Fear, Shakes und Grisliness

Spooky Halloween Fun at Europa-Park

From 28th September to 3rd November 2019, horror fans will get their money´s worth as Germany´s largest theme park becomes haunted once again. Clacking skeletons, sinister figures and demonic ghosts of the night roam among the impressive autumn scenery will fascinate visitors young and old. The attractions, the parade, the show programme and the gastronomy are also adapting to the scary-yet-beautiful season. Particularly fearless visitors over the age of 16 can enter a world after the apocalypse when visiting the 'Horror Nights − Traumatica' from 25th September to 2nd November.

The terrifying time of vampires and ghouls doesn´t stop at Europa-Park. Over 180,000 pumpkins in different shades of orange, as well as 15,000 chrysanthemums, 6,000 corn plants and 3,000 bales of straw transform the 15 European themed areas into an eerily beautiful setting. The mood gets even more frightening with thick cobwebs, scary witches and ghastly ghouls.

Halloween Specials

In addition to the gruesome decorations, there are numerous other highlights and truly terrible horror experiences at Europa-Park. The little ones can look forward to the 'Spooky Kids Village' in the Swiss themed area: Colourful make-up and plastic spiders transform the children into little vampires, witches and sinister pirates. In the children´s scary labyrinth 'Spooky Steps', little ghosts and cheeky grinning pumpkins await mini horror fans. The 'Koffiekopjes' in Holland become the 'Griezelkopjes' with fog, lightning and spooky music. The ghosts don´t disappear once visitors reach the English themed area either: In 'Bloody Mary´s Mansion', live performers provide real moments of terror during the day for everyone over the age of 10 years. For enthusiastic Halloween fans, the ice show 'Celtic Shadows' in the Greek themed area is just the thing. Thirsty vampires and dancing skeletons create a gloomy mood. Moreover, the new show 'The Ghost Fair' on the Italian open-air stage entices and in 'Grimm´s Enchanted Forest' invites adults and children alike to go on a search for the pumpkin pixies. During the daily 'Halloween Parade' at 5.30pm, sinister figures fill the streets and squares of Europa-Park. Those who do not pay attention may find themselves frightened to the bones. At the end of the parade on the Luxembourg Square, the song 'Tonite it´s Halloween' produced by MackMusic conjures up dark forces and ghosts from the underworld.

Horror Nights – Traumatica

In a post-apocalyptic world, gruesome creatures reign supreme and spread fear and horror at 'Horror Nights − Traumatica', the multi-award-winning horror event at Europa-Park. Five rival groups are fighting for power − and the visitor is in the thick of it. Which group will they choose? Who will help to get out of the danger zone unscathed? Everyone has to make their choice and live with the decision or die. The Fallen, The Pack, Ghouls, Resistance and Shadows are ready for the showdown.

In addition to the five horror houses, 'The Traumatica Show' can be experienced in the ice stadium. 'Pegasus − The Night Coaster', 'Matterhorn Blitz', 'Atlantis Adventure' as well as the illusory journey 'Cassandra´s Curse' are also open to event guests. For those who still crave cool beats and delicious drinks after the spooky action, the 'Vampire´s Club' is the perfect location, opening on selected days at 11pm.

Horror Nights − Traumatica always takes place on Fridays and Saturdays from 27th September to 2nd November 2019 as well as 25th September, 2nd, 3rd, 13th and 20th October and daily from 24th October to 2nd November 2019, excl. 28th and 29th October. The preview is on 25th September. Tickets are only available in advance. All admission fees at www.traumatica.com. Admission is from 6.45pm, starting at 7.30pm. 'The Traumatica Show' takes place in the ice stadium at 9pm and 10.30pm. The Vampire´s Club is always open on Fridays, Saturdays and on 31st October.

Access is allowed from the age of 16. Visitors under the age of 16, even accompanied by a legal guardian, will not be admitted to the event.

SWR3 Halloween-Party

Night ghosts and vampires beware: On 31st October, Germany´s biggest Halloween party at Europa-Park will rise once again. From 10pm to 2am, various SWR3 DJs get the hearts racing of everyone that loves to dance at various locations across Europa-Park. Music from hit to rock makes for exuberant party mood. For adrenaline fans, selected rides are open longer this evening.

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  • Vampires make for a spooky atmosphere

  • "Horror Nights - Traumatica" spread fear and terror