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Confertainment at Europa-Park

Since the term “Confertainment” was first coined, Germany’s biggest theme park has gained widespread fame well beyond regional borders as a first-rate conference and event location. Invented by Europa-Park back in 1998, the Confertainment concept is now synonymous with professional conferencing and celebrating in an exceptional atmosphere. Customers appreciate the idea: over 1,300 events a year are held in Europa-Park.

Confertainment: a successful blend of work and entertainment
Working productively in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and entertaining? At Europa-Park that has long since ceased to be a contradiction in terms. Because it’s the mix that makes it work: Confertainment is the successful combination of conferences and a corresponding entertainment programme. This concept originated in 1998 at Europa-Park and has caught on in a big way ever since. By creating an agreeable atmosphere for collective professional pursuits in combination with a wide range of entertainment, Germany’s biggest theme park provides the perfect setting for a successful event: excellent infrastructure, with everything from themed facilities and culinary delicacies to dazzling shows and top-notch 4-star themed hotels. This gives Europa-Park a clear edge, for every occasion is professionally planned, organised and executed here to make it a unique experience.

The right facility for every occasion
From small-scale private family gatherings to massive corporate functions, the 26 locations here can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 2,000 people. All the facilities are fitted out with state-of-the-art communication equipment. And those who prefer an unusual ambience will get their money’s worth here too: Embedded in the European themed areas, each facility is designed in the characteristic style of a European country, providing a touch of holiday flair – and a golden opportunity to leave the daily grind behind for a while….

In addition to traditional conference facilities and function rooms, various locations can be booked in the theme park itself or in the themed hotels on the grounds – as can the entire park premises, for that matter. In addition, a vast array of restaurants, bistros and bars are available for events of all kinds throughout the park premises. With everything from a rustic beer cellar over a vintage 1920s “Pavillion of Mirrors” to the festive classical décor of the ballroom “Berlin”, Europa-Park offers numerous options for events of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a family gathering or a corporate function, a conventional conference or seminar, a presentation, jubilee or wedding - the customer picks the setting and designs his event exactly as he desires. Real „Wild West feeling“ is waiting for all adventurous visitors in the new „Silver Lake Saloon“. Here, the guests not only enjoy a breathtaking view over the Camp Resort and the idyllic lake, but also plenty of entertainment and culinary delights are guaranteed.

The joys of themed dinner events
Unforgettable evening programmes top off every event here. With over 150 artists from approximately 20 countries, Europa-Park’s international and multifaceted assortment of shows includes the right diversion for every taste. At the “Cirque d’Europe” dinner show, for example, in the Teatro dell’Arte – a faithfully reconstructed Baroque-style theatre – Europa-Park´s artists put on a truly impressive demonstration of breathtaking acrobatics, music and dance while the spectators are treated to an ambrosial gala menu created by the French starred chef Emile Jung.

Or it’s off to the jungles of Indonesia for the exotic swashbuckling spectacle “Indonesia Malam”, where an Eastern potpourri of artistic dance, live singing and comedy is served up together with a sumptuous Asian four-course meal. The “French Evening” offers another choice slice of international cuisine in an enchanting atmosphere with comedy, dance and acrobatics, while entrancing aromas and dances becharm the guests at a “Spanish-Moorish Night” and transport those at the “Greek Evening” to the earthly delights of ancient Greece.

For aficionados of regional cuisine and medieval customs, the “Medieval Banquet” in Balthasar Castle guarantees an excellent evening chock full of the hearty fare and dainty delicacies of those days of yore.

Other evening events can be booked as well. Confertainment also invites customers to create their very own special evening programme, which is organised and executed entirely according to their desires. Whether festive, casual or rustic: at Europa-Park, not a wish goes unanswered.

Golden slumbers at Europa-Park Resort
To top off an eventful day in Germany’s biggest theme park, guests can treat themselves to golden slumbers right on the premises. The park’s four 4-star themed hotels will help them kick off their drab daily routine and give their spirits a much-deserved break in a laid-back setting. Rest and relaxation beckon in the Italian flair of the “Colosseo”, in the Portuguese monastic idyll of the “Santa Isabel”, in the knightly castle ambience of the “Castillo Alcazar”, or in the Spanish themed hotel “El Andaluz”. In addition to many leisure activities at Europa-Park the wellness & spa areas in the hotels “Colosseo” and “Santa Isabel” offer moments of recreation for body and soul.

One-stop service

By dint of close collaboration with each customer, an individually made-to-order concept guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience. From the planning and one-stop service to smooth running and impeccable execution on the day of the event, Europa-Park’s Confertainment offers a service package that carries conviction: since 2008, Europa-Park was among the winners of the Conga Awards in the category “Event Locations in Germany” every year.

The Confertainment offer can be booked all year round, regardless of Europa-Park’s official opening hours. Eminent customers from Germany, France and Switzerland in virtually every industry are convinced of the successful interaction between conferencing and entertainment in an extraordinary setting.

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