Large Family Ride under the Scandinavian Themed Area

On to Rulantica with Snorri Touren

Deep under the earth, large secret worlds lure in visitors. Explorers entering through the small, inconspicuous door in the Scandinavian themed area will be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the lovingly-themed dark ride. With the sophisticated family attraction, Europa-Park came up with a very special surprise. It is only one week until the opening of the new indoor water world Rulantica. However, the cheeky octopus Snorri is already inviting visitors on an extraordinary expedition to the mystical island. In order to achieve that, the Scandinavian themed area has been tunnelled under and a wealth of fascinating experiences surrounding the legendary island of Rulantica have been created in this exceptional place. The new multimedia themed ride for the whole family embarks on an exciting journey through seven landscapes.

In comfortable dinghies, the lovable six-armed octopus Snorri takes all visitors, big and small, on the magical journey, deeper and deeper into the heart of the legendary island. There is a shipwreck in the distance, a happy mermaid swims past very close and around the next corner, playful trolls are giggling away. Snorri Touren offers so much to discover, that one ride is nowhere near enough to see the enchanting Trølldal, the many colourful corals, and graceful seapeople. But beware! The sea serpent Svalgur also lives down here. Adventurers have to be careful.

The new ride Snorri Touren in the Scandinavian themed area brings visitors comfortably to the legendary island of Rulantica. Up to six people can go on a fantastic tour of discovery in small inflatable boats, which Snorri has patched up for his passengers. In the huge vault deep under the Scandinavian Village, seven settings of the island of Rulantica are awaiting adventurers of all ages. Thanks to the magical abilities of the lively octopus, guests end up in the middle of a green oasis. Suddenly, the stones on the side of the road start to sing funny songs − these are the trolls of Trølldal! They celebrate with a big party while Snorri plays on the drums. There´s more to see: in Lumåfals, the grotto of the mermaids, colourful corals shine brightly, and the venerable town of Ragnakor will also be part of the ride. But dangers also lurk on the way: those who fall for the sirens never return from their journey to Rulantica. In addition, visitors should be especially aware of the sea serpent Svalgur!

Snorri Touren is the perfect introduction to the new water world Rulantica, which opens at the gates of Europa-Park in a few days. The multimedia theme ride from Mack Rides offers fun for the whole family and, at the same time, gives Snorri a home in Germany´s largest theme park.