Glistening Sea of Lights

Winter Magic at Germany´s Largest Theme Park

For the 19th time, Europa-Park opens its doors during the cold season and welcomes visitors from 23rd November 2019 until 6th January 2020 (except 24/25th December 2019) as well as on 11th and 12th January, dressed in winter magic. Thousands of lights and baubles and countless snow covered pine trees give the 15 European themed areas of Germany’s largest theme park a festive shine. Even in the winter season, young and old can look forward to many rollercoasters and other attractions.* Even before the opening of the new indoor water world Rulantica on 28th November 2019, visitors are invited to embark on the new multimedia dark ride Snorri Touren, a journey to the mystical island. In addition, a wintry show programme and culinary offers ensure a smile on every face. From the end of November 2019, it is not just families that can go on an exciting journey of discovery in the new indoor water world Rulantica. Guests can end the day in a relaxed atmosphere and spend a wonderful night in one of the six park-owned themed hotels.

Exciting highlights for all ages

Germany´s largest theme park gleams, magically decorated, from 23rd November in a Christmas dressing. Sparkling lights, shiny Christmas tree baubles and snow-covered trees radiate pure winter romance. The colourful Ferris wheel 'Bellevue' in the Portuguese themed area, which offers a wonderful view over the Europa-Park from a height of 55 meters, contributes to an atmospheric ambience. In Spain, artfully designed ice sculptures enchant. Under the motto ‘Batavia Made of Ice - The Return of the Pirates’, the glittering ‘MAGIC ICE’ exhibition provides exciting glimpses into the redesign of the popular family attraction ‘Pirates in Batavia’, which reopens in 2020. After the visit, adults can warm themselves up next door in the ice bar 'Glaciar' with a fragrant mulled wine, while the children make their way round the large ice rink on the lake in Scandinavia. In addition, the little ones can try out cross-country skiing or whiz round the curves of the mini-ski bob. In Austria, there is a huge snow slope waiting for little adventurers, who can slide down on tires or skis. Since July, the JUNIOR CLUB has its own home in the heart of Germany´s largest theme park. In the colourful JUNIOR CLUB Studios in the Dutch themed area, members can use their ID cards to discover various interactions and diligently collect stars. Several times a day the popular Europa-Park mascots Ed Euromaus, Edda Euromausi, Louis, Böckli and Olli Eurofant can be found here. A special highlight is the interactive show 'JUNIOR CLUB Live! Flap and Action'. The colourful motifs of the Chinese Festival of Lights illuminate impressively in front of the historic Balthasar Palace at dusk.

Rollercoaster fun and much more

Whether it´s a rapid ride on the catapult rollercoaster 'blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM', the wooden rollercoaster 'Wodan − Timburcoaster' or the steel rollercoaster 'Silver Star' − even during the winter season visitors to Europa-Park can experience a frenzy of speed.* On 'Eurosat Coastiality’ and 'Alpenexpress Coastiality’, visitors go on a journey to another reality. Passengers are taken on an exciting virtual reality adventure. A flight with the 'Voletarium' is recommended, and not just in the cold season. Europe´s largest flying theatre takes guests on a breathtaking journey to the most beautiful sights on the European continent. Starting this winter season is the multimedia theme trip ‘Snorri Tours’. Deep underground in the Scandinavian themed area, mysterious worlds lure visitors. The whole family can travel in comfortable inflatable boats alongside the lovable six-armed octopus Snorri on an exciting expedition to the mystical island of Rulantica.

Fantastic Shows and Events

With around 300 international artists, top-class show formats are guaranteed in Germany´s largest theme park. Visitors can look forward to an extraordinary programme again this winter: The Circus Revue in the Greek themed area impresses with a new format, with many different artists both on the ground and in the air. The lavish stage design, beautiful costumes and the first-class live band take visitors back to the time of the first big traveling theatres and fairs. In the ice stadium next door is the ice show 'Surpr´Ice with the Son of Santa Claus'. To unlock the mystery of the Christmas magic, Santa´s son tries to steal the magical book from the golden vault. In addition, the 'Winter Starlight Parade' with its lavishly designed carriages and bright costumes is one of the daily highlights in Europa-Park.

Apart from that, numerous overwhelming evening events take place in Germany´s largest theme park. The exclusive Europa-Park Dinner Show welcomes its guests this year in the New York of the wild 70s. In the city that never sleeps, legendary clubs and studios, vibrant nightlife and terrific entertainment come alive again from 15th November 2019 until 2nd February 2020. On top of an electrifying atmosphere, a fast-paced stage show and fantastic costumes, cult disco hits and rousing dance performances will delight visitors, while 2* Michelin chef Peter Hagen-Wiest spoils his guests´ palates with a four-course meal created exclusively for the dinner show.

The 'ERDINGER Urweisse Hütt´n' invites visitors to social gatherings on selected dates in November and December. A wintery 3-course menu with cheese fondue or braised beef roulade as well as hearty music not only guarantee a rustic evening, but also the best atmosphere. Partygoers should make sure not miss the unique New Year´s Eve events of Europa-Park, where they can expect a thrilling atmosphere, beautiful locations, culinary delights and opulent fireworks as a radiant climax.

Romantic Christmas Markets and Culinary Experiences

There are many things to discover at the old-fashioned Christmas market around the Bavarian Beer Garden: old crafts such as the bookbinder, the goldsmith or the crib-maker are presented in numerous tents. In addition, a glassblower, a clay farmer and a stonemason await visitors. At nightfall, torches and fireplaces create an atmospheric setting.

Many specialties and delicacies delight all visitors to the German Alley. The cosy Christmas market offers a colourful mix of well-known and new winter delicacies from not just the region, but also the entire European continent. There are sausage and cheese specialties as well as fine chocolates. At the distillery, visitors can watch live how these tasty distillates are made and taste them. Meanwhile 'Baumstriezel' are freshly prepared in the 'Backhaus'. For those who are still looking for a nice gift for gourmets, a look into the 'Black Forest Vogtshaus', which offers lavish gift baskets with first-class regional products, is recommended.

Moreover, there are all sorts of winter treats such as mulled wine and fruit punch or stews and grilled delights in the many bistros, cafes, snack bars and restaurants at Europa-Park. In 'Spices − Cuisines of the World', the 'Asian Weeks' once again lure visitors in during the cold season. In the reopened Scandinavian themed area there are also a very special culinary offers in winter.

Departure to Rulantica

From 28th November 2019, curious explorers will finally be able to explore 'Rulantica' − the new water world at Europa-Park. With a spectacular Nordic theme based on the mysticism and beauty of Scandinavia, both adults and children will enjoy thrilling adventures all year round: in nine Nordic settings, 25 attractions − including 17 slides, a large wave pool and a raging torrent − promise great fun for the whole family. Even after the visit to the water world, there is an eclectic range of dining options, from a snack and self-service restaurant, to a café, to a pool and swim-up bar. In addition, visitors can browse a little in three different shops to refresh their swimming equipment or securing the perfect souvenir.

In order for both adults and children to be able to plan their stay in 'Rulantica' as well as possible and to avoid disappointment, especially families with further travel, entry is usually only possible after prior online ticket purchase for a specific visiting day due to the limited capacity. Day visitors can purchase tickets for a specific date at tickets.rulantica.de about three months in advance. The overnight guests of Europa-Park hotels can now book 'Rulantica' tickets for a room reservation between 29th November 2019 and 27th March 2020.

With Nature in Mind

While the focus at Europa-Park and the new indoor water world might be on fun and entertainment, the family-owned company places great importance on sustainability. The mission statement says: ‘We are aware of the responsibility to the environment and society, we exercise this through careful and sustainable use of landscape, energy, raw materials and buildings." A holistic approach is striven for, as well as the work towards continuously-improving ecological, as well as economic and social aspects of sustainability. Therefore, wherever possible, LED bulbs are used, and not only with regard to the Christmas lights. Since this season, the popular panoramic train is also driven by electricity. In addition, comprehensive energy management is based, among other things, on large photovoltaic systems, the park’s own cogeneration plants, groundwater pumps and a hydroelectric power station. In addition, efficient water management and the use of innovative technologies such as a special filter for the treatment of waste water ensure that Rulantica provides sustainable swimming fun.

Dreamlike Retreats

Decorated with Christmas decorations, the six park-owned Europa-Park hotels exude a unique charm in winter. From an expedition into the far North to the deep South and into the young America − in the 4* and 4* superior themed hotels, guests can immerse themselves in their own lovingly-themed world. In a Christmas atmosphere, they can relax and unwind with generous Wellness and Spa areas.

After an eventful day, adventurers can come to rest in the quaint Europa-Park Camp Resort from Friday to Sunday and throughout the Christmas holidays, and stay in heated log cabins and covered wagons.

  • The Europa-Park owner family Mack is looking forward to the 19th winter season.

  • The Europa-Park owner family Mack together with the international artists of the fantastic Circus Revue

  • The grand opening of Snorri Touren - a new multimedia themed ride for the whole family in the Scandinavian themed area

  • The Winter Starlight Parade with its lavishly designed carriages and bright costumes is one of the daily highlights in Europa-Park.

  • The colourful Ferris wheel Bellevue in the Portuguese themed area offers a wonderful view over the Europa-Park.

  • The large ice rink on the lake in the Scandinavian themed area is another highlight during the winter opening.

  • The glittering MAGIC ICE exhibition Batavia Made of Ice - The Return of the Pirates provides exciting glimpses into the redesign of the popular family attraction Pirates in Batavia, which reopens in 2020.

  • Even in the winter season, young and old can look forward to rollercoaster rides.