Golden Ticket Award for ‘Pirates in Batavia’

Europa-Park Receives Historical Award

On 23rd September, the American trade magazine ‘Amusement Today’ awarded the coveted ‘Golden Ticket Awards’. Germany’s largest theme park was able to look forward to a very special title: For the re-opening of the popular family attraction ‘Pirates in Batavia’, the top-class jury awarded Europa-Park the ‘Renaissance Award’. With this, they paid tribute to the extraordinary commitment of the owner family Mack, who have brought the themed ride, which was destroyed by a fire in 2018, back to life in a fantastic way after only 24 months of construction. Since summer, the legend has been back in the Dutch themed area and is now even more beautiful, bigger and exciting! The owner Roland Mack: “The loss of the unique attraction had torn a deep hole in our hearts. The sympathy of the industry and the visitors was overwhelming. This memorable award has great emotional significance for me.”

Since 1998, the internationally recognised trade magazine ‘Amusement Today’ has been presenting the ‘Golden Ticket Awards’, and with that, the oscars of the leisure and entertainment industry. In view of the global Corona crisis, the renowned US magazine decided not to hold an official award ceremony this year, or to stick to the traditional award categories, such as the award for the ‘Best amusement park in the world’. Instead, the jury developed new categories for 2020 to recognise special achievements in the industry. In this context, Europa-Park was given a great honour last week: Germany's largest theme park received the ‘Renaissance Award’ for the preservation of history and the re-opening of the new and well-known attraction ‘Pirates in Batavia’.

Since 1987, young and old have been able to embark on an exciting adventure and explore the exotic port city of Batavia by boat. For over 30 years, the lovingly designed family attraction, with its many details, was one of the visitor magnets at Europa-Park − until it was destroyed by fire in May 2018. What remained were many unforgettable memories and the great desire to rebuild the ‘Pirates in Batavia’ as quickly as possible. The legend returned in just 24 months; on 28th July 2020, the return of the unique themed ride was celebrated. Now, the boat ride from Mack Rides, in which a double-digit million sum has been invested, is even more beautiful and modern without losing the scenes that have been cherished by many. The routing corresponds exactly to the original track.

“To bring back Pirates in Batavia with such incredible grandeur − that speaks to both the devotion to the park and its fans and to the belief in producing a quality product. It’s spectacular”, publisher Gary Slade says.

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  • Since 28th July, the popular family attraction "Pirates in Batavia" has been back in the Dutch themed area.

  • The boat trip includes a reunion with eight pirates from the former attraction.

  • Europa-Park receives the "Renaissance Award" for the reopening of the "Pirates in Batavia".