Germany’s largest Halloween spectacle:

Pumpkiny, Creepy Fun for the Whole Family

Pumpkin oranges and apple greens lighten up Europa-Park in the colors of fall. From September 29th to November 4th, the season of fangs will take over in Germany’s biggest theme park. Europa-Park will be transformed into a spectacular autumn landscape in which freaky ghosts find a spooky home among thousands of pumpkins, apples, cornstalks, skeletons, Chrysanthemums and bales of straw. But that’s only the beginning: Shows, parades, food, hotels, and attractions will all have a seasonal flair and will astonish visitors with exceptional surprises. Above and beyond this, the ”Horror Nights starring Marc Terenzi” will dazzle attendants with a special experience for really hard-bitten horror fans from September 28th to November 3rd, that puts shivers down their spines.

For over ten years, Germany’s largest amusement park has been celebrating a spectacular festival of creepiness: An orange-lucent rug made of over 160,000 pumpkins in all shapes and shades will cover the park landscape. More than 100,000 fall plants – of which 15,000 are Chrysanthemums – 3,000 bales of straw, 6,000 corn plants, spider trees, rickety skeletons and lurid illuminations establish bright, autumnal accents.

In the Enchanted Forest, hundreds of pumpkin-gnomes will be waiting to be discovered by the visitors. “Wild Pumpkin Animals” will spend Halloween romping around the Colonial House. Elephants, lions, antelopes and many other wild animals can be viewed this year at the pumpkin exhibition. Aside from pumpkins, hardly any other member of the fruit family represents the coming of fall more than the apple. For the second time ever, this year will feature a gigantic artwork consisting of the forbidden fruit. Over 20,000 red and green apples will create a huge puzzle of fruit over a span of 80 square meters. 

Halloween Highlights

The most elaborate Halloween display of decorations in Germany sets the perfect scene for autumn show highlights. Little adventurers can experience their first ever spook at the Halloween show “The Euromaus and the Mummy.” The ice show “Surpr`Ice in the Haunted Castle” will feature ghosts and demons that will bewitch visitors with elegant moves on sharp skate blades. During the varieté show “Devilocity II” at the Teatro dell‘Arte, Europa-Park actors will delight one and all with first-class artistry and ceremonious dancing. Monsters, zombies and all sorts of nightly creatures will haunt a chill into the bones of those in attendance during the Happy Halloween Parade.

The biggest pumpkin in the world invites all adventurers on a fast-paced journey on the Pumpkin Coaster. Right next door, visitors can immerse themselves in the 4D movie “The Secret of Balthasar Castle” with the Euromouse and his friends or the “Haunted House” at the Magic Cinema 4D. With sparkles, spooky music and mist, the driving coffee cups in the Dutch area are transformed into “Griezelkopjes” (horror cups) while “The Flying Dutchman” and the “Feria Swing” offer quite an amazing riding experience – namely backwards! In the Halloween Village in front of the Historama, park visitors can be turned into scary zombies and witches thanks to special Halloween barbers and make-up artists.

Fall culinary delights are also aplenty throughout Europa-Park and the Hotel Resort. Delicious Halloween specialties include such delights as blood red Dracu prosecco, baked Halloween goods, the “Vampire's Dog” with spicy pumpkin-chili relish, and Halloween wraps with pumpkin strips and mango chutney. In addition, fine pumpkin creations await the visitors at the FoodLoop loop-restaurant, the Balthasar Castle restaurant, and the Lake and Fjord restaurant. The delicious Halloween pizza at the Pizzeria Venezia will even have zombies and demons licking their chops.

While ghosts, witches and goblins head back into their catacombs and dark tombs after a long day of haunting, comfortable beds will play host to guests at the Hotel Resort. But be careful: Those guests who have booked the specially decorated Halloween room at the 4-star Superior Hotel "Colosseo" may also need some pretty steady nerves if they actually plan on getting any shuteye …

New in 2012: "The Villa"

A large haunted house welcomes Europa-Park visitors this year. "The Villa" holds a dark secret: During the daytime, live actors ensure that park visitors get more than their fair share of tingly goose bumps in this Victorian establishment while nighttime visitors are subjected to a more shocking version for bloodcurdling horror at the "Horror Nights starring Marc Terenzi”.

Halloween Festival

Festival Week, taking place from October 27th to November 4th, provides a ghoulish conclusion to the Halloween period at Germany’s largest theme park. Goblins and demons will zip through the eerie park landscape and every evening, the Evening Parade of Ghosts will blaze its way slowly through the twilight. At the middle ages-style spook market in the historical Balthasar Castle park, roughly 20 different handicraft guilds and travelling artists will place their abilities on display and take the visitors on a trip into the lively market bustle of the middle ages.

A musical treat awaits the visitors across the festival grounds. This is where popular Swiss singer DJ BoBo will wrap up his “Dancing Las Vegas” tour. In 2011, the world premier of this current tour took place in Europa-Park. On ten successive evenings, he will now be presenting the Best of “Dancing Halloween”. The roughly 40-minutes long show is free of charge for Europa-Park visitors and a brilliant conclusion to the day with a goose bump guarantee! On October 26th, Europa-Park visitors will have the opportunity to see the general rehearsal of "Dancing Halloween". During the Halloween Festival week from October 27th to November 4th, Europa-Park will offer its guests a special evening ticket for the price of 17.50 Euros, which grants entry to the park from 4 pm.

“Horror Nights starring Marc Terenzi”

The horror shocker “Horror Nights starring Marc Terenzi” will delight spectators with a new dimension of fright. From September 28th to November 3rd, every Friday and Saturday, as well as on October 2nd and 21st and then daily during Festival Week from October 27th to November 4th, snarly zombies will fumble their way through the dusk. Fearless visitors will be delving into their own horror film, surrounded by monsters and zombies. For more information visit: www.horror-nights.de

SWR3 Halloween Party

Germany’s biggest radio station SWR3 is celebrating Germany’s largest Halloween party featuring a huge costume contest and fireworks on October 31st right in Europa-Park. To ensure just the right party ambiance, no less than DJ BoBo, Loona, Jürgen Drews and newcomer Joelina will be performing. Dance-loving fans of creepiness will get their kicks with the SWR3 DJs while high speed fans go for a spin on the roller coasters.


  • [Translate to English:] Gruselspaß in der Holzachterbahn „WODAN – Timburcoaster“

  • Marc Terenzi (3. v.l.), Michael Mack (2. v.r.) und John Ruisch (rechts) mit Horror Nights Darstellern in „Take Away“