Oases for Body & Mind

Feel Good Weeks in the Europa-Park Hotels

When Europa-Park says goodbye to its winter hibernation on 7th January 2019, the park's 4* (superior) themed hotels will blossom once again. The selected programme of the Feel Good Weeks promises a mixture of entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation. Hotel and day guests can look forward to a unique oasis of peace and quiet in the Europa-Park Hotel Resort, certified with five Wellness Stars.

Enchanting Accommodation Packages

The hotel ‘Colosseo’ promises ‘Sunday happiness’ with the extensive ‘Colossal Sunday Brunch’, a pampering back massage, the all-day use of the pool and sauna area and a wonderful overnight stay. The girlfriend or friend special in the 4* superior hotels ‘Colosseo’ and ‘Bell Rock’ wins women's hearts. For a one-time price, up to four friends can share a hotel room and become very pampered. A dynamic and healthy start awaits participants of the three-day cleansing detoxification program ‘Fit in Spring’ by Monica Ivancan. Together with Jamie Miller, she offers a varied sports and recreational program.

Thrice Wellness & Spa

Relaxation is offered in the wellness & spa areas of the 4* superior hotels ‘Santa Isabel’, ‘Bell Rock’ and ‘Colosseo’. Feel imperial like Caesar and beautiful as Cleopatra in the wellness & spa area of the ‘Colosseo’ themed hotel.

The various offers in the wellness & spa areas ‘Bell Rock’, ‘Colosseo’ and ‘Santa Isabel’ allow guests to completely relax and unwind.

Deep relaxation in a class of its own is offered in the ‘Hamam Classic’ program with a gentle glove peeling with olive soap on warm marble stones in the ‘Santa Isabel’. Additional warming, relaxing and cosy moments promise the winter cuddly days from Monday to Thursday (without overnight stay). With a generous gourmet breakfast, relaxing back massage and gentle body cream pack, guests can expect pure relaxation.

Culinary Delights

In addition to the highlight ‘Big Bottled’ - featuring grandiose wine bottles of up to 15 litres - the kitchen party in the hotel ‘El Andaluz’ serves the diverse Iberian-Mediterranean cuisine. At this event, lovers of the delicacies with a southern flair are in good hands.

Vincenzo De Biase, Europa-Park Sommelier, invites guests to wine tours throughout Italy and Spain under the motto ‘Sommelier of Passion’. Passionate wine drinkers can enjoy various fine wines and exclusive 4-course meals throughout the evening.

‘Tuscany as a guest in Rust’ is to be recommended to lovers and friends of Tuscan wines. In the restaurant ‘Cesare’ and ‘Medici’, the Frescobaldi family provides valuable information about the noble wines to all interested parties.

Beer pleasure at its best, presented by beer sommelier and hop farmer Andreas Dick. Beer tasting promises masterpieces made from hops and malt with Bitburger Premium and four beer specialties from the Bitburger Brewery Group.

ERDINGER FOODpairing also offers its guests a 4-course menu of contrasting and matching wheat beer specialties. The Cocktail Course at ‘Bar Colosseo’ makes it possible to experience what being a bartender is like and to learn the colourful art of blending. Experts teach guests helpful tricks and work together to find the perfect mix of theory and practice for the optimal preparation of a cocktail.

Stylishly knowledge is being taught at our Knigge event. The popular and fun training event in cooperation with the friendly trainer Betül Hanisch from ‘Fast Perfect’ includes a 4-course menu with wine accompaniment.

Professional master chefs provide great insights behind the scenes and teach the differences between different quality levels and meat preparation options in the steak cooking class. In another cooking class on the topic ‘asparagus’, the guests will learn what alternatives there are for ham. Finally, delicious graved salmon is homemade.

The tapas evenings at the hotel ‘El Andaluz’ provide more than just a taste of Spanish zest for life, with fiery music and modern Spanish finger food, guests can experience an evening full of pleasure.

The fondue evenings in the restaurant ‘Sala Santa Isabel’ are perfect for all fondue lovers. Starting with Chinese fondue, followed by a meat fondue, to a seductive chocolate fondue, the 3-course fondue menu offers everything your heart desires.

Authentic Wild West atmosphere is on offer at the ‘Silver Lake Saloon’ of the Camp Resort. The Country Brunch reinvigorates all cowboys and cowgirls, big and small, every Sunday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Wild West invites you to enjoy country music, lasso shows and delicious spare ribs.

Dates Hotel ‘Colosseo’:

Wine Tour - ‘Tuscany visiting Rust’: Saturday, 19.01.2019

Wine Tour - ‘Wine & Italy’: Saturday, 23.03.2019

Beer Tasting: Friday 08.03.2019 Saturday, 09.03.2019

Cocktail course: Sunday, 20.01.2019; Sunday, 27.01.2019; Sunday, 03.02.2019; Sunday, 10.02.2019; Sunday, 17.02.2019; Sunday, 03.03.2019; Sunday, 17.03.2019; Sunday, 31.03.2019

Knigge event: Friday 22.03.2019

Colossal Sunday Brunch: Every Sunday from 11am to 2pm

Culinary adventure trip: Every Friday and Saturday from 6pm

Dates Hotel ‘Bell Rock’:

‘Fit in Spring’ with Monica Ivancan: from 31.03. until 03.04.2019

Gourmet lunch buffet: Every Sunday from 11.30am until 2pm

Steak Cooking Course: Saturday, 19.01.2019

Asparagus Cooking Course: Saturday, 30.03.2019

Dates Hotel ‘El Andaluz’:

Wine Tour - Wine and Spain: Friday, 05.04.2019

Tapas Evening: Saturday, 19.01.2019; Sunday, 20.01.2019; Thursday, 24.01.2019; Sunday, 27.01.2019; Saturday, 02.02.2019; Sunday, 03.02.2019; Sunday, 10.02.2019; Saturday, 16.02.2019; Sunday, 17.02.2019; Saturday, 23.02.2019; Sunday, 24.02.2019; Saturday, 16.03.2019; Sunday, 17.03.2019; Saturday, 30.03.2019; Sunday, 31.03.2019

Dates Hotel ‘Santa Isabel’:

Fondue evening: Saturday, 19.01.2019; Friday, 01.02.2019; Saturday, 02.02.2019; Friday, 08.02.2019; Saturday, 09.02.2019; Saturday, 16.02.2019; Friday, 22.02.2019; Saturday, 23.02.2019; Friday, 08.03.2019; Saturday, 09.03.2019; Friday, 15.03.2019; Saturday, 16.03.2019

Dates ‘Silver Lake Saloon’:

Spare ribs full: Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30pm

Country Brunch: Every Sunday from 11am

Further information and appointments to the feel-good weeks in the Europa-Park hotels www.europapark.de/wohlfuehlwochen