Highlights 2004



13.03.04 "Festival der Sieger" The most popular singers and bands will be presented by Björn Casapietera and Uta Bresan in the TV-show "Festival der Sieger?. A colourful potpourri of folk-music, pop songs and German rock can be heard at Europa-Park (additional productions on May 16th and September 22nd 2004).

12.-16.03.04 Internationale Tourismus Börse Germany's biggest theme park presents itself on the most important trade fair of the international tourism industry on 500 square metres with shows and important information about the season 2004.


03.04.04 SWR3 Elch-Party Europa-Park starts a new and exciting season 2004 with the big SWR3 Elch-Party. Come and join the party!

10.-12.04.04 Easter special Euromaus and the Easter bunny invite all guests to the traditional search for Easter eggs in Germany's biggest theme park. From April 10th to 12th, great Easter entertainment for everyone will be presented in the beautifully decorated park.

20.04.04 Día Musicana about M.L.King Georg A. Weth presents the achievements and defeats of Martin Luther King - who was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize - in a Día Musicana, a collage with original sound documents and pictures.

23.04.04 "Euromaus hilft Spatz" A gala evening in support of Spatz e. V.


10.-16.05.04 European Week Experience Europe! At Europa-Park, visitors have the opportunity to learn a lot about the diversity of traditions, cultures and culinary specialities of many European countries from May 10th until May 16th during the European Week.

16.05.04 "Festival der Sieger" Again, the popular programme "Festival der Sieger" with Björn Casapietera and Uta Bresan will be presented at Europa-Park.

18.05.04 SWR TV-show "Rasthaus" The well-known informational programme about cars and traffic with the popular television presenter Wolf-Dieter Ebersbach will be produced at Europa-Park on May 18th.

21.05.04 "Papa Rhein" in the Globe Theater A colourful composition of chansons, songs and cabaret will be presented to the visitors of the unique French evening in honour of Europe.

26.05.04 UEFA Champions League Finals The international artists of Europa-Park will perform the opening show "Und es blitzen die Sterne" for the final of the UEFA Champions League, which will take place in the "Arena auf Schalke? in Gelsenkirchen. Also the presentation of the trophy will be staged by Germany's biggest theme park.

29.-31.05.04 Europa-Park Weekend On this weekend, Europa-Park will present a fantastic show-programme on the "Landesgartenschau? (from April 23rd until October 10th, 2004)


06./13./27.06.04 ARD live TV-show "Immer wieder sonntags? Moderator Sebastian Deyle presents a colourful Sunday morning with music, show and famous guest at Europa-Park.

7.-10.and12.06. "Deutschland Champions" Exciting and full of action: in each show, two German regions will compete against each other in action-packed games in order to become "Deutschland Champion". Spectacular sports games will be presented to the viewers in this programme, produced by the Bavarian television.

21.06.04 Euromusique-Festival In cooperation with the Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sports Baden-Würtemberg, approximately 2.500 children and young persons will make music together on all stages of Europa-Park.


04./11./18./25.07. ARD live TV-show "Immer wieder sonntags? Moderator Sebastian Deyle presents a colourful Sunday morning with music, show and famous guest at Europa-Park.

09.07.04 Opening of the "Schwarzwald Jugendspiele" Young persons from 15 European countries present twelve trendy sports, among them several Olympic disciplines.

31.07.-08.08.04 South African Week On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the democracy in South Africa, the typical atmosphere of this African country will be brought to Europa-Park. Amidst the little African village, visitors can experience the culture and traditions of South Africa.


01./08./22.08. ARD live TV-show "Immer wieder sonntags? Moderator Sebastian Deyle presents a colourful Sunday morning with music, show and famous guest at Europa-Park.

01.08.04 Gathering of Alphorn Players On the occasion of the Swiss national holiday, the 6th international Gathering of Alphorn Players with musicians from Germany and Switzerland will take place at Europa-Park.

