A themed ride through Morrowland

Jim Button makes a stop at Europa-Park

From the start of the 2018 season, Germany’s most well-known train driver Luke, and his best friend Jim Button, guarantee plenty of exciting train rides at Europa-Park. The two main characters from Michael Ende’s classic children's book, as well as their faithful companions, invite passengers aboard in the German themed area. Traveling past mighty mountains and lovingly-designed houses, the family attraction ‘Jim Button ‒ Journey through Morrowland’ is a great adventure for young and old alike.

The sounds of powerful bells can be heard from afar, iconic steam billows from the boiler, the wheels roll out, and finally the well-known train called Emma comes to a halt in Morrowland station. The next round trip is soon underway and four new passengers can board the train to immerse themselves in the thrilling, more than three-minute-long family themed trip. Michael Ende's ‘Jim Button ‒ Journey through Morrowland’, with its brave protagonists Jim and Luke and the lovingly designed backdrops will delight visitors in the German themed area from 24th March 2018.

Matching the release of ‘Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver’ (in cinemas nationwide from 29th March 2018), this cooperation with Warner Bros., Rat Pack, Malao, and Michael Ende will help this intergenerational piece of German cultural heritage to be recorded at the Heart of Europe's most popular theme park, making ‘one island with two mountains’ an exciting and interactive experience.

Interactive fun for the whole family

While the ride system on all seven of the Mack Rides trains is modernised, they’re also equipped with actual steam and a bell that can be rang by the riders. Many great, new features also arise along the route. Visitors pass through the majestic castle of King Alfred the Quarter-to-Twelfth, the lovingly designed shop of Mrs. Wheat and movie’s true-to-detail house of Mr. Sleeve. Finally, the route also passes the characteristic twin mountains with heights of six and eight metres, as well multiple tunnel passages that give passengers a unique way to experience the wonderful world of Jim Button, who Michael Ende so wonderfully captured in his two eponymous, world-famous novels. Through book/radio play, the filming of the Augsburger Puppenkiste, and now the first motion picture film, the story of the brave engine drivers has inspired many generations. 570 passengers travel through Europe's most famous ‘Island with two mountains’ every hour, guaranteeing unforgettable moments for the whole family.

“Michael Ende is a great storyteller who has created many worlds full of poetry and adventure in his novels. For generations, the Mack family has been transforming fantasy worlds into exciting reality. Jim Button, with his Morrowland, has now attained a firm place among the fantastic world of this traditional family business. We wish all visitors a lot of fun!” says Roman Hocke, representative of the Michael Ende heirs community.

Director Dennis Gansel adds: “As a big Europa-Park fan, I am extremely proud that there is now an original Jim Button attraction there! I am already training as much as one can with my one-year-old son, so that we can take a ride together as soon as possible. Morrowland, here we come!” After 15 years of intensive preparation, film producer Christian Becker (‘Wickie and the strong men’, ‘Hui Buh the castle ghost’) is pleased that, alongside the theatrical release on 29th March 2018, many of the cinema-goers can themselves travel on a journey through Morrowland at Europa-Park.

“Warner Bros. Consumer Products is pleased to collaborate with Europa-Park in Rust on ‘Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver’. Jim Button, one of the most popular children's book characters, is traveling to Germany's largest theme park with its own themed journey. Coinciding with the theatrical release of the film adaptation on 29th March 2018, this year marks the beginning of a grand adventure for the whole family through the imaginative world of Jim Button, Luke and the Emma steam train”, says Stefan Hausberg, Director of Consumer Products of Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH.

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