Enjoy your summer vacation in Germany's largest theme park

Fun returns to Europa-Park

A visit to Germany's largest theme park, with its 15 European themed areas is the ideal recipe for satisfying wanderlust. In the 2021 season, guests can look forward to experiencing great attractions and recharging their batteries in the unique atmosphere of Europa-Park. Of course, a short break in the warm sun goes hand in hand with some swimming fun. In Rulantica, ‘Svalgurok’, the largest outdoor water playground in Germany, will soon open. Ten slides, embedded amongst a breathtaking scenery, guarantee water fun for the whole family. At ‘Snorri Beach’ the youngest of visitors can play carefree in the cool water. Starting this season, a globally-unique VR underwater experience will also be located in Rulantica, involving VR diving goggles and snorkelling up and down with ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’. But work is also progressing in the immediate vicinity of Rulantica: After the spectacular start of the virtual reality sensation YULLBE last September, three new VR adventures offer the chance to immerse yourself in another world this year.

A stroll through Europe

Enjoy a croissant in France for breakfast, then travel by train from Russia to Spain and drink a delicious cappuccino on the Italian piazza in the afternoon. With its special ambience, Europa-Park has been captivating children and adults for decades. It was founded in 1975 by Franz Mack and his son Roland Mack and developed into the largest theme park in Germany. Franz Mack (1921-2010) would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. Together with his sons Roland and Jürgen, he was the driving force behind the construction and success of Europa-Park. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) had already inducted Franz Mack into the ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2005, which puts him in line with Walt Disney. A spokesman for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions calls Franz Mack one of the ‘pioneers for the international success of amusement parks’. Later, his son Roland followed him to the ‘Hall of Fame’. Franz Mack was considered to be one of the outstanding entrepreneurial personalities and a brilliant designer, having developed the ‘Eurosat’ rollercoaster, built in 1987, as well as the legendary high-speed rollercoaster ‘Euro-Mir’. Europa-Park is celebrating Franz Mack's 100th birthday for a whole year with its own stamp, special badges for all employees, a large 'Europe' installation by international artist Ottmar Hörl and a song specially arranged for Franz Mack's birthday by Tony Marshall.

And, of course, the 13 rollercoasters at Europa-Park will be ready to delight visitors of all ages once again this season. Those who are curious can discover a reference to creator Franz Mack at many of the attractions throughout Europa-Park.

Visitors to the Austrian themed area, for example, can look forward to plenty of riding fun. From June onwards, guests will go on a new VR experience in the 'Alpenexpress Coastiality' with the popular dinosaur grandma Madame Freudenreich. Alongside lovable dinosaurs, guests go on a turbulent soap box race over hill and dale in this dinotastic competition for first place in 'Madame Freudenreich Dino Race VR'.

However, you don't always have to aim high for the best entertainment. In the Dome of Dreams in the Greek themed area, a special kind of diving experience promises a magical adventure for young and old this year. Snorri, the lively Sixtopus from Rulantica, takes visitors on a breathtaking journey into the colourful underwater world of Rulantica. The brand new 360-degree film experience 'Snorri's Adventure' inspires guests with unique visuals and plenty of fun for the whole family. Another of the latest highlights is the boat ride 'Pirates in Batavia' in the Dutch themed area. Head out on an exciting expedition to Indonesia in the footsteps of pirates and buccaneers.

Transcend the boundaries of reality with YULLBE

Last September, the very first guests were able to immerse themselves in unimagined worlds with the new VR sensation YULLBE. This season, the makers of YULLBE have created three new YULLBE GO experiences that will soon cast a spell over visitors from the age of 12. Based on the famous blockbuster by Luc Besson, the new 'Valerian' experience transforms the guests themselves into heroes in the midst of a spectacular science fiction universe. Just as exciting is the space adventure 'Moon to Mars', which gives guests a unique impression of life on the international space station. And it’s not just art connoisseurs that will love the VR experience 'ARTiality’, where they can experience the abstract up close and immerse themselves completely in the work of famous artists. Of course, the YULLBE PRO experience 'Mission: Rulantica' continues to attract visitors with an adventure for the whole family on the legendary island of Rulantica.

The ultimate water fun for the whole family

In the warmest region of Germany, at the foot of the gentle hills of the Black Forest, you will find the country's largest outdoor water playground. Ten new slides - including a wave and a funnel slide - are waiting for brave explorers in 'Svalgurok' and offer the perfect way to cool off on hot summer days. Snorri also has a special surprise in store for the youngest guests: right next to 'Svalgurok', children can play to their heart's content in the cool water on 'Snorri Beach', while their parents relax on one of the over 1000 new loungers in the outdoor area of the water world.

Rulantica also awaits visitors with another new highlight. Equipped with VR diving goggles and a snorkel, the guests of 'Snorri Snorkling VR' go on a fantastic adventure tour deep under the sea surface alongside their six-armed guide Snorri. This virtual underwater experience, a “Diving Theatre”, is unique in the world and was specially developed by MackNeXT and VR Coaster and can be booked online in addition to a Rulantica day or evening ticket.

Those looking for relaxation after all of the adventures in the sparkling waters of Rulantica can let it all drift away in the new relaxation and sauna area 'Hyggedal'. The wellness oasis built in the style of a Nordic forest landscape has plenty of comfortable loungers, two large saunas and a wonderful outdoor terrace, where guests can feel the southern Baden sun on their skin. This is an exclusive additional offer that guests of the water world can book in advance in addition to their day ticket.

Europa-Park is coming home

Who wouldn't want to take that special Europa-Park feeling back with them to their own four walls? The book series 'The Flying School of Adventurers', published by Coppenrath-Verlag, tells stories of existing and future attractions at Europa-Park and brings the adventures of Germany's largest theme park to your bookshelf at home. After the great success of the first volume 'The Fire Tiger of Batavia', 'The Jungle in Eternal Ice' follows an exciting story of the Adventure Club of Europe and the 'Voletarium' attraction. The fans of the water world Rulantica can also look forward to two radio plays. In his first radio play from Coppenrath-Verlag, Snorri tells the tale of two brilliant and hilarious adventures for the little ones. And even more is coming for fans of all ages, as on 4th June, volume two of the successful Rulantica novel saga 'The Conspiracy of the Gods' will also be released as a radio play.

Heavenly nights at the Europa-Park Resort

When guests’ feet are tired from the day's adventures, the six Europa-Park hotels and the rustic Camp Resort offer ideal relaxation. Whether the isolated fjords of the far north or a dream of Mediterranean nights, the park's own 4* and 4* superior themed hotels enchant guests with their lovingly-detailed theming and excellent culinary offerings. Generous wellness and spa areas round off the perfect stay. The days in Europa-Park and Rulantica are guaranteed to be a unique short break for the whole family.

Safety is a top priority

To ensure that guests of Europa-Park can experience a safe and carefree day, a comprehensive hygiene concept was developed in cooperation with the local authorities. The measures to minimise the risk of infection include:

·         Limitation of the number of visitors via day-based online ticketing

·         Access to Europa-Park is restricted to people who have been fully vaccinated, recovered or tested in accordance with the COVID-19 regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg

·         Updated traceability management in close coordination with the health department of the Ortenau district

·         Compliance with minimum distances (e.g. distance markings in waiting areas, restaurants, etc.)

·         Obligation to wear a medical face mask in all indoor areas, in attractions and in the queueing areas, as well as in all areas where a minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be kept.

·         Implementation of extended hygiene standards and processes (e.g. additional disinfection stations, regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, etc.)

·         Information and education of the guests about all measures before and during the visit

·         Introduction of new digital technologies in the field of queue management and maintaining distances (social distancing)

·         Regular and intensive ventilation of all interior rooms to minimise the spread of viruses through aerosols