An impressive adventure made of wood plus sweet dreams in the lighthouse

Europa-Park 2012 – A gigantic Year!

Europa-Park is headed towards a gigantic 2012 summer season with the 35 meters tall lighthouse of the 4-star Superior hotel “Bell Rock” and the spectacular wooden rollercoaster “WODAN – Timburcoaster” located in the Iceland themed section. Germany’s biggest theme park invites guests to experience more than 100 attractions and international shows in 13 European themed areas spread out over 90 hectares from March 31 to November 4, 2012. With over six hours of shows on the program and five themed hotels, Europa-Park is a unique getaway destination located in the tri-border region of Germany, France and Switzerland with leisure fun for both children and adults.

Experience all of Europe!

Whether Iceland, Greece or Portugal – 13 different European themed areas spread out over 90 hectares give visitors a unique vacation flair with authentic architecture, gastronomy and vegetation. While Iceland invites guests to ride the new wooden rollercoaster, the watery family attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours” and the “blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM,“ Greece takes guests on a trip through ancient times with the “Poseidon” watercoaster. The “Silver Star” and “Eurosat” await all courageous roller coaster fanatics in France; right next door Switzerland’s “Matterhorn Blitz” sends guests flying through twists and turns. While some guests flash by the “World of Trolls” on the wild rapids of Scandinavia’s “Fjord Rafting” ride, the Russian themed area invites others to ride the “Euro Mir”, its speedy giant to the stars and the world’s tallest and fastest spinning coaster. The international Europa-Park artists captivate visitors’ hearts with their magic, dance and juggling shows. The Globe Theatre waits with a breath-taking new production and things are heating up in the new Ice Show, where the team will be making the audiences’ hearts melt with pirouettes, jumps and flips. The “Teatro dell’Arte” presents a comedy and dance show, a veritable firecracker of top artistic performances, and onlookers can watch spectacular stunts and daring maneuvers on horseback in the Spanish Arena. “Little ones” can look forward to the children’s musical or a special dose of suspense and action in the new 4D film “The Secret of Balthasar Castle,” which features the Euromaus and friends on the silver screen for the first time ever. More than 150,000 guests saw the film in the first few weeks following its premiere. In light of its great success and the high demand from park guests and fans, the Mack Media filmmakers have decided to produce a summer version of the film, which can be seen at Europa-Park exclusive starting with the 2012 season. 

New in 2012–The gigantic wooden-coaster “WODAN – Timburcoaster“: Spectacular, ultra-modern and still traditional: With its eleventh rollercoaster Europa-Park follows in the footsteps of the history of its parent company, Mack Rides in Waldkirch. Back in 1921 the family-owned Mack company built its first wooden rollercoaster. Now, nearly 100 years later another – albeit a very modernized version from a technical standpoint – wooden rollercoaster has become part of the park’s landscape. Europa-Park’s first wooden rollercoaster is 1,050 meters long, 40 meters high and reaches speeds over 100 km/h with a maximal acceleration force of 3.5 G! But there is something else that makes rollercoaster fans’ hearts beat faster: In addition to the high speed, dynamic changes in direction and multiple airtime phases, the new attraction offers another spectacular feature: “WODAN – Timburcoaster” is an integrated part of the park’s landscape and crosses the tracks of the “blue fire Megacoaster” catapult rollercoaster and the watercoaster rapids of “Atlantica SuperSplash” in the Iceland theme section. The emotional interaction with three of the main attractions at once guarantees an extra thrill! 

4D-Fun “The Secret of Balthasar Castle”:

When Euromaus and his friends appear on the big screen, the new summer version of the 4D-film promises a whole lot of fun and action for the whole family. More than 150.000 visitors saw this 4D-spectacle in the first week of Europa-Park’s winter season. Due to the big success and the fans’ requests, the creators of the film of Mack Media decided to produce a summer version which can be seen exclusively from the 2012 summer season.

Relaunch of the “GAZPROM theme world – the wonder of energy”:

Europa-Park’s premium partner GAZPROM used the winter break to redesign the interactive multimedia exhibition. A whole new and fascinating theme world was created together with the agency Triad. Two interactive games provide additional fun and education.

New in 2012 – Wonderful Nights in the Lighthouse: 

The red and white lighthouse, the most prominent feature of the new 4-star Superior hotel “Bell Rock”, proudly and charmingly directs travellers to the safe vacation harbor. Germany’s biggest theme park continues to grow as a getaway destination with the addition of the fifth adventure hotel. From summer 2012 onwards, visitors to the new hotel “Bell Rock” can follow the trail of the Pilgrim Fathers and discoverers who once sought new shores and crossed the Atlantic by ship on adventurous journeys to the New World. The journey’s destination: the cultural and historical cradle of the USA – New England. 

The three integrated restaurants offer a wide range of culinary delights for both hotel guests and visitors who only wish to immerse themselves in the New England atmosphere of discoverers for a short time: A high quality buffet restaurant with integrated show cooking section and open grills, a fine dining restaurant in the lighthouse with an open view of the kitchen and an à-la-carte restaurant ensure no wish goes unfulfilled. The VIP cellar below the restaurant area, the Havana Lounge and the Café Bar, as well as the outdoor patios, round off the diverse culinary selection offered at the “Bell Rock” hotel. 

The theme of the new adventure domicile can be clearly seen in the buildings featuring typical wooden construction with distinctively shaped roofs. This “New England style” invites visitors to sail over to early America with well-lit rooms, maritime accessories, high quality antiques and abundant handicrafts. While young guests at the hotel slumber in comfortable wooden boats in the family-friendly rooms, 35 suites with individual themes and six tower suites in the lighthouse  offer an extraordinary view. 

The other four themed Europa-Park Hotels offer guests sweet dreams in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Whether experiencing the Italian “Dolce Vita” in the 4-star Superior hotel “Colosseo”; a Portuguese monastery setting in the 4-star Superior hotel “Santa Isabel”; or Spain’s love of life in the 4-star hotels “El Andaluz” and “Castillo Alcazar”– Europa-Park Hotels have something for everyone. For all adventurous visitors the Camp Resort offers rustic accommodation for adventurous guests in authentic Indian tipis, thematic log cabins and covered wagons. 

Leisure fun and events for every season

For more than ten years Europa-Park has followed and expanded upon the concept of the seasons. While spring is the time for novelties, summer promises an adventurous cool down with numerous water attractions and summer highlights. Spooky creatures make their way to Europa-Park for Halloween. 160,000 pumpkins immerse the park in a radiant orange and numerous specials guarantee plenty of spookiness. After a short break thousands of Christmas trees, strings of lights, winter attractions and a fantastic show program guarantee delightful fun in a one-of-a-kind ambiance at Germany’s largest winter wonderland. 

Numerous special events offering something for everyone are on the program all year long. The highlights for partygoers include the “Midnight Opening” during the summer and the “SWR3 Halloween Party” on October 31. The “South African Festival” with select culinary delights guarantees a very special experience. Knowledge-thirsty children should make sure not to miss the “Science Days for Kids” on June 19-20 and the “Science Days” from October 11-13, 2012. The European festivals will transport guests to countries like Switzerland, Holland, Spain and Russia with folklore and delicious culinary treats from the theme country of each festival.