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Tradition meets modernity – gigantic wooden rollercoaster will rise at Europa-Park

A roll of thunder lies over Europa-Park. The new wooden rollercoaster will rise on the 90 hectares area of the park and extend the offer in a spectacular way! With its meanwhile 11th rollercoaster, Europa-Park follows the tracks of history: in 1921 the family business Mack already built its first wooden coaster. Now, almost 100 years later, a high-end wooden rollercoaster will be integrated in the park landscape.

With its huge speed of investments, the unchallenged leader in Germany is setting new benchmarks. Especially regarding the use of an ecological building material for its new wooden attraction, Europa-Park is definitely keeping up with the times.

The infamous Viking-Worrier Leif Erikson welcomes the guest and sends them down into the Nordic underworlds. They pass the goddess Hel and Mimir’s fountain and follow the path over the rainbow bridge, up to Asgard. Here, in Walhalla, where the brave, fallen Vikings reunite, the guests enter WODAN – Timburcoaster and begin their heart-pounding ride! 

In only 9 months, the first wooden coaster will rise at Europa-Park - 1050 metres long, 40 metres high with a speed over 100 km/h and a maximal vertical acceleration up to 3.5 G! This new attraction, which’s name is still a well-kept mystery for the moment, will be built in the Icelandic themed area. Besides the high speed, racy bends and numerous airtime phases which will make all rollercoaster fans’ hearts beat faster, the attraction offers another spectacular feature: the new rollercoaster will integrate itself in the current rollercoaster landscape, and, moreover, cross the tracks of two other attractions. This emotional interaction of three top-attractions guarantees some extra thrill! The planned minimal height of 1.20 metres and an minimum age of 6 years is in perfect accordance with Europa-Park’s family-friendly philosophy. 

The new attraction will be constructed by the company “Great Coasters International, Inc.” from Pennsylvania, USA, which is considered as the worldwide leading constructor of wooden rollercoasters. Europa-Park’s meanwhile 11th rollercoaster will rise on an area of 1.6 hectares. Up to 40 carpenters, including numerous German colleagues besides the experts from the USA, will take part in the construction process.

So far, the world’s biggest seasonal amusement park did not feature a wooden rollercoaster in its portfolio. The choice of wood is subject to rigorous criteria: the wood will principally originate from German forests. Furthermore, internationally recognized certificates will justify the origin of this perfectly ecological material from sustainable forestry. On top of that, the construction of the new rollercoaster will create around 20 new and modern long-term jobs.