02.-06.08.04 Holiday Radio The glass studio of SWR1 (German radio station) is situated in the middle of Europa-Park. Here, visitors can experience radio live and contribute to the programme, when telling the presenters their music wishes.

02.-07.08.04 Toto-Lotto Girls' Soccer Camp From August 2nd to 7th, more than 100 girls will spend time on playing soccer in the Soccer Camp, which is supervised by experienced trainers and organisers.

13./14.08.04 Italian Summer Festival Amaretto and lemon trees, chianti and ice-cream - on August 13th and 14th, visitors of Europa-Park can experience a very special event. On both days, the Italian themed area will be decorated beautifully in order to create the typical atmosphere of a big Italian summer festival.

14.08.04 Nivea Childrens' Festival In cooperation with NIVEA, Germany's biggest theme park offers a colourful entertainment programme for its youngest visitors.

27./28.08.04 Spanish Feria Fiery matadors, flamenco, beautiful Spanish women in traditional dresses, proud men on Andalusian horses and delicious Spanish specialities. This and much more is waiting for the visitors in the Spanish themed area of Europa-Park on August 27th and 28th.

28.08.04 Reiner Kirsten Show A big concert with Reiner Kirsten, his friends and many surprises is waiting for the guests of this event. Among others the "Geschwister Hoffmann? and the "Schwarzwald-Familie Jäckle? will be present.

30.08.-03.09. Soccer School Michael Rummenigge The former professional soccer player Michael Rummenigge will be guest of Europa-Park with his soccer school. Of course, daily soccer trainings with great fun will be presented.


04.09.04 Jazzfestival A very special highlight for all fans of Jazz!

6.-10.09.04 SWR1 Holiday Radio Live radio! Each day, visitors can experience and create radio broadcasts live. The presenters of SWR1 will play musical wishes, present holiday tips, interviews and prize contests.

17.-19.09.04 Olympia Welcome Party The German participants of Olympia in Athens will be at Europa-Park on the occasion of the Olympia Welcome Party, the official Party of the NOK. For all fans, the athletes will give autographs.

22.09.04 "Festival der Sieger? Again, the popular programme "Festival der Sieger" with Björn Casapietera und Uta Bresan will be presented at Europa-Park.

22.09.04 Karamalz Soccer-Cup The big finals of the Karamalz Soccer-Cup will take place in Germany's biggest theme park.

26.09.04 Lecture by Prof. E. Fuchs: Dalí and I The founder of "phantastic realism", Prof. Ernst Fuchs, was a friend of Salvador Dalí and talks about the time they spent together.


01.-31.10.04 Halloweenfever Creepy surprises, ghosts, villains and a nice-and eerie festival of lights are waiting for the visitors in October.

01.10.04 DFB talent contest The encouragement of children and young persons is one of the priorities of Germany's biggest theme park. Therefore, the best teams of the DFB talent contest, boys and girls, meet at Europa-Park for the finals of the competition, which is organised by the "Kultusministerkonferenz? and the DFB.

08.-10.04 Oktoberfest "O'zapft is!? Proper music and a whole lot of fun and entertainment are waiting for the visitors during three days at Europa-Park - of course we offer original Bavarian specialities!

14.-16.10.04 Science Days Visitors of the Science Days can learn a lot about science and technology in an entertaining way. The whole family has the opportunity to experiment, take part in workshops, discuss with scientists and technologists or take part in contests.

19.10.04 Día Musicana about Salvador Dalí A collage about the exceptional life of Salvador Dalí, documented by Georg A. Weth and Annette Greve, as Dalís wife Gala.

31.10.04 SWR3 Halloween-Party The big highlight of the Halloween season is the already legendary SWR3-Halloween-Party at Europa-Park. In three locations, the SWR3 DJs and special guests will celebrate and party with the visitors.

31.10.-07.11. Halloweenfestival Gruesome specials and a giant laser- and light show.