IAAPA Chairman of the Board visits Europa-Park

Cesar Mario O. Mamon, Chairman of the Board of the International Associations of Amusement parks and Attractions visited Europa-Park last week to attend the official opening ceremony of Arthur – In the Minimoys Kingdom. Along with 170 international journalists, Mamon enjoyed the gigantic and most intricate indoor attraction in the history of Germany’s largest theme park. Mamon was impressed by the attention to detail in the theming of the ride and the innovative ride system by Mack Rides.


Europa-Park owner Roland Mack, who was the first ever German Chairman of the Board of IAAPA in 2012, also invited his guest Mario Mamon to participate in the traditional tapping of the first barrel at Europa-Park’s Oktoberfest. This tradition is the official opening of the event.  

  • Three Chairmen of the Board at the Europa-Park Oktoberfest: Roland Mack, Chip Cleary and Cesar O. Mario Mamon (from left)

  • Roland Mack, Mario Mamon and Jürgen Mack

  • Thomas Mack and Mario Mamon tapping the first barrel