Splashy family fun on high seas with ”Whale Adventures – Splash Tours”

Ship ahoy in Germany’s biggest theme park

“Aye, aye Captain!” - the crew gets ready for the expedition in a joyful turmoil between boxes and ships, just before the boat leaves the little Icelandic fisher harbour. With the family water attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours”, visitors head for the open sea and rush into some wet fun! Turbulent adventures await young and old whale watchers: they will have to master some splashy water battles and try, at the same time, to reach the finish as dry as possible.

In the Icelandic themed area in Germany’s biggest theme park, the new motto is “Ship ahoy!” as the guests head for the open sea aboard the new family water attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours”. When they reach the end of the Icelandic village’s main street, the visitors walk straight down to the rocky harbour wall and to the seawaters which await them behind. Along the harbour walls, the adventurous whale discoverers are taken through a wide footbridge to the shipyard, with the boats' mooring just behind. Slowly, the early morning fog leaves the place and lets the hustle start in the little Icelandic fisher harbour as the expedition is about to begin. And when the last waft of mist has vanished, a building, hidden until then, appears at the end of the way: a wood construction marked by weather and time - the boats’ hall.

In the meantime, it's rush hour. A crane helps to load the boxes and hovers about with its dripping freight above the heads of the sailors. When entering the 26 meter long and 12 meter wide hall, the eyes get quickly accustomed with the poor lighting inside this plain wood building. The inside is an exhibition hall and a waiting area at the same time. The visitors just need to glance at the ceiling to understand which animal reigns over this room: under the approximately eight meters high roof, a ten meters long and two meters wide whale seems to “glide” weightlessly in the air. Throughout the waiting area, young and old whale watchers can discover numerous boxes, filled with plenty of information about the giants of the sea. All courageous guests can have a look inside the wide open mouth of a whale. Well prepared with all this information, the adventurous expedition begins.

As the fisher boat leaves the harbour and heads fort he open sea, a rough wind whistles around the crew’s ears. The cries of the seagulls fall silent as the boat moves further away from the coast. The visitors need to keep their eyes open during this journey around the volcanic island Iceland, while the boat sails slowly upon the quiet waves, because they can never know what kind of adventures their crew will have to encounter behind the abrupt rocks. If another boat comes closer to their own, they have to be ready for some wet refreshment. Wild water battles will engender some really exciting moments far away from the coast. And when the trouble seems to be over, the “splash danger” now comes from the mainland: the audience can join in the battle thanks to the water cannons situated along the coast. The water jets can shoot “targets” up to seven meters away. And those who become tired of cranking at their cannons can then enjoy the true aim of the expedition: the whales’ territory. Passing by some sparkling white-blue icebergs where seals are lying around in the sun, the boat swims along a steep coast. You only see some puffins standing on the cliffs. Suddenly, a loud creak.... no, it was the deep cry of one of those puffins. And then, at the horizon… whale ahead! At last, one, no two of those giant sea dwellers are in sight. Almost silently, they glide upon the sea. The only background music besides the sea’s sweet sound is the famous whale song. Then a loud “Pffffft!” and the six meters long whale greets the still standing and astonished whale watchers in its own splashy way with a giant water fountain, just before the boat glides back into the harbour.

Those who prefer to have the dry land under their feet can enjoy the splendid sight over the splashy-funny water spectacle from the lighthouse. Firm as a rock, the lighthouse on the coast is about 12 meters high and visible from a great distance. In the cave situated just below, a winding staircase leads to the ground floor of the lighthouse. Here is a great observation deck, which is the perfect place for all “mainland captains” who would like to remain as dry as a bone!

More information on www.europapark.de.