Dates & Facts

YULLBE – Mission: Rulantica


Opening: 17th September 2020

Implementation: 1.5 years

Invested amount: approx. 4 million

Attraction: one-of-a-kind full body tracking, free-roaming VR experience in which up to 32 people can be tracked simultaneously

Manufacturer: MackNeXT, VR Coaster

Partner: Mack Rides, Vicon, HP, Pimax

Building: 600 m² in total, including a 250 m² tracked ‘Mission: Rulantica’ game room

Theming: On behalf of the ‘Adventure Club of Europe’, the recruits embark on a dangerous mission. They are sent through time and space to the mystical island of Rulantica in 1842, where they must master exciting challenges together and protect the legendary source of life from the Nordic god Loki.

Length of experience: 30 minutes

Requirements: from 14 years old and 1.4m height; No previous VR knowledge required

Capacity: Group experience for up to eight people; max. 48 people per hour, one-of-a-kind tracking for 32 people simultaneously

Equipment: Backpack PC, 4 hand & foot trackers, VR helmet; a total of 56 complete sets; each set costs around €15,000

Technology:  90 special cameras in the game room for full-body tracking alone, high-resolution Pimax 8K Plus HMD VR glasses with a 200° field of view, currently the most powerful HP Z G2 backpack PC, 6 servers, 168 PC battery packs

Opening times: daily from 2pm to 10pm

Booking: Tickets are only available online at yullbe.com

Price: €29 per person for 'Mission: Rulantica'

Language: German, French, English

Directions: Exit hotel ‘Krønasår' at the roundabout, on the right there are parking facilities for YULLBE visitors (3 hours free of charge)

New employees: 10 operators