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Mack Media GmbH & Co KG

The future of Mediatainment

Euromaus und Freunde

235 Years Mack-Family-Business

MackMedia has been founded from Michael Mack in 2002, our origins are media productions for themeparks such as imagefilms, music videos, games and movies for themepark-attractions.  ’The wide world is my field’ – like our company claim says, MackMedia is founded on the same values the family business Mack is living with since about 235 years, so we always try to reach even greater heights. With ’Coastiality’ VR-Rides, MackMedia created an incredible innovation. In summer 2017, MackMedia released with ’Happy Family’ it´s first co-produced feature-length movie in cinemas worldwide.
Our focus is the development of new brands. With our 360° view of the development of charakters and brands, MackMedia always tries to create something completely new. With Michael Mack as CEO, MackMedia searches and finds ways to reach the vision of a digital world of adventure in accordance with our own history.

Rustis, Mack Media

Movie & Music

Film and Music Productions

MackMedia 4D animated film productions are shown in cinemas in 14 countries around the globe. The portfolio of music productions ranges from film music to event and attraction music, through to song compositions in all styles. The in-house production unit creates high-quality clips and documentaries.


Rustis - Salut

Interactiv & VR

Gaming and Beyond

The whole world of digital entertainment: games, social media concepts and virtual reality animations. MackMedia produces immersive experiences for all platforms, thus creating digital worlds of adventure. In 2015, with its Interactive division, MackMedia is entering the vast playing field of games for the first time.


Rustis - Salut

Brands & Licensing

World of Brands

MackMedia Entertainment develops, maintains and distributes the Europa-Park character and brand portfolio. Cross-media staging and productions help achieve over 5 million multimedia contacts each year solely on the local platforms of the Europa-Park Theme Park & Adventure Resort.