Electrical rollercoaster innovation

Multi Launch Coaster ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’ at Europa-Park

A brand new, action-packed rollercoaster awaits all visitors from 26 April to the new Croatian themed area of Europa-Park with ‘Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac’. The innovative multi launch coaster from MACK Rides offers an incomparable combination of thrill, atmosphere and technology and sets new standards: Europa-Park's 14th rollercoaster features four periods of catapult-like acceleration up to 90 kilometres per hour, one of which backwards. With seven overhead elements, 2.2 seconds of continued weightlessness and the world's steepest launch of 105 degrees, the new rollercoaster not only sets new records, but also offers an intense and incomparable ride experience that is unique in the world.


The 1,385 metre long multi launch coaster winds its way through an authentic Croatian landscape and features numerous new ride elements. Light limestone, ruins, fragments of wall and a variety of plants, including an 800-year-old olive tree, come together to create a Mediterranean flair. The story created by MACK Magic is centred on the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, who was born in what is now Croatia and who ushered in the electrical age with the help of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe. This runs as a common thread through the attraction and themed area.

From a distance, it’s not only the 32.5 metre high rollercoaster, but also the two Voltron towers that characterise the now-extended silhouette of Germany's largest theme park. They play a crucial role in the comprehensive storytelling: Tesla’s groundbreaking discovery transforms people into cosmic energy by Tesla’s, moving them from tower to tower as lightning. Passengers aged eight and over and 1.30 metres tall can experience this adventure first hand with Voltron Nevera. In the station building, which is designed in the style of an old Croatian hydroelectric power plant and is used by Tesla for his research, alongside the classic queue, there is also access via reserved time slots (VirtualLine) and for single riders (Single Rider).

The innovative ‘Stryker Coaster’ rollercoaster was developed by the parent company MACK Rides. In just over two years of construction, the multi launch coaster was built on an area of around 20,000 square metres, situated next to the Greece theme area. Various trades and departments across the entire MACK Group contributed to the implementation of the attraction, which was conceived and designed by MACK One, thereby creating a unique overall experience. The attraction and storytelling, as well as the atmosphere and architecture, come from the creative forge of Europa-Park.

Voltron Nevera sets numerous records

Adrenaline fans can look forward to four accelerations (launches) and seven overhead elements (inversions). The steepest launch in the world, at 105 degrees, provides a completely new dimension of adrenaline rush immediately after the catapult launch. In addition, Voltron Nevera is one of the launch coasters with the most overhead elements in the world, as well as the longest launch coaster and the longest rollercoaster with multiple overhead elements in Europe.

Discover Croatia and Nikola Tesla in Europa-Park

In the first construction phase of the new Croatia themed area, the ice cream parlour ‘Sunce i Lavanda’ awaits all visitors with refreshing and tempting ice cream varieties. There, Nikola Tesla himself comes to life as a deceptively real animatronic, taking guests along with him on the story of his electrifying invention. The ‘Suveniri Nikola’ shop not only offers a selection of Croatian themed products for everyone who loves shopping, but also many other products related to the Europa-Park Resort. The Ćevapčići snack includes hearty flatbreads and cold drinks. In the new exhibition ‘Croatian Inspiration, visitors can find out all about Croatia's most important inventions and achievements in a playful way.

The ‘Magic Cinema 4D’ in the France themed area invites visitors to discover the previously little-known period where Nikola Tesla lived in Europe in the thrilling film adventure 'Voltron 4D'. With breathtaking action and special effects in 4D, including 3D projections, wind, scents and moving seats, viewers become part of an immersive cinematic experience for the whole family. In the Dome of Dreams, viewers can explore the diverse sights of Croatia in the 360-degree adventure 'Nikola Tesla’s Beautiful Croatia'.

Cooperation with Bugatti Rimac

The cooperation partner for this new development is Mate Rimac, one of the greatest Croatian inventors of today, with the joint company Bugatti Rimac. Rimac's flagship, the Rimac Nevera electric hypercar, combines performance and cutting-edge technology in an unparalleled way. The name Nevera is derived from the Croatian word of the same name for sudden, short storms, which are usually accompanied by lightning and occur primarily on the Croatian Adriatic coast. In the storytelling surrounding the new rollercoaster, it is precisely those storms, with their impressive, natural energy discharge, that inspires Tesla to invent the Voltron. Mate Rimac himself also repeatedly refers to Tesla as his role model, whose inventions laid the foundation for the technologies that are used in electric cars today.

The shared vision and passion for innovation, acceleration and perfection connect Europa-Park and Rimac.

Diverse storytelling about Nikola Tesla

Using the Europa-Park & Rulantica app, you can even experience the new rollercoaster from your own living room with 'Voltron chARge'. Users help Nikola Tesla with his experiment of transporting people via energy travel and can discover ‘Voltron Nevera’ in an interactive augmented reality (AR ) Experience.

The detailed background to Nikola Tesla and the Adventure Club of Europe, the fictional club of European explorers and inventors, is told in the corresponding novel adventure 'The Flying School of Adventurers - The Phantom from the Underworld'.



  • The Multi Launch Coaster „Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac“