Facts & Figures

New to Europa-Park


MAGIC ICE – The Fabulous Fairy Tale World made of Ice

-  Imaginative snow and ice sculpture exhibition in the Spanish Arena

-  Theme: A journey through the history of Europa-Park

-  6 scenes/themed areas made of ice featuring over 30 delicately detailed sculptures

-  150 tons of crystal clear ice from Belgium and 150 tons of snow

-  -8 C° in the large exhibition hall (30x10m)

-  Statues measuring up to 4m in height

-  Made by a team of over 50 people


-  2,500 Christmas trees

-  10,000 Christmas baubles

-  1,500 deco gifts

-  1,500 ribbons

-  25 fireplaces

-  2.5 million lights, including:

-   6,000 string lights (more than 5km in total)

-   500m of light curtains

-   1,000 candles

-  2,500 Christmas roses

-  1,000 additional Christmas flowers

-  Traditionally decorated Christmas tree in each themed area

-  10m high Christmas tree in the German Alley

-  50m high festively decorated sequoia

Shows & Attractions:

-  Janosch art exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Hall featuring over 200 pieces

-  ‘Encounter’ exhibition with sculptures from Clemens Heinl throughout the Europa-Park hotels

-  55m high Ferris wheel Bellevue in the Portuguese themed area with 42 passenger cars and a magnificent -niew across the wintry park landscape

-  Luna Magica – A Sea of Stars light show on the lake in the Adventure Land

-  Magical Circus Revue in the original circus tent at the festival area (dir. Joseph Bouglione)

-  Ice show: Surpr’Ice – with the Son of Santa Claus

-  Globe Theatre musical: A Musical Christmas Market

-  Children’s musical: I want … Christmas Chaos

-  Puppet show, Edda’s Castle Show and Meet Ed or Friends in Limerick Castle (large indoor play area)

-  Everyday Heroes show in the Mercedes-Benz Hall

-  Winter Starlight Parade: A light parade with the Europa-Park artists. Special parade surprise at the -Luxembourg Square

-  Christmas crib exhibition around the stave church in the Scandinavian themed area

-  Silent Night and the Church Mice puppet show in the stave church (17 – 31 December 2016)

-  4D Films: ʻHappy Familyʼ and ʻThe Time Carouselʼ in the 4D Magic Cinema

-  Shimmering Illusions bubble show in the Bird Theatre

-  Shanghai Nights 2 Bamboe Baai Show

-  Cirque d’Europe dinner show in the Teatro dell’Arte (17 November 2016 – 12 February 2017)

-  Lots of other evening events like Indonesia Malam, Soirée La Cigale or the noon revue Grandioso

More Winter Treats:

-  The magical illuminated Enchanted Forest

-  3D projections on the exterior of the Fjord-Restaurant in the Scandinavian themed area and the temple of the water rollercoaster Poseidon in the Greek themed area

-  Medieval Christmas market at the Historic Balthasar Castle Park

-  Limerick Castle: A large indoor play area at the new Ireland – Children’s World themed area

-  Christmas market with 35 stalls in the German Alley

-  Large Christmas pyramid on the Mario Botta Square

-  Giant Advent calendar on the Italian open-air stage

-  375m² ice-skating rink, racing track with bob sleds, and cross-country skiing for kids on the lake in the Scandinavian themed area

-  Post office ‘Gates of Heaven’ in the Russian themed area

-  Ice bar Glaciar in the Spanish themed area

-  Christmas room in the 4* themed Hotel ʻEl Andaluzʼ

-  Rustic two-storey ERDINGER Urweiße Hütt’n in the Portuguese themed area with hearty dishes from the alpine countries

Wintry Selection of Food and Drinks:

-  New grill house in the German Alley with swinging grill

-  Grilled sausage and original French Merguez from the grill, Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut

-  Deer goulash with Spätzle, stuffed cabbage, and mashed potatoes

-  Valais Raclette, cheese fondue, or Swiss cheese soup

-  Pizza-meatloaf sandwich

-  Sweet potato chestnut soup, forest mushroom dish with dumplings

-  Irish beef stew and warm apple pie with ice cream

-  Christmas biscuits, wintry selection of pies and cakes, Belgian waffles with warm cinnamon-stewed apples

-  Kaiserschmarrn with plum compote, crêpes

-  Mulled wine, fruit punch, Verpoorten eggnog, and fire-tongs punch

Feel Good Weeks (9 January – 31 March 2017)

-  Kitchen party at the Hotel ʻEl Andaluzʼ on 20 January 2017 and Hotel ʻColosseoʼ on 18 March 2017

-  Cocktail classes in the ʻColosseo Barʼ

-  Wine journeys

-  Beer tasting at the Hotel ʻSanta Isabelʼ on 19 January and 17 February 2017

-  Etiquette class with coach Betül Hanisch from ʻAlmost Perfectʼ on 16 February 2017

-  Cooking classes at the Hotel ʻBell Rockʼ on 21 January 2017 and 4 March 2017

-  Tapas evenings in the ʻBodegaʼ at the Hotel ʻEl Andaluzʼ on selected Fridays and Saturdays

-  Fondue evenings in the beer cellar of the Hotel ʻSanta Isabelʼ on selected Fridays and Saturdays

-  Valentine’s Day specials on 14 February 2017

-  Thai delicacies from the land of smiles in the ʻCaptain’s Finestʼ restaurant at the Hotel ʻBell Rockʼ (9 – 22 January 2017)

-  St. Patrick’s Day at the Hotel ʻBell Rock’s Spirit of St. Louis Barʼ on 17 March 2017

-  Shoe Shining & Dining at the Hotel ʻBell Rockʼ on 4 February 2017

-  Circus of Illusions on selected dates

-  Tons of other feel-good offers for couples and friends

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