A sea of a thousand lights

Wonderful Winter Opening at Europa-Park

For the 18th time, Germany's largest theme park opens its doors for the colder of the seasons. From 24th November 2018 to 6th January 2019 (excl. 24th/25th December) and on 12th and 13th January 2019, visitors to Europa-Park can look forward to a festively decorated winter wonderland: 3,000 snow-covered Christmas trees, 10,000 Christmas tree baubles and thousands of lights will illuminate faces of all ages. Even from a distance, the colourful Ferris wheel ‘Bellevue’ will draw visitors in. In addition, a fascinating show programme, atmospheric Christmas markets and plenty of breath-taking highlights guarantee unforgettable moments. Even in winter, thrilling rides* and exciting adventures await the whole family in 15 European themed areas. After a unique day of fun, guests can relax in the comfortable Europa-Park hotels or the rustic Camp Resort and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Oh beautiful Christmas time

Charmingly decorated and artfully illuminated, the best theme park in the world, with its 15 European themed areas, is a very special experience during the winter season. Here, visitors of all ages not only enjoy a splendid, Christmas-like atmosphere, but also various attractions. Do not miss out on a trip to the recently opened ‘Eurosat - CanCan Coaster’ and ‘Eurosat Coastiality’ in the newly designed French themed area. Right next door is ‘Madame Freudenreich Curiosités’, a wonderful dino-journey for the whole family. In the Magic Cinema 4D, the new 12-minute movie highlight ‘Chaos in Wonderland 4D' by Mack Animation captivates: A magical artifact from the 'Adventure Club of Europe' (ACE) that brings objects to life, and the careless behavior of Ed Euromaus, makes for a for a bustling night in Europa-Park. It begins a wild chase with Ed and Edda - with the help of the grandfather who has come to life - who must avoid many dangers and obstacles to save Germany's largest theme park from ruin. A special highlight for the cold season is a flight with the ‘Voletarium’ in the German Alley. Europe's largest flying theater takes passengers on a breath-taking journey and brings them to the most beautiful sights on the continent. On ‘Alpenexpress Coastiality’ in the Austrian themed area there will be a new VR adventure for the winter: Together with Baby Otti and other characters of the hilarious Otti world of the famous comedian and artist Otto Waalkes, guests can embark on a wild ride through East Frisia. Just a stone’s throw away, in the Spanish Arena, awaits the fantastic exhibition ‘RULANTICA made of ICE - Snorri's Sparkling Water World’ with up to five-metre-high ice sculptures during the Christmas season. Colourful figures based on the lively sea creature and his friends can also be discovered this year at the Chinese Festival of Lights in front of the historic Balthasar Castle. In the Dutch themed area, the youngest visitors can look forward to mega-fun in the JUNIOR CLUB indoor game world, with a large ball pool, a giant slide, a cosy sitting and resting area with hilarious JUNIOR CLUB videos by Benedikt Weber and much more. The Pearly Gates post office, as well as the office of Santa Claus, can also be found here this year. Under the motto 'The Great Nativity Scene of Provence', the stave church in the Scandinavian theme area features a very special crib exhibition of almost 30 square metres. Over 100 nativity scenes, some that move and perform typical actions, give the exhibition an unmistakable sense of dynamism. As night falls, the 55-metre-high Ferris wheel ‘Bellevue’ in the Portuguese themed area offers a wonderful view.

Rizzi's Winterworld at Europa-Park

Once again, the largest theme park in Germany presents the legendary works of James Rizzi during the winter opening. In the new ‘Treasury’ in the German Alley of Europa-Park, visitors can discover more than 60 pictures and numerous wooden toys of the American Pop Art artist - including many unique items that have never been seen in public. James Rizzi is considered one of the most influential artists in US post-war history. He loves amusement parks and, through his work, expresses joy, love of life, fun in entertainment and peaceful crowds in the metropolis of New York.

Spectacular Shows und Events

With around 400 international artists, top-class shows are always guaranteed at Germany's largest theme park. Be taken to a colourful world at the Greek themed area with the ‘Circus Revue’. In the heated tent, great artists, clumsy clowns and the elegant Europa-Park show ballet amaze visitors. Likewise, the children's musical ‘The Great Gift’ in the Globe Theatre will light up the eyes of every child. The thrilling ice show ‘Surpr'Ice with the Son of Santa Claus’ should not be missed by visitors of any age. In addition, the French themed area boasts the impressive new multimedia show ‘Miraculeux’ on the facade of ‘Eurosat - CanCan Coaster’, every 30 minutes starting at 5pm. A daily highlight is also the grandiose ‘Ed and Edda’s Winter Starlight Parade’ with a stop at the 18-metre-high Christmas tree on the Luxemburger Square.

First-class artists paired with culinary delights give visitors an unforgettable experience at the ‘Europa-Park Dinner Show’. From 23rd November 2018 to 9th February 2019, the show at the Europa-Park Teatro will last over three and a half hours, taking the audience to the sparkling Paris of the early 20th century. In addition to artistic masterpieces, live music and comedy, an exquisite 4-course menu by 2* Michelin chef Peter Hagen-Wiest is an unforgettable evening programme. In addition, on 20th January 2019, an exclusive matinée will take place for the first time at lunchtime.

The ‘ERDINGER Urweisse Hütt'n’ invites visitors in during the winter opening, on selected dates, for a special social gathering. A wintry 3-course menu with cheese fondue or braised beef topping as well as traditional live music guarantee not only a rustic evening, but also the best of moods. Cool beats and party raves as well as hearty delicacies and the Hütt'n atmosphere await guests at the après ski party on selected dates in November.

If guests want to experience a breath-taking start to the year 2019, then the great New Year's Eve party in Germany's largest theme park is the perfect thing. Located in the Europa-Park Dome, relaxed lounge music kicks off the new year, before hip DJs lure guests onto the dance floor with a mix of hits from pop to Future House. Karaoke fans are invited into a dream party to breathe in the stage air. At various bar and cocktail stands, alongside rich snack offerings, partygoers can keep themselves going all night long night. Just in time for midnight, glasses clink and a huge fireworks display make Europa-Park and its skyline shine.

With an exclusive world premiere of his new show ‘KaleidoLuna’, DJ BoBo thrills the guests from 11th to 13th January at the Europa-Park Arena. As part of the concerts, Germany’s largest theme park once again opens its gates after the winter season 2018/19 on 12th and 13th January 2019 for more than just concert goers, but also so visitors young and old can spend two more days experiencing the magical winter opening.

Romantic Christmas markets & culinary highlights

There are plenty of things to discover at the old-fashioned Christmas market surrounding the Bavarian beer garden: old professions such as the bookbinder, the goldsmith or the crib-maker are presented in numerous tents. In addition, a fortune teller, a clay farmer and a stonemason await visitors. At nightfall, torches and fireplaces create an atmospheric setting.

Many specialties and delicacies delight in the Deutsche Alley. The cosy Christmas market offers a colourful mix of well-known and new winter delicacies from the region, as well as the entire European continent. There are, among other things, sausage and cheese specialties, fine chocolates, and spirits. In the Backhaus, oven-fresh ‘Dresdener hand bread’ is made.

In addition, there are all sorts of winter treats such as ‘Eiszauber’ mulled wine and fruit punch or stews and grilled specialties in the many bistros, cafes, snack bars and restaurants throughout Europa-Park. In the ‘Spices - Cuisines of the World’ restaurant, for the first time, the ‘Asian Weeks’ draw visitors in for the cold season.

Full pampering programme

Wonderful winter magic can also be experienced by the guests of the Europa-Park hotels. All five park-owned adventure hotels are festively decorated and offer fantastic overnight accommodation. In a festive atmosphere, guests can relax and unwind in the generous wellness and spa areas. The hotel resort also has a lot to offer in culinary terms: an evening in the 2* Michelin ‘Ammolite - The Lighthouse Restaurant’ will be remembered for a long time.

The Europa-Park Camp Resort is quaint and cosy during the cold season. Here, on selected dates, adventurous guests can spend the night in heated log cabin rooms and covered wagons, enjoying pure winter romance.