Fact Sheet

Snorri Touren


Opening: Winter 2019

Type:  Multimedia theme ride, dark ride, family attraction

Ride duration: 4:30 minutes

Total area: 500sqm

Theming: Nordic

Themed world: Vinterhal, Trølldal, Rangnakor, Vildstrøm, Skip Strand, Skog Lagoon, Lumåfals 

Age limit: up to 8 years and 130 cm with accompaniment

(not yet confirmed by the TÜV)

Number of vehicles: 11 inflatable boats

People per vehicle: 4-6

Total capacity: 600 persons/h

Track length: 105m

Max. speed: 0.5m/second

Special features: 17 screens and projections with content by Mack Animation, 20 animatronics, of which 6x Snorri

Manufacturer: MACK Rides GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkirch