Once upon a time…

Step into a wonderful Fairy-Tale World!

Nibble, nibble, little mouse, who is nibbling at my little house? A milk-white sugar icing covers the golden gingerbread house and a colourful crumble adorns the sweet roof. Inside, the big oven of the eerily beautiful room emits pleasant warmth. An old lady stirs eagerly in a big cauldron of boiling soup. Of course, Hansel and Gretel are also part of this detailed scenery of the famous Grimm fairy-tale. The two children are already plotting and plan to run away from the evil witch. In the new Enchanted Forest at Europa-Park, the little visitors can follow the steps of their favourite tales while their parents are taken back to their childhood memories. The world of fairy-tales comes to life.

Just a few steps away from the gingerbread house, the guests can visit the castle of Sleeping Beauty. Enchanted rosebushes loop around and climb to the top of a picturesque tower. Blissfully, the beautiful princess slumbers in her silken bed and waits for the prince who will set her free from her 100-year sleep. A spindle and flax are lying at her feet. Pigeons are sitting on the roof, with their heads hidden under their wings. The whole castle, all the animals and all members of the court have fallen into a deep sleep. But the courageous prince is already clearing his way through the thorn hedges to save the lovely princess.

At the top of Sleeping Beauty´s castle and its swung arcades, the visitors of Germany’s biggest theme park have an overview of the lively village square. The Panorama Train also passes under the vault of the gracious castle and allows its guest to inhale the delicious smell of roses.

When the park’s visitors walk through the Enchanted Forest, which is situated between the English themed area and the Vienna Wave Swinger, they will not only find the castle and the witch´s cottage, but also the newly designed wagons of the children’s attraction Dwarf City, in which the little guests can go on a trip to the world of gemstones with the 7 dwarfs.

Alongside the big Europa-Park lake, the guests will find the idyllic Grimm Library with romantic half-timbered towers. In front of the library, a little fountain splatters with fresh water. Inside, the guests can watch the Grimm brothers at work during a fascinating show. In the vestibule, a magic mirror and talking furniture create numerous surprising effects. The 6-minute show which features latest animation technologies is an actual world novelty and lets up to 40 visitors be part of the interactive story. Here, everyone can once be a magician and protect the world from all evil. Holoport 3D visualizes characters and objects and makes them perceptible without 3D-glasses. The exciting mixture of reality and virtual world conveys a marvellous illusion of space and depth. This experience for the whole family takes the guests into the world of the Grimm brothers. All the fairy tales in the new themed area can be heard in German and French. The show is also be translated in English.

Adjacent to the nostalgic village square in front of the Grimm library with view over the magnificent lake, the House of Euromaus awaits the guests with an interactive fairy-tale gallery. Besides portraits of the famous Grimm tales characters, Cinderella’s slipper, Cudgel-out-of-the-Sack or Snow White´s bitten apple are part of the numerous exhibits. Here, speaking animals, witches and giants, good and bad come to life. In a play-corner, the children can discover the world of fairy-tales with interactive screens. On a giant sofa, they can also leaf for hours and hours through fairy-tale books.

Those who are hungry for candyfloss, gingerbread hearts or candy canes after these fantastic stories will find some sweet treats in the Land of Cockaigne. A big mill wheel quietly shovels sparkling water. Over the big entrance portal, a big cuckoo clock keeps guard and Grimm characters welcome all the nibblers.

Europa-Park´s new Enchanted Forest has been wonderfully integrated into the existing tree population and the architecture is perfectly adapted to the surroundings.

From the North, a big iron gate with swung ornaments shows the way to the Enchanted Forest. From the South, Mother Hulda welcomes the visitors. The magnificent setting of the new themed area delights and fulfils young and old alike and actually enchants the visitors with very detailed and playful elements – simply wonderful!