Media location Europa-Park - roller coasters and television studios


During the past years Europa-Park, Germany's biggest leisure park, has become established more and more as a media location. With regard to television productions, the year 2002 was very successful: 207 programmes with a TV audience participation of 270 million have been produced.

"We want to establish the park all over the country as a well-known location for TV and movie productions?, sais Roland Mack, managing director of Europa-Park. Already, Europa-Park is one of the most important locations for TV productions in Baden-Württemberg. "We do not make any profit with TV productions and live broadcasts, however our image is being increased considerably?, explains Roland Mack. In order to offer ideal conditions to the television stations, Germany's biggest leisure park is now planning the construction of a large media arena. Christian Faust, assistant programme director of the "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (Bavarian television), already commends the excellent infrastructure of Europa-Park.

Also in 2003, numerous TV-shows have been produced in Germany's biggest themed park.

On March 16th, Karlheinz Böhm celebrated his 75th birthday. Therefore, on March 14th the ZDF produced the big birthday show "Alles Gute, Karlheinz Böhm!" inside the Silver Star Dome at Europa-Park.

On March 21st and 22nd 2003, the Bavarian television produced the big anniversary gala "Wenn das kein Grund zum Feiern ist - die große Patrick Lindner Gala" with the popular singer and showstar Patrick Lindner. It is planned to produce anonther episode of the popular show in 2004.

On April 26th, "Zauber der Musik? was produced in the Silver Star Dome. In the third episode of this musical show, the charming Barbara Wussow and the popular conductor André Rieu took viewers from Germany (ZDF), Austria (ORF) andSwitzerland (SF DRS) to Vienna on Mai 31st.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company Media Control from Baden-Baden, the TV-programme "Deutschlands größte Hits! Das Beste aus 25 Jahren mit Jörg Pilawa" was produced in Europa-Park's Silver Star Dome in May. Also this show will definitely be produced again at Europa-Park in 2004.

Already traditionally, Max Schautzer presented the big ARD-summer-show "Immer wieder sonntags", which is broadcasted from Europa-Park: 90 minutes live television with many popular guests from show-business! 10 shows were produced in the scenery of Europa-Park's Greek themed area.

The "Grand Prix der Volksmusik" was broadcasted live from Europa-Park's Silver Star Dome on September 6th by the ZDF (second channel of German television).

In June, the Bavarian television presented the new Saturday evening show "Deutschland Champions?. The programme was produced in the open-air arena of Europa-Park. On four Saturday nights, two German cities have competed with each other in spectacular sports games. Due to the big success of the programme, "Deutschland Champions? will be produced five times at Europa-Park in 2004.

In October, SWR produced "Festival der Sieger? in Europa-Parks Silver Star Dome for the ARD. Three more episodes of the TV-show, which is presented by Andy Borg and Uta Bresan, will follow in 2004.

During the winter season of Europa-Park there is great demand for the wintry scenery: Apart from the Swiss TV-programme "Murmi?, which has been at Europa-Park already three times, also Uta Bresan has visited Europa-Park with the programme "Wir warten auf's Christkind?.

The whole park is one big stage

Also for smaller productions, such as reports, presentations and commentaries, Germany's biggest leisure park is an ideal location. Here, the producers can benefit from the different European themed areas with their typical architecture and vegetation. From the North Cape to Andalusia in one day - Europa-Park with its technology, the artists and numerous stages and sceneries offers ideal possibilities for TV teams to produce outside their own studios.

Another advantage is the professionality, with which the TV teams are being attended to. No matter whether it is about the construction of a stage, catering, hotel reservations or organizing different artists from all over the world, the professional team of Europa-Park will organize even the most exceptional things.

Next to the main entrance of Europa-Park, there is a small and nice studio. The big advantage of the "Medienhalle" is, that it can be transformed easily and quickly: stage, seating, and so on can be arranged individually for the respective event. Another advantage is the ideal infrastructure of Europa-Park. Examples are: the possibiliy deliver materials directly to the location, storage of decoration, variable containers, which can be used as office or dressing rooms, catering, and so on. At present, especially the Silver Star Dome, a huge tent near the Medienhalle and the big Europa-Park Dome, is being used as a location for big TV productions.

Staying overnight right at the location - no problem. The Europa-Park Resort offers two 4-star hotels with a total of 1.250 beds, as well as an additional guesthouse. The adventure hotel "El Andaluz" is a Spanish finca with an idyllic inner court and a heated outdoor pool. Also our hotel "Castillo Alcazar", which is designed in the style of an old Spanish castle, offers all conveniences. A third adventure hotel is being built right now and will be completed in early summer of 2004.