Europa-Park will open on 29th May 2020

We welcome the national easing of Coronavirus related restrictions announced by the government on 6th May 2020 and further the announcements of opening dates in the press release from 7th May. We have been intensively preparing for a re-opening of Europa-Park, our accommodation offering and gastronomy in close cooperation with the authorities. Health and safety of our guests and employees have always been our highest priority.


The following opening dates apply:


- From 18th May, step-by-step re-opening of hotel gastronomy

- From 29th May, re-opening of Europa-Park, the hotels and the Camp Resort/Camping


When re-opening the park, the following measures will be taken in order to minimize the risk of an infection:


- A daily limit of visitors with the help of day-specific online tickets

- Observation if mandatory minimum distances (i.e. distance markers in waiting areas, restaurants, etc.)

- Implementation of additional hygiene standards and processes (i.e. additional disinfection stations, regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, etc.)

- Informing and educating guests about all measures taken before and during the visit

- Introduction of new, digital technology in regard to queue management and keeping of distance (social distancing)

- Contactless payments

- Education and training of employees


We look forward to also welcoming our international guests as soon as travel from and to our neighbouring countries is possible again.


We are confident that will also soon be able to start our show and cinema program, as well as open the water world Rulantica.


Further information will be published shortly on www.europapark.com as well as via our social media channels.