Theme Parks as driving force of international tourism:

Roland Mack meets European Commission at Europa-Park

The European Commission together with their president José Manuel Durão Barroso visit Europa-Park on July 5th 2011. On this occasion of a working dinner they informed themselves about the presentation of Europe at Europa-Park. Roland Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park and designated Chairman of IAAPA, had the opportunity to discuss current topics of the tourism and theme park industry with president Barroso and the commissioners.

During their visit the commission got an excellent detailed insight of the European concept and architecture of Europa-Park. Mr. Barroso acknowledged the quality in the park: “Dear family Mack, as a family business you have created something where people can experience the cultural diversity of Europe in a short time during the stay. The fact that you have chosen Europe as a theme for your park is very encouraging for us. Thank you very much for that.”

As designated chairman of IAAPA, Roland Mack used the visit to discuss current topics of the theme park industry with the president of the European commission Mr. Barroso. Especially the harmonization of safety standards for the theme park industry on international level and the problem of subsidies were discussed. Barroso and the European Commissioners were deeply impressed by the dynamic growth of the theme park industry and the impact theme parks gained in the field of international tourism and as driving force of regional developments.

The visit of the commission was concluded by a working dinner at the over 500 years old “Vogtshaus”, located in the German themed area of Europa-Park.

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