The Pirates are Back!

Europa-Park celebrates re-opening of the popular family attraction 'Pirates in Batavia'

After a long wait, the big moment finally arrived this morning: The 'Pirates in Batavia' have returned to the Dutch themed area at Germany's largest theme park! For owners the Mack family and thousands of loyal fans, the new and yet much-beloved attraction has a very special significance: since 1987, visitors young and old have been able to embark on an exciting boat adventure to explore the exotic port city of Batavia. For over 30 years, the lovingly designed and detailed family attraction was a magnet for visitors of Europa-Park - until it was sadly destroyed by a fire in May 2018. Lots of unforgettable memories remained however, as well as a great desire to breathe life back into the 'Pirates in Batavia' as quickly as possible. Now the legend is back after only 24 months of construction.

This morning, the Mack family, together with Paola Felix and Guido Wolf, Minister of Justice, Tourism and Europe, celebrated the long-awaited reopening of the popular family attraction. Owner Roland Mack said: “We are very happy to be able to celebrate this memorable event today. The fire and the loss of the unique attraction had torn a deep hole in our hearts. It is all the more wonderful that the 'Pirates in Batavia' are back at Europa-Park - now even bigger, more beautiful and more exciting.“ 

  • The "Pirates in Batavia" are back at Europa-Park!

  • The Europa-Park owner family Mack on the maiden trip with the guests of honour Paola Felix (1st row 2nd from left), Guido Wolf (1st row right) and Fabian Schütz (2nd row left)

  • Europa-Park owner Roland Mack enchants the guests in "Pirates in Batavia".

  • Paola Felix lets herself be weighed against cheese for a good cause at the opening in the Dutch themed area.

  • The owner family Mack together with the guests of honour on the stage of the restaurant "Bamboe Baai".