„Eurosat – CanCan Coaster“ im Europa-Park offiziell

From now on the French themed area at Europa-Park shines in a new light. On the 12th September 2018 the owner family Mack as well as invited guests such as the star director Luc Besson and box world champion Regina Halmich celebrated the official opening of the completely redesigned Eurosat – CanCan Coaster and the innovative attraction Eurosat Coastiality. During the afternoon approx. 250 international press representatives received some valuable information about the extensive building project of the popular Eurosat attraction with an investment of around 30 million Euros for the complete themed area.

The rails and trains of the iconic sphere have been completely renewed, with the technology and theming also undergone a generous overhaul. Visitors will now experience a special dark-ride coaster taking them through illuminated Paris. The entire façade has likewise been given a vivid new look and, in line with the well-known sight ‘Moulin Rouge’ ‒ a Parisian bastion of fun and entertainment since 1889 ‒ it has been attractively designed displaying the rich culture and history of France, making it an unforgettable experience for visitors.

At the back of the iconic silver globe in the French themed area Eurosat Coastiality offers a worldwide unique virtual reality experience. The novelty of the ride can be experienced before the actual VR rollercoaster ride as visitors will be able to put on their VR headset while standing in a pre-show room. What follows is completely new within the international theme park industry: with the VR headset on, and within virtual reality, visitors not only walk across the train station, but also get into Eurosat Coastiality train without having to remove the VR headset in between. What then seamlessly follows is the innovative VR ride on the rollercoaster.


  • The Europa-Park owner family Mack opens the new Eurosat – CanCan Coaster together with Jean-Jacques und Jean-Victor Clerico of Moulin Rouge (sixth & seventh from left)

  • Vive la France! From now on the French themed area shines in a new light.

  • Thomas, Roland, Michael and Jürgen Mack are opening the innovative Eurosat Coastiality with Luc and Virginie Besson (fifth and seventh from left)

  • Miriam and Michael Mack, Luc and Virginie Besson, Katja and Thomas Mack at the opening evening of the new Eurosat – CanCan Coaster.

  • Roland and Marianne Mack, Berti Vogts (football world champion), Mauritia und Jürgen Mack with dancers of the famous Moulin Rouge

  • Regina Halmich (box world champion) and Roland Mack are looking forward to a ride with the new rollercoaster.

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