These innovations await in Europa-Park in 2024

Croatian themed area:

(from 26 April)


17th European themed area, in first construction phase


Attraction: Multi Launch Coaster ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’


Gastronomy: Ice cream parlour 'Sunce i Lavanda', snack bar 'Ćevapčići-Snack'


Shopping: Shop ‘Suveniri Nikola’


Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac

(from 26 April)

A brand new, action-packed rollercoaster highlight awaits with ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’. The innovative multi launch coaster offers an incomparable combination of thrills, atmosphere and technology and sets new standards: with seven inversions, four launches, 2.2 seconds of continuous weightlessness and the world record with the steepest launch of 105 degrees, the new rollercoaster creates an intense experience and incomparable ride experience that is unique worldwide.

Exhibition Croatian Inspiration

(from 26 April)

The new interactive family exhibition highlights the many discoveries of Croatia, providing playful moments that are both interesting and funny.

Animatronic Nikola Tesla
(during the summer season)

Nikola Tesla himself comes to life as a deceptively real animatronic at the ‘Sunce i Lavanda’ ice cream parlour, taking guests through the story of his electrifying invention.

Magical Valley of Diamonds

(from 14 May)

In the Austrian themed area, the new Magical Valley of Diamonds awaits explorers of all ages. In the Alpine mountains, raging rivers wind past roaring waterfalls and majestic rock formations. It includes the attractions Alpine Express ‘Enzian’, Alpenexpress Coastiality, Tirol Log Flume, Yomi Adventure Trail and the Gemstone Grotto shop.

Alpine Express Enzian

(from 14 May)

Visitors of all ages can fly through the Magical Valley of Diamonds on the completely rebuilt family rollercoaster.

Alpenexpress Coastiality: Fina & the Yomis - Magical World of Diamonds VR

(from 14 May)

Alongside the reopening of the Alpine Express ‘Enzian’ is a new virtual reality adventure all about the small, green mythical creatures the Yomis, which awaits visitors on the family rollercoaster. There are also six additional VR rides available.

Tirol Log Flume

(from 14 May)

Take a refreshing ride through the Magical Valley of Diamonds in hollowed-out tree trunks.

Yomi Abenteuer Trail

(from 14 May)

The new, adventurous circular route features suspension bridges, climbing elements and slides, taking courageous explorers up to twelve metres high through the Magical Valley of Diamonds.

Gemstone Grotto

(from 14 May)

Visitors can discover the many surprises that await in the mysterious Yomis grotto, as well as a large selection of jewellery, gemstones and crystals.

More attractions:

Eurosat Coastiality: The Phantom of the Opera Coastiality

(during the summer season)

The virtual reality adventure Phantom of the Opera Coastiality creates a unique combination of the thrilling story of the intrepid hero and the thrill of a rollercoaster ride.

Ghost Castle

(during the summer season)

With an updated route, the Ghost Castle invites the whole family to get experience the spookiness. In the medieval palace of the Medici family, eerie figures and ghostly scenes create plenty of fear and terror.

Water playground Lítill Island - Hansgrohe Children's Water World

(during the summer season)

The iconic hand showers and huge fittings await all little water lovers in the newly designed water playground.


Fjord Restaurant - Scandinavian Family Time by Brian Bojsen

Reinterpreted Scandinavian dishes from the renowned Danish TV chef Brian Bojsen.


New fish roll variations based on recipes from the renowned TV chef Brian Bojsen.

Ice cream parlour Bodega

The expanded ice cream parlour in the Spanish themed area has an even wider range on offer.


From May to mid-July 2024, the restaurant SPICES – Cuisines of the World will be undergoing a big culinary change. During this period, all dishes will be 100 percent vegan.


Arena Bazar

The former Bazar Espagnol shines with a new splendour and a new name. Visitors can now find Spanish souvenirs and specialties in the entrance area to the Spanish Arena.

dm – family & friends

The redesigned shop dm – family & friends is now aimed at all visitors, offering an expanded product range and a wide range of services.

PUMA STORE X Silver Star

In addition to the official PUMA motorsport collection, guests will also find souvenirs for fans of the ‘Silver Star’ steel rollercoaster.

Newly staged shows:

There is amazing magic to be seen at the new magic show ‘Misterio’ with Vincent Vignaud at the Europa-Park Teatro.

The new ice show ‘Surpri'Ice presents Energ'Ice' offers impressive choreographies and tricks all on the subject of electricity.

The new show ‘Funny Library Two’ at the Globe Theatre is turbulent, colourful and comedic.

Other news at Europa-Park:

A redesigned main entrance for even faster and more comfortable access to Europa-Park.

New, expanded terrace in front of the Bodega restaurant in the Spanish themed area.

The game boats in the Liechtenstein themed area now feature a rather lively surprise.

In the Galerie d’Art – Retro Games in the French themed area, new challenges await on the machines.

With the new YULLBE Go adventure ‘Dr. G – Victory on Venus’ available from May, players will find themselves as intrepid heroes catapulted to the distant planet. But there are many dangers that lurk there...

Europa-Park Hotels:

New courtyard in the hotel El Andaluz

The hotel ‘El Andaluz’ offers pure Mediterranean flair with a newly-designed courtyard centred around the idyllic fountain.


Eatrenalin Late Night

The new format focuses on exceptional cocktails, as guests also experience a completely new story that includes live entertainment and music.



  • In addition to the "Alpenexpress Enzian", the "Tiroler Wildwasserbahn" also reopens in May

  • The rollercoaster highlight "Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac"