Facts and figures

Rulantica – The new indoor water world at the gates of Europa-Park


Investment: the biggest single investment in the company’s history

Construction period: 14th September 2017 – foundation stone ceremony; 11th December 2018 − topping-out ceremony;  28th November 2019 – grand opening

Total size: 450,000m² (including area for further expansion)

Theme: elaborate Nordic theming with nine themed settings

Attractions: a variety of options with 25 family-oriented water attractions, including 17 slides and heated outdoor area                                    

Indoor area: 32,600m² shell-shaped hall; 300,000m3 building volume;  4,000m² of water

Outdoor area:  8,000m²; 500m² outdoor pool (heated)

Changing area: 8,000m²; 3,500 lockers; 200 changing rooms of various sizes; 40 family changing rooms

Sun loungers: 1,700 indoor and 500 outdoor loungers

Total roof area: 11,000m² (glass: 2,000m²); five wooden beams of 87 metres in length for the roof construction, weighing around 85 tons each

Maximum capacity: 3,500 visitors (at a time); up to 5,000 visitors (per day)

Opening hours:  open all year round from 10am – 10pm (except for 24/25.12. and 17.01.; 10am – 7pm on 31.12.); open for hotel guests starting at 9am

Reservations:  Visitors must generally purchase a ticket online at tickets.rulantica.com in advance for admission to the water world on a specific date.

Day visitors can buy tickets online around three months in advance of the planned visit (evening tickets are available one month in advance).

Guests of the Europa-Park hotels can book tickets when reserving their rooms from 29th November 2019 to 10th January 2021.

Day ticket:

infants (under 4): free

children (aged 4-11): €35.50

adults (aged 12+): €38.50

visitors with disabilities: €35.50

(prices valid until 27 March 2020)

Evening ticket (starting at 5pm)   

infants (under 4):  free

children (aged 4-11):  €32.50

adults (aged 12+): €35.50

visitors with disabilities: €32.50

(prices valid until 27 March 2020)

Extra services:  cashless payment system – visitor receives Rula wristband upon admission; day rate for lockers  €1.00; 8 Komfort Hyddas, comfortable cabins for four people in an exclusive location; Komfort Hydda (plus one adult day ticket)  €290; 8 Komfort Sofas for two people; Komfort Sofa (plus one adult day ticket) €40

Other facts: 10,000 Rula armbands; 1,650 tubes

Shuttle bus: free shuttle for hotel guests between hotel ‘Krønasår’ and the other Europa-Park hotels

Gastronomy: ‘Lumålunda’ self-service restaurant in Lumåfals, ‘Kelpie Café’ in the lobby, ‘Snekkjas’ snack restaurant in Rangnakor, ‘Skål Bar’ near the Komfort Hyddas, ’Tempel Krog’ and ‘Skogbar’ swim-up bars in the Skog Lagoon, Coca-Cola ‘Fylla upp’ stations, Langnese Happiness Station

Shopping:  ‘Snorri’s Grotta’ in the water world, ‘Rulantica Market’ on the ground floor of the lobby, ‘Rulantica Galerie’ on the upper floor of the lobby

Parking options: more than 800 parking spaces, 413 of which are covered by a roof (8,260m²) with nearly 3,000 solar panels; rate for parking spaces per day and car: €7.00

Staff: 300 new employees

Ecology:  use of innovative technologies such as the solar-powered carport, expected to generate around 1.1 million kWh annually; many measures to compensate for ecological damage, such as a bee pavilion, wildlife corridors and amphibian biospheres; 2,000 trees, 18,000 wild shrubs and 60,000 flowers to be planted

Rulantica Story: two-part series on the history of Rulantica; cooperation with the publisher Coppenrath Verlag; the first part of the novel was released in October, with the second to follow in 2020


Website: rulantica.de

Email: info@rulantica.de

interactive website: explore-rulantica.de

Tickets: tickets.rulantica.de

Tel.: 07822 / 77-6655