Michael Kreft von Byern has been appointed Director of the new water world ‘Rulantica’

At the gates of the most popular theme park in Germany, work on ‘Rulantica’, the new water world of Europa-Park, is in full swing. The opening of the resort extension with 25 exciting water attractions is scheduled for end of 2019. Michael Kreft von Byern, Representative of the Executive Board, has been appointed Director for Rulantica with immediate effect. Kreft von Byern has already been instrumental in working on the development during its planning phase, as well as initiating the exemplary civic involvement. In addition, he has analysed numerous water parks around the world and advises the owner family Mack on important decisions, with many ideas thus bearing his signature.

Michael Kreft von Byern has been working in various management positions at Europa-Park for more than 30 years.

  • Michael Kreft von Byern

  • Bird’s-eye view of ’Rulantica - the new water world of Europa-Park'