Winter water fun

Rulantica is inspiring at any time of the year

In Rust in southern Baden, swimming fans can get away from the grey winter days and immerse themselves in a mystical Scandinavian world at the Rulantica water world. A total of 13 Nordic-themed areas, ten of which are open all year round, await with numerous slides, a huge wave pool, an exciting water playground and the new roundabout ride ‘Tønnevirvel’, ensuring endless water fun. For visitors who long for some relaxation alongside the adventure, there is also the exclusive relaxation and sauna area ‘Hyggedal’. The ideal way to round off a visit to is with an overnight stay in one of the park's six 4* theme hotels, for example in one of the eleven new suites at the ‘Krønasår’ hotel, and a culinary journey for all the senses in the futuristic gastronomic event concept ‘Eatrenalin’.

Whether in free fall, in a slide duel with friends or in a tyre on the halfpipe, Rulantica guarantees action, adrenaline and adventure, even in winter. In the new interactive water roundabout ‘Tønnevirvel’, which is covered over in winter, families can enjoy watery fun all year round. A total of nine round boats, each of which can hold up to six passengers, swing round in the water as part of a fun water fight using the oversized water guns. The boats not only spin themselves, but also whirl around on three underwater platforms.

Guests who want to have a slightly more leisurely winter time can let themselves be carried on tyres along a 250-metre-long lazy river past rugged rocks, mighty pine trees and an imposing shipwreck in ‘Snorri's Saga’. There is also plenty to allow the younger visitors to discover the mysticism and beauty of the Scandinavian theme world in Rulantica. In the idyllic ‘Trølldal’ they can play in the water among trolls while their parents enjoy the fascinating ambience. At the ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’ attraction, visitors aged 10 and over can accompany the lively Sixtopus Snorri on a virtual underwater experience and explore the depths of the sea.


Expeditions to Rulantica are bound to work up an appetite: In the water world there are 11 food establishments for a spot of refreshment. In the glazed winter garden ‘Snekkjas Vinterhage’, for example, visitors can enjoy delicious food with a view of the outdoor area of ​​the water world. Afterwards they can take in the cool winter air in the heated outdoor pool ‘Frigg Tempel’ and enjoy a cocktail in the covered swim-up bar ‘Tempel Krog’. Next to the Surf Fjørd, visitors can enjoy pizza, pasta and salads at ‘Lumålunda’.


A particularly special highlight is ‘panoraama – the Rulantica Bar’. In this bar, even guests who do not have a ticket for the water world can enjoy delicious bowls and drinks while enjoying the fantastic view over Rulantica.

For all those who long for some relaxation in addition to adventure, there is the exclusive relaxation and sauna area ‘Hyggedal’. The wellness oasis with a Nordic ambience is located above the restaurant ‘Lumålunda’ and offers a fantastic view over the entire water world. Comfortable loungers and three nude wooden saunas for ages 18 and over await you across an area of 1,000 m². There are regular infusions in the 90°C warm ‘Stor’ sauna.

The ‘KOTA Sauna Chalet’ offers a somewhat different sauna experience: on the outdoor terrace, guests can make use of the rejuvenating sauna surrounded by rustic tables and seating while enjoying a delicious wheat beer, either alcoholic or alcohol-free. ‘Hyggedal’ also features the very special highlight of the ‘Hygge Supreme Hydda’, an exclusive top suite for up to four people with a unique view of the water world and a private sauna.*

In winter 2022/23, visitors can look forward to the first experiences on the third slide tower, ‘Nordiskturn’. As even before the new area officially opens, they can relax and enjoy a lot of comfort in the spacious, lovingly-themed lounge areas on the ground floor and on the 1st and 2nd floor.

*Both ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’ and ‘Hyggedal’ are additional offers that can be booked online or on-site, if available.

  • Rulantica offers water fun in every season