the first president who is at the same time manufacturer of rides as well as park owner. His term in office ended on the 13th November 2012. Roland Mack has been active as a member of board of the industry's association for many years. Before his presidency he was vice president for three years and will continue to be part of the board in the future. During his term he visited theme parks and events of IAAPA around the globe and shows great enthusiasm for the performance of this industry.

IAAPA Präsident Roland Mack

Roland Mack draws positive conclusions as president of the international leisure industry

The President of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) sees a positive trend in the leisure industry worldwide. On handing over the office to his successor, Will Morey, in Orlando, Florida, Roland Mack said: "Our association has grown together even more strongly and we have established central strategic goals, such as the harmonization of international safety standards, the development of higher environmental requirements for leisure facilities and the strengthening of the regions within the industry association. I am also proud that we have been able to improve the position of the European leisure industry significantly."

With over a million employees, about a billion visitors annually, and an estimated total revenue of over $30 billion, amusement parks around the world have developed into an important industry. As the international association of amusement companies all around the world, the IAAPA deals with all issues that concern the amusement industry. About 4,500 companies in over 90 countries are represented by the organization, including over 1,000 well-known amusement parks. The goals of the IAAPA are not only on to concentrate on improvements to the safety, effectiveness, marketing, and profitability of its members, but also on the continued expansion of the best possible standards in the amusement industry by the member companies.

Roland Mack was the first German to be chosen as President of the IAAPA. He is also the first president in almost a hundred years of history of the IAAPA who is a manufacturer of theme park attractions and an important park operator at the same time. His one-year period in office ended on November 13, 2012. Roland Mack has been active on the board of the industry association for many years. Before becoming president, he was vice-president for three years and he will also remain active on the board in the future. During his period in office, Roland Mack visited leisure parks and IAAPA events throughout the world and demonstrated his enthusiasm for the productivity of this branch of the economy.

Joint anti-racism declaration with the Council of Europe

Roland Mack describes the joint signing of an anti-racism declaration with the Council of Europe in Strasbourg as one of the highlights of his period as IAAPA president. The European Council in Strasbourg and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), which is based in Alexandria, Virginia (USA), have taken a stance against racism and discrimination against people from different cultures in this joint declaration.

The General Secretary of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, and Roland Mack signed the joint appeal in Strasbourg. Jagland: "It's great that an entire industry is subscribing to such a fundamentally important goal for people's co-existence. We are delighted by our cooperation with Roland Mack and the IAAPA as an international association."

Roland Mack: "Both institutions have been engaged in preventing racism for many years, so it was an obvious step for us to join forces and pursue this goal together intensively. The Council of Europe has been a role model for decades in its commitment to this important issue for society. We should take every opportunity to encourage people to treat one another with respect. The collaboration with the Council of Europe is due in no small part to the wide vision of General Secretary Jagland." The Council of Europe, which is based in Strasbourg, has 47 member states and therefore includes almost all countries in Europe. The Council represents more than 800 million people. It was founded on May 5, 1949 to develop common democratic principles for the whole of Europe.