Collaboration between five-time Oscar winner Sir Richard Taylor and MACK One

”The Lord of the Rings” trilogy set a new standard for movie making, from the make-up effects of the orcs and hobbits, miniatures of the realms of Middle-earth, and elaborately computer generated armies. From the very start of production, it was Richard Taylor's company Wētā Workshop that was responsible for designing and making the physical weapons, armour and prosthetics, a company he co-founded with his wife Tania Rodger. In the new podcast episode ‘The World Beyond - The Emotioneers of Tomorrow’ brought to you by Michael Mack, five-time Oscar winner Taylor outlines his career and creative endeavours in a very relatable way and with a pinch of humour. Taylor's career began with the intricate carving of margarine sculptures for restaurants. From this, he and his wife developed a company that is now one of the most sought-after worldwide when it comes to innovation and creativity.

In the future, visitors to the Europa-Park Resort will be able to experience his work as a virtual adventure, created as part of a collaboration with the creative minds at MACK One. During his visit to Rust, Richard Taylor was excited about the innovations on offer from the family business. In a conversation with MACK One founder Michael Mack, the two visionaries gave some insight into the forthcoming developments. A retro sci-fi universe, penned by Wētā Workshop Senior Concept Designer Greg Broadmore and centred around the character of Dr. Grordbort, will be brought to life by Richard Taylor and Michael Mack using virtual reality.

The New Zealander also received a special honour during his visit to Europa-Park, one that celebrates his pioneering achievements in the field of practical effects. Just like Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz, he now has his own star on the Europa-Park ‘Walk of Fame’ in the French Film Street at Germany's largest theme park. In the podcast interview, Richard Taylor also tells host Michael Mack just which fictional world he would choose to live in, why love and enthusiasm are essential to the creative process and what makes Europa-Park so fascinating for him: "I genuinely believe, when people come to Europa-Park, they can sense the love of conviction to the craft, to the art, to the storytelling, to the connection that exudes through every pore of every person within the park; from every crack in the pavement, every piece of theming in the experience."

The new podcast episode ‘The World Beyond - The Emotioneers of Tomorrow’ brought to you by Michael Mack, in conversation with Sir Richard Taylor and the joint conversation with Rony Abovitz, Richard Taylor and Michael Mack has been available on VEEJOY.de and on all major podcast platforms since 7th July 2023.

  • Host Michael Mack talks to Rony Abovitz and Richard Taylor on his ‘The World Beyond - The Emotioneers of Tomorrow’ podcast.

  • Roland Mack, Rony Abovitz, Richard Taylor and Michael Mack (left to right)

  • Richard Taylor and Michael Mack seal the partnership.