An idyllic retreat from the daily grind

Staying overnight at the Europa-Park Hotel Resort

For anyone yearning to escape the dreary monotony of their daily routine, Europa-Park’s hotel resort is an ideal place to stay. The four park-owned 4-star hotels El Andaluz, Castillo Alcazar, Colosseo and Santa Isabel offer superior comfort in a thoroughly themed ambiance. The more adventuresome guests can spend the night in one of the tepees, chuck wagons and rustic log-cabins in Europa-Park´s Camp Resort.

BANG – now the car doors are shut, locking all the aggravation of traffic jams and the workaday world back in the car. With suitcases and teddy bears under their arms, families joyfully spring out of the stress of the drive and straight into the tranquillity of the Mediterranean 4-star hotels in Europa-Park. One glance across the vast expanse of the graciously designed lobby is enough to draw anyone straight under the spell of the South. With the key to their room in their hand, hotel guests feel that they are finally on vacation. Equipped with a map of the park and the show flyer, the little explorers will presently embark on their first journey of discovery down the hotel corridors. They’ll fling open the lovingly carved door to find their room bathed with light, and upon concluding a thorough inspection of every last drawer and cupboard in the place, they’ll sink into the fluffy cushions for a rest. But not for long… For the moment their inquisitive gaze slues over to the window, they’ll be craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the rollicking roller coasters outside in the park. Their little legs will soon be scampering about again, eager to explore this paradise of whizzing airstreams, candyfloss and funny animal figures.

After an exhilarating day in Germany’s biggest theme park, the kids will have worked up quite an appetite. A minute ago their senses were reeling on multicoloured carousels, now their noses and palates are tickling with the scents and anticipated delights of southern spices. Guests of the Mediterranean restaurants at the 4-star hotels are spoiled for choice between carefully selected à-la-carte dishes and a lavish buffet. At the medieval restaurant Castillo, children sit enthroned like little kings before golden-yellow croquettes and vanquish whole mounds of ice-cream, while spaghetti at the 4-star superior hotel Colosseo daubs tomato-sauce moustaches on their sated faces. The scent of grilled meats magnetises small and large guests alike at the restaurant Sala Santa Isabel. For the adults there’s fresh grilled fish, whilst the kids relish tasty sausages steeped in ketchup.

The Europa-Park 4-star hotels have just the right culinary formula to please every palate. But that’s not all. Fans of “bella Italia” keep a special spot in their hearts for the hotel Colosseo – right next to the one reserved for the beautiful country itself. This 4-star superior hotel exudes a buoyant lust for life when children, happy as sandboys, splash around in the cooling wet of the Campo del Mare water playground or let the fountains of the Anfiteatro dell’ Acqua trickle down their bodies right in the middle of the Piazza Roma. For added authenticity, laundry is actually hung out to dry on clotheslines strung along the rows of houses around the picturesque square. Visitors can take a break at one of the cafés there or unwind under the green shade of a broad parasol while idly watching the goings-on on the piazza and along the arch of the imposing Colosseum. Inside this faithful replica of the ancient edifice are four elaborately themed suites that will whisk guests away to beautiful Italy. The Suite Imperiale Cesare e Cleopatra, for instance, boasts imperial murals, exquisite furnishings and opulent bathrooms. With 350 rooms, 22 of which are themed suites with superior appointments, the hotel Colosseo provides plenty of space to let one’s thoughts roam, borne aloft by Italian melodies, across dreamy Adriatic beaches of finest sand and hilly pastoral idylls. Life slows down here and relaxation radiates, like the fragrance of lavender, through the whole body. With a tasty Latte Macchiato, “la dolce vita” suffuses the stirred soul. As the gaze pans along the typical Italian-style façades, it’s bound to get snagged at the top, on the balcony of the stylishly appointed Bar Colosseo on the 5th floor, which is a popular venue for hotel guests. Next-door is the bar Commedia dell’Arte, a typical Italian café with a large outdoor terrace for whiling away the hours on the Piazza Roma. With 1,450 beds, its own restaurants and conference facilities including the La Scala Ballroom, the hotel Colosseo is the biggest single hotel in the southwest of Germany. After a round of edifying business presentations, there’s no finer place to unwind than in the Roman bath with heated outdoor pool, sauna and steam bath.

The 4-star superior hotel Santa Isabel, designed in the style of a Portuguese monastery, likewise features a spa, where visitors can soothe stressed skin, relax cramped muscles and break free from the mental haze of the daily routine. And in addition to this 5th-floor oasis of repose, the cloister-style hotel has an azure outdoor pool for chilling out and switching off. A bewitching scent of medicinal herbs wafts a yearning for inner peace across the water, while children romp insouciantly on the Pueblo del Agua water playground. Shady arcades entice sun-kissed guests to indulge in a little careless daydreaming. The gentle sense of pathos that is inspired upon crossing the cloister from the pool to the lobby swathes each guest in a sense of harmony. In the entrance hall, “azulejos”, colourful, artistically arranged mosaics, tell solemn tales of long-forgotten times. The hotel Santa Isabel has over 290 beds, two large conference rooms on the ground floor and an old-world monastery cellar, which can be booked for festivities in a most unusual atmosphere.

Castillo Alcazar, a majestic castle hotel, towers above the surrounding 4-star hotels. Its unhewn stone is combined in the extravagant, uniquely appointed suites with delicate furnishings and dainty trimming on the walls. Indeed, every facet of the building reflects this stark contrast between wildly romantic castle life and the ultramodern interior. Modern-day guests are treated to the pomp of erstwhile Spanish chivalry in their sumptuous beds at this medieval hotel.

Romantics will savour the Buena Vista bar on the 9th floor when a glowing red sunset gilds the rooftops of the hotel Santa Isabel. The last rays of the setting sun form filigree columns that fuse with the enchanting illumination of the hotel pool, where swimmers are doing their evening laps. But it isn’t just the picture-postcard view that makes the bar a popular place for nighthawks. Cosy couch corners, where the Orient meets the Occident, soon fill up as incoming guests lean back into splendid brocade to reflect on the day’s events like feudal lords of old.

Opened in 1995 as the first-ever hotel in a German theme park, the 4-star hotel El Andaluz has individually designed rooms which show that tradition and modernity are not at odds. A flourishing palm garden forms the heart of this Spanish finca. The extravagant abundance of fragrances round about the heated hotel pool stirs and thrills the senses. Tiled terracotta floors inlaid with original Spanish mosaics make for an authentic holiday experience. A total of 182 family-friendly rooms and ten suites at this elegant Spanish summer villa truly transport its guests to the sensuous south.

With a total of 3,500 beds, Europa-Park boasts the biggest hotel resort in the country. The 4-star hotels in Germany’s biggest theme park are imbued with irresistible Mediterranean charm. And Circus Rolando, a guesthouse located right next to the main entrance, offers a comfortable and inexpensive alternative for those on a budget. Adventurous souls, moreover, will experience a wildly romantic holiday by the campfire in the Camp Resort. In genuine tepees, chuck wagons and log-cabins, the little ones can play cowboys and Indians to their hearts’ content. In the nearby lake they can swim and splash before sitting around a cosy campfire in the evening. In addition, a large caravan site offers space for up to 1,200 camping fans.

For more information go to www.europapark.de. For hotel reservations call +49 (0)1805 / 86 86 20 (€0.14/min. from the German landline network, prices for mobile and international calls may differ).

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