Anchors aweigh and all clear for setting sail

The Rulantica expedition is launched

After a long period of excited anticipation, the big moment finally arrived on 28th November 2019: ‘Rulantica – the new water world at Europa-Park’ is ready to welcome its discoverers! With the compass pointing north, curious sailors set off for Scandinavia and a gigantic indoor water adventure world. Throughout the year, young and old adventurers can explore nine themed settings and 25 unique water attractions across 32,600 square metres. Hungry and exhausted after the exciting expedition, visitors can enjoy well-deserved refreshments and cosy accommodation for the night in the adjoining 4* superior hotel ‘Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel’. With their batteries recharged, the next day the explorers can set off from the ‘natural history museum’ on another unforgettable journey. Europa-Park has 15 European-themed areas with over 100 attractions and shows for the whole family.

After only 26 months of construction, the groundbreaking major project ‘Rulantica - the new water world at Europa-Park’ was ready to shine in all its glory. In addition to the sixth themed hotel ‘Krønasår’, the Mack family thus realised their dream of a second park and a spectacular Scandinavian-style water adventure world on an expansion site covering 450,000 square metres. Since the end of November, numerous water attractions including 17 slides in the breathtaking, 20-metre-high hall have provided guests with splashing water delight.

Nordic water fun

The impressive architecture of the new Rulantica water world catches visitors’ attention even from a distance, whisking them away to the far north. After arriving at the shell-shaped 32,600-square-metre hall, visitors continue on their journey and are wowed by a unique mix of Scandinavian landscapes, mystical sceneries and imaginative designs. Mermaids and water sprites alike can go on an exploration tour and discover 25 attractions in nine themed settings all year round.

The lovingly decorated ‘Trølldal’ is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the little ones. The fun water playground with trees and rocks is inhabited by peculiar little trolls – the native inhabitants of the legendary island of Rulantica. The shallow pool offers children a variety of climbing and playing facilities, including the ‘Schabernakker’ and ‘Tommelplums’ slides. The family attraction ‘Snorri's Saga’ also starts here. Together with the cute six-armed octopus Snorri, young and old are taken on a tour down the Lazy River and can settle into comfortable tubes alone or in pairs. The relaxed ride ambles down a winding 250-metre canal and past the various themed areas of the water adventure world.

‘Lumåfals’ is home to the sea people and guardians of Rulantica. The enchanting creatures live in a colourful grotto and move gracefully over both land and water. The huge ‘Surf Fjørd’ wave pool beckons, as well as a gigantic waterfall within which the source of life lies dormant. Right next door, nestled between bubbling water walls and impressive stalactites, hungry visitors will find the self-service restaurant ‘Lumålunda’ with its delicious fresh pizzas, pastas and salads. The ‘Snorri’s Grotta’ shop even offers souvenirs to take home.

In the ‘Skip Strand’ adventure pool with its sunken three-master vessel, steamboat and variety of nets, ropes and masts, visitors can shoot down slides as well as romp around and splash to their hearts’ content. On the ‘Hoppablad’ obstacle course, young water-lovers can test their skills and drift around on wobbly, floating debris. The whole family can shoot down the wide slide ‘Överstor’ together and land in the cool water.

The frosty north and a mystical ice palace await visitors in ‘Vinterhal’. Spectacular slides whoosh visitors past the frozen sea snake Svalgur. After first descending down the ‘Isbrekker’ jump slide, a free fall from a height of over 1.50 metres awaits visitors at the end. The steep-wall slide ‘Vinter Rytt’ is not for the faint at heart: up to four people glide up an almost vertical wall in one tube. Its many curves make the rafting slide ‘Svalgur Rytt’ an unforgettable experience that lets up to four people start together.

The town of ‘Rangnakor’ was founded by the Nordic natives of Rulanta. Built on stilts at a height of four metres, it offers reliable protection against the floods. Brave visitors shouldn’t miss taking a ride down the free-fall slides ‘Dugdrob’ and ‘Vildfål’. With its parallel tunnels ‘Hugin’ and ‘Munin’, the ‘Odinrås’ slide offers the chance to race someone down the slide. The ‘Komfort Hyddas’ offer their guests a perfect view of the indoor water world. The cosy cabins can be booked for a surcharge and offer a private retreat for up to four people in an exclusive location, including great additional services. For a smaller ‘Komfort Sofa’, ideal for two, adults pay €40 per person in addition to the entry ticket. Young and old alike can enjoy a wonderful view of Rulantica from the nearby ‘Skål Bar’. Perched up high, it offers a great selection of cold and warm beverages. Hearty snacks such as burgers, fish & chips or salads as well as sweet delicacies can be relished at the foot of town built on stilts in the self-service restaurant ‘Snekkjas’, which also offers its guests a spacious outdoor terrace.

Waterfalls and bubble loungers make the ‘Skog Lagoon’ a genuine oasis. This is ideal for relaxing while surrounded by pine trees and cliffs. Visitors to the ‘Skogbar’ can enjoy a cocktail in the middle of the green landscape without even having to get out of the cosy, 30-degree water. After loads of bathing fun, 1,700 loungers in the entire indoor area invite you to relax.

The 8,000-square-metre outdoor area also ensures unlimited enjoyment: here, the heated outdoor pool ‘Frigg Tempel’ exudes holiday flair. Delicious refreshments and smoothies await bathers at the swim-up bar ‘Tempel Krog’.

‘Vildstrøm’ will also fascinate you under the open sky with its rapids bearing the same name. Visitors of all ages can let themselves drift down the heated riverbed. After about 40 metres, you have to choose between taking the right or left course of the river. But beware: one clearly slopes off more steeply than the other! After their adventure, visitors can enjoy the beautiful weather and the Baden sun on one of the 500 loungers.

Whether before or after visiting the water world, plenty of delicacies await you in the lobby, where the ‘Kelpie Café’ offers everything from coffee specialities and sweet snacks to savoury sandwiches. Guests can also renew their swimming equipment or take a souvenir of the water adventure world back home from the ‘Rulantica Market’ and ‘Rulantica Galerie’ shops on the ground and first floors of the lobby.

Just a stone’s throw away: Europa-Park

Not far from the new Rulantica water world is Germany’s largest theme park. Over an area of 95 hectares, more than 100 attractions and more than 23 hours of show programming per day make visitors’ hearts beat faster. 15 European themed areas guarantee another unforgettable adventure for the whole family. The park’s six very own 4* and 4* superior hotels invite you to relax and unwind. Together, the water adventure world, Europa-Park and the associated Hotel Resort are the perfect short trip destination for families from near and far